January, 2016

Can you believe January is half over already?!  I swear the older you get, the faster time seems to go by.  You older comrades know just what I mean.  You younger ones will find out for yourselves in due time.

I hope by this late date that you have already sent in your pledges.  I also you were able to send in a little extra.  All too often we start the New Year with empty coffers.  It really sucks to short of funds from the get go.

Even though it was over a week ago, the Diocese of San Bernardino held a special Mass in the desert town of Coachella officially welcoming refugees and illegal aliens to the area.  On the bright side, to anti illegal groups showed up to protest and let the church know that regardless of the reason, illegal immigration is not acceptable.  The groups in question were We The People Rising, and American Latinos First.  The latter group was especially important because it proves to the liberals that not all anti-illegal people are racists.

One member of the group held up a sign written in English and Spanish that read "My family came here legally.  How about yours?"  Another read "I waited my turn.  You wait yours." My personal favourite was "Back of the line.  No cuts!"

Legal Mestizo immigrants who do things legally are getting fed up with illegals who cheat by running the border.

This goes to show that when it comes to this issue at least, Aryans aren't in this alone.

I would also like to announce that last Sunday this blog had a record number of visitors: 505. This beats the old record of 497.  It's good to know that someone is reading my posts.  

My thanks to everyone who visits regularly and even helps to contribute by sending me articles that make this blog such a success.

One final thing.  I am changing ISPs on or about Jan. 21.  As I don't want to pay for someone to hook me up, I'm doing it myself - or at least I'm going to try.  It shouldn't be difficult, but in case I do have trouble I will have to call them out to do it for me which may mean I miss a post for one or two days.  If I do, you'll know why.

Dan 88!


  1. I completely agree, those immigrants that follow the laws are not nearly as bad as those that are illegal. They are also less likely to commit crimes. However, now, the issue is Asian immigration into Southern California. They make up a huge number of immigrants coming to our neighborhoods.

    1. Asians are not that much of a problem here in San Bernardino County. But I prefer them over Latinos. At least Asians learn English asap and want to work. The idea of getting welfare is humiliating to most of them.

      BTW, contact me by email whenever you can. advisoryboard@americannaziparty.com

      Dan 88!

    2. Yes that is true and I would rather deal with someone willing to assimilate than someone who does not. BTW, I sent you an email please respond.


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