"ICE -Free" Illegals shut down NYC streets


At the beginning of the chaos they blocked the streets - for an hour - outside the NYC Federal Building at Varick and Houston. This civil disobedience - blocking the NY streets, sitting on cars and threatening the drivers, happened AFTER a PRESS CONFERENCE AND RALLY BY ICE-FREE NYC in front of the Federal Building. TO DEMAND ICE-FREE ZONES and to STOP RAIDS & STOP DEPORTATIONS. They claim this protest is In response to the ongoing raids on non-citizens - AKA ILLEGALS - with criminal convictions and on Central American Refugees. 

They say---as a NYC community--- NO to RAIDS AND STOP DEPORTATIONS. Demanding that the legal- lawful- deportations by Immigration Customs Enforcement be stopped.

Their demands are:

- Department of Corrections and New York Police Department must end all collaboration with ICE.
- New Yorkers should feel safe in going to any city agency without the threat of deportation.
- NYC should use resources to strengthen New York families, not tear them apart.

What a lot of bloody gall.  Just because they live in Jew York City doesn't make them Jew Yorkers.  They are OUTSIDERS.  They are uninvited guests who have no legal right to be here.  I say ship their asses back to the Third World sewers they came from.

Dan 88!