Calais, France Taken Over By Refugees

French mother claims police are barred from 'Muslim only' area of Jungle migrant camp as she says Calais residents are terrified of going out after dark

A French mother living in Calais has claimed police are forbidden from attending a 'Muslim only' part of the migrant camp and said she lives in constant fear that she will be attacked or robbed.

In an impassioned speech posted online, Simone Hericourt described how migrants had defaced a Charles de Gaulle statue, erected an ISIS flag, and attacked her son with a metal bar.

This, including instances of theft and robbery, left her so terrified she was too scared to travel across town to visit the coast, where her late son's ashes had been scattered.

In a 15 minute-long speech heralded by the far-right and anti-immigration groups, she said the unchecked growth of the campsite and French police inadequacies were 'c'est insupportable'.

'What we endure is unimaginable,' she said. 'I used to love going to visit what I call my son’s tomb - the sea.

'I lost my son and we dispersed his ashes into the sea, in accordance with his wishes. One evening I asked my husband to take me to my son’s tomb, because I needed it.

'This is something I can’t do anymore. Merely crossing the town centre of Calais during the evening means exposing yourself to danger.

'As soon as it starts getting dark, it gets dangerous. I can’t go where I used to like to go anymore. It’s not possible anymore. I’m scared. And there are many of us like this in Calais.'

Mrs Hericourt has become one of the anti-immigration movement's figureheads for her regular critiques of life inside Calais since the Jungle camp was established.

She made the speech in a hall outside the city on February 7 - the same day far right groups were banned from protesting through the town.

It was uploaded to YouTube by 'Riposte Laique', which translates to 'Secular Riposte' - a group opposing Islam within the country.

She claimed that during the riots of January 23, asylum seekers defaced a Charles de Gaulle statue with the words 'f*** France'. Beneath it, they unfurled an ISIS flag.

Claiming to have been sympathetic to the migrant's plight when they first began arriving, Mrs Hericourt's opinion changed after seeing the effects of the camp's unchecked growth.

'They’ve downright made a city within the city,' she said. 'They’ve got a discotheque, businesses, schools, hair-dressers.

'They even have - I wouldn’t allow myself to say this, but I think you understand it concerns the needs of men.

'They’ve made streets. They’ve given names to these streets. They elected a mayor. Yes! The police cannot at all enter what they call the "Muslim neighborhood". It’s forbidden.

'Up to that point, we perhaps might have been able to endure this. But we can’t endure the unendurable, when we see riots taking place during the night, every day, constantly.'

Police have announced up to 1,000 people living in the Jungle migrant camp must leave their makeshift dwellings.

Local authorities estimate there are about 3,700 migrants currently in the camp - lower than the more than 4,000 estimated by aid groups.

There were some 6,000 people at the camp just months ago, but the prefecture has made a gradual effort to reduce the numbers. It is suggested that only 2,000 migrants can remain in Calais.

Tensions are mounting in the area over the migrant situation, which some say hurts business and tourism.

Migrants, in turn, are increasingly being threatened and physically attacked by armed civilians.


Another little peek into the future.  Calais is on the English Channel.  Is it any wonder that the UK won't allow them to cross.  They don't want France's problem to become theirs. Who can blame them?  

They said about 3700 migrants.  Imagine what it will be like when the numbers rise to 37000!  

Now France is planning to only allow migrant camps to contain 2000 refugees.  That will not reduce the number of refugees.  It will simply increase the number of camps.

On the brighter side, it was stated that the French are fighting back.  Inside and near the camps can be dangerous for the French.  Outside the area called "The Jungle" it's the Muslims who are afraid.  They are the one who risk attack from locals trying to defend their homes from invaders.

This is going to happen here too.  Maybe not with Muslim refugees, but with Central and South American migrants.

The problem with the French is they waited too long to fight back.  They waited until the wolf got in the house, rather than stopping him at the door.

In the United States the wolf is at the door.  In some places he's already inside.  Not in the numbers like the Muslim migrants in Europe, but their numbers will grow and grow and grow.

Why wait until the situation is as bad as in Europe?  It will be easier to handle the situation if we act now, rather than later.

This also goes to prove something I've said here many times:  When you try and help too many people, no one gets the help they need.

The real solution is to help these people in the Middle East.  Jordan and Lebanon have said they will take as many refugees as needed, as long as the United States helps them with expense money.  Considering the alternative is for them to go to Europe and America, I say that sounds like a good idea to me.

Dan 88!