Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Feast Of Samhain

October is almost over. What does that mean? Cooler weather, Autumn, and of course, Halloween. But what are the origins of this semi-holiday? Halloween is one of the few holidays of completely White origin, relatively uncontaminated by other races and cultures.

Halloween is actually an abbreviation of a Catholic term: All Hallow's Eve. It precedes the Catholic Holy Day of All Saints Day. This is a day when practising Catholics are required to attend Mass. But the origins of Halloween go back many centuries before Christianity.

The day we observe as Halloween originated in the British Isles among the Celtic peoples. They called it the Feast Of Samhain (pronounced sow-WEN in Gaelic). Samhain was the Celtic ruler of the Underworld. On this night, Samhain would open the gates of the Underworld, and spirits, both good and evil would walk the Earth. It was a night of masques and bale fires when anything was possible and nothing was quite as it seemed.

If people had to go out on this night, they wore masques so that if they encountered an evil spirit, it would think that they were one of them and leave them alone. Jack-O-Lanterns were carved and lit to frighten evil spirits away. However, interestingly enough, pumpkins were not used. The pumpkin is a New World vegetable, and the ancient Celts had no knowledge of them. Other gourd type vegetables such as turnips and squash were used.

They also lit bale fires and would make sacrifices of animals, and sometimes humans to welcome the return of the dead.

As time passed, and pagan beliefs were replaced by Christian Doctrine, and many of the old Celtic traditions went the way of the dinosaur. Some were turned into days of pure amusement, such as Halloween. Now the masques are used by children to get candy from their neighbours, instead of frightening evil spirits away. The same with Jack-O-Lanterns. Images of Samhain have been replaced by that of the Devil, witches, ghosts, and goblins.

A few Christian denominations consider Halloween the Devil's day, and they take it very seriously. In reality, it is not Satanic, but a pagan festival which no one takes seriously any longer. It's a night of fun to be enjoyed by all. Happy Halloween everyone!

Dan 88!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Ryan Elected Speaker Of The House

I'm not bothering to post the actual story because it's all over every news media outlet and you'd have to be living like a hermit not to know of this.  It doesn't really matter who is Speaker because I don't trust any of these scum.  However, I do want to make a few comments.

Ryan is not only scum, but he is a hypocrite.  He has consistently been against paid family leave, but he has demanded paid family leave for himself if elected.  He also has stated that he wants the law changed so that he remains speaker until he leaves office on his own.  In other words, he doesn't want to have to face other opponents in the future.  Truthfully, I don't know how that last one has worked for him, but he is getting his paid leave, despite the fact that he feels people like you and me don't deserve the same.

We can also expect mass amnesty for illegals in the next year or so.  Ryan believes we can get rid of our illegal problem by making them legal.  Using his line of thinking doctors can cure cancer by declaring that it is no longer a disease.  That's not just stupid, it's idiotic. Then again Ryan is an idiot so what else should we expect?

I also happen to know that many of the key Republican congressmen have been flooded with petitions, faxes, and phone calls from their constituents urging them NOT to vote for Ryan. Obviously those pleas fell on deaf ears.  Once again our "leaders" have ignored the will of the people and are doing things the way THEY think they should be done.  This is more proof will do not live in a people's democracy, which is rule by majority of the people. We live in an Oligarchical Democracy which is rule by the majority of the elite.

So much for the will of the people.  If you are one of those who has not quite made up their minds about National Socialism, what more proof do you need that the United States is no longer "...of the People, by the People, and for the People."  Unless of course you are a charter member of the millionaires/billionaires club.

Dan 88!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

DHS will obey judge’s order to halt detentions

 - The Washington Times - Sunday, October 25, 2015

Homeland Security said it’s complying with a court order severely limiting its ability to hold illegal immigrant children and families in detention but wouldn’t release details, leaving advocates questioning whether the administration actually met its deadline.

And Homeland Security suffered another blow last week when Pennsylvania officials said they won’t renew the license for one of the key facilities U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement uses to hold the families, further limiting the government’s ability to enforce the law just as it’s facing a new surge of illegal crossers.

“This is a tremendous victory for children, mothers and fathers, and should send a message to other states: Children do not belong in detention facilities, period,” Olga Byrne with Human Rights First, an advocacy group, said after Pennsylvania’s decision.

Taken together, the two moves will curtail the few remaining get-tough parts of President Obama’s immigration policy, which has generally been tending more lenient as he seeks to mainstream most illegal immigrants before his term in office expires.
The policy of holding illegal immigrant families was a key response to the surge of illegal immigrant children and families over the last two years, with top Homeland Security officials saying it was an important way to deter would-be crossers from Central America.
But Judge Dolly M. Gee said the way U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement was operating violated a decades-old court settlement, and gave agents until Friday to comply with her ruling, which says children and their mothers must be sped through the system and released as quickly as possible, and that they cannot be held in secure jail-like facilities.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson has appealed the ruling but didn’t seek a stay, which means he was supposed to be complying as of Friday.

ICE wouldn’t say how, exactly, it was living up to the agreement, but insisted it was doing so.
“In light of the October 23 deadline for compliance with the court’s Flores order, DHS has worked diligently to ensure that we are in compliance with all aspects of the court’s order,” the agency said.
Immigrant rights group, though, doubted that ICE has taken enough steps.
“The Department of Homeland Security has not taken the steps necessary to comply with the court order,” the American Immigration Lawyers Association and three other groups said in a joint statement. “Moreover, its attempts to fast-track state licensing of the Texas facilities and to coerce mothers into accepting ankle monitors without their attorneys present, as well as the continuing deplorable medical care, show that they are betting everything on the success of an appeal to the court’s order.”
Illegal immigrant adults are able to be held in detention, but the children and families from Central America over the last few years have presented a tougher problem. The surge peaked at more than 20,000 parents and children a month in early summer 2014, then dropped, but has picked up once again, hitting about 10,000 a month in August and September this year.

Homeland Security opened several facilities last year to try to handle the surge and expand capacity beyond the facility that had been operating in Pennsylvania for more than a decade.

Now that Pennsylvania holding center, which can accommodate up to 96 people, appears to be headed for a shutdown after the state’s Department of Human Services announced it would not renew the Berks Family Detention Facility’s license when the current one expires in February.
ICE said it is “reviewing” Pennsylvania’s decision, but an agency official expressed surprise at the announcement given that the state has approved the facility repeatedly dating back to 2001 and there hadn’t appeared to be any problems.

Indeed, the most recent inspection report by the state identified problems with the speed of fire drills and with the failure to have a lid for a trash can in the kitchen, as well as staff processing problems — but nothing that would suggest the kinds of abuse claimed by immigration activists.

Pennsylvania’s move could be as simple as politics and the increasing fear Democrats have of crossing the powerful Hispanic rights lobby. Voters ousted the state’s Republican governor in last year’s elections and installed Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat.


Olga Byrnes says children do not belong in a detention facility.  Okay fine.  Let the children go and keep the parents locked up.  After all the kids didn't do anything wrong, it's the parents that are the criminals.
But nooo!  The Left seems to think it's our obligation to do whatever we can to keep these families together.  I say horse manure to that.  If the Mestizos want to keep their families together they should stay home.

However, this actually is in our benefit.  This ruling will cause an even rapid deterioration of the country and the worse it gets, the more people will wake up and start to do something.

It's a historical fact that the worse things get, the better National Socialism will be received by the average person.  That's how it was in NS Germany, that's how it is in the European Union today, and that's how it will be in the near future in the United States.

If I'm correct - and I believe I am, the Left is digging it's own grave.  When the People have had enough, we will be there to show them the way to victory.  As things get worse, the People will be more willing to listen to us, so I say let the Left continue on its current path. In the end, we'll win.

If I didn't believe we still had a chance, I'd get myself a cabin the New Hampshire woods, pull up the draw bridge (so to speak), and wait for the worst to happen.  I'm not living in a cabin in the woods yet.

Dan 88!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

FBI Director Admits US Can’t Vet All Syrian Refugees For Terror Ties

By Chuck Ross
2:15 PM 10/21/2015

FBI director James Comey said during a House Committee on Homeland Security hearing on Wednesday that the federal government does not have the ability to conduct thorough background checks on all of the 10,000 Syrian refugees that the Obama administration says will be allowed to come to the U.S.
“We can only query against that which we have collected,” Comey said in response to a line of questioning from Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson .
“And so if someone has never made a ripple in the pond in Syria in a way that would get their identity or their interest reflected in our database, we can query our database until the cows come home, but there will be nothing show up because we have no record of them.”
More than 4 million Syrians have fled their homeland amid a brutal civil war. But many Middle Eastern countries have refused to accept refugees, putting the burden on Europe and the West. Under pressure to assist, President Obama approved a proposal to allow at least 10,000 refugees to settle. According to The New York Times, just over 1,800 have come to the U.S. so far.

But many have expressed concerns over allowing refugees from ISIS’ breeding ground to enter the country.

As Thompson, a Democrat, said, “a lot of us are concerned about whether you have enough information available to you to do an accurate vetting.”
Comey acknowledged that knowledge gap.
“You can only query what you’ve collected,” he reiterated.
“And with respect with Iraqi databases, we had far more because of our country’s work there for a decade,” he said.
“This is a different situation.”


Let's see if I have this straight.  The government is unable to properly screen Syria refugees - and surely some will have ties to ISIS.  Yet that very same government has the resources to harass innocent American citizens at airports and subject them to humiliating search procedures.  Okay, sounds reasonable to me - NOT.
This is plain crazy.  The TSA has not caught one single terrorist since it was created, yet their harassment of innocent citizens is not only still on going, but has gotten worse.  At the same time they are welcoming with open arms and without proper screening immigrants who come from the very region where ISIS is the strongest.

In a National Socialist state, this would not be an issue.  I'm not saying we wouldn't have screenings at airports, but we certainly wouldn't be welcoming immigrants from the land of terrorism with open arms.  Immigration is a privilege, not a right, and these Syrians simply don't qualify.
Dan 88!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Poisonous Mushroom

This is perhaps the most famous German National Socialist children's story of all time.  If you've never read it, I suggest you do now.  If you have young children, read it to them.  It still is relevant today.  Hiemer does go a little far when he refers to the Jew as the Devil in human form.  

We all know what the Jew is and the terrible things he is capable of, but I say calling him the Devil is a propaganda technique using the emotion of fear to get the point across.

The illustration below is from the original cover that was published in NS Germany.

I've found a number of these stories online and I'm planning on posting them on new pages on this blog very soon.

Dan 88!

By Ernest Hiemer

Just as it is often hard to tell a toadstool from an edible mushroom, so too it is often very hard to recognise the Jew as a swindler and criminal.

A mother and her young boy are gathering mushrooms in the German forest. The boy finds some poisonous ones. The mother explains that there are good mushrooms and poisonous ones, and, as they go home, says:

Look, Franz, human beings in this world are like the mushrooms in the forest. There are good mushrooms and there are good people. There are poisonous, bad mushrooms and there are bad people. And we have to be on our guard against bad people just as we have against poisonous mushrooms. Do you understand that?

Yes, mother, Franz replies. I understand that in dealing with bad people trouble may arise, just as when one eats a poisonous mushroom. One may even die!

And do you know, too, who these bad men are, these poisonous mushrooms of mankind? the mother continued.

Franz slaps his chest in pride: Of course I know, mother! They are the Jews! Our teacher has often told us about them.

The mother praises her boy for his intelligence, and goes on to explain the different kinds of poisonous Jews: the Jewish pedlar, the Jewish cattle dealer, the Kosher butcher, the Jewish doctor, the baptised Jew, and so on.

However they disguise themselves, or however friendly they try to be, affirming a thousand times their good intentions to us, one must not believe them. Jews they are and Jews they remain. For our folk they are poison.

Like the poisonous mushroom! says Franz.

Yes, my child! Just as a single poisonous mushrooms can kill a whole family, so a solitary Jew can destroy a whole village, a whole city, even an entire folk.

Franz has understood.

Tell me, mother, do all non Jews know that the Jew is as dangerous as a poisonous mushroom?
Mother shakes her head.

Unfortunately not, my child. There are millions of non Jews who do not yet know the Jews. So we have to enlighten people and warn them against the Jews. Our young people, too, must be warned. Our boys and girls must learn to know the Jew. They must learn that the Jew is the most dangerous poison mushroom in existence. Just as poisonous mushrooms spring up everywhere, so the Jew is found in every country in the world. Just as poisonous mushrooms often lead to the most dreadful calamity, so the Jew is the cause of misery and distress, illness and death.

German youth must learn to recognise the Jewish poison mushroom. They must learn what a danger the Jew is for the German folk and for the whole world. They must learn that the Jewish problem involves the destiny of us all.

The following tales [coming soon - Dan] tell the truth about the Jewish poison mushroom. They show the many shapes the Jew assumes. They show the depravity and baseness of the Jewish race. They show the Jew for what he really is:

The Devil in human form.

Monday, October 26, 2015



2014 Border Surge Continues To Stall Immigration Courts
Last year’s border surge of unaccompanied minors has stalled the immigration courts, creating an average 3 year wait time for illegal-alien adults with only one in six minors showing up for their legal hearings according to the Migration Policy Institute report.

Since the spring of 2014 around 102,000 unaccompanied minors have been arrested at the border. In response a special rush system was put into place to put minors ahead of illegal-alien adults. As of August 31, 2015 61% of all cases involving minors are still unresolved pushing the waiting time for illegal alien adults to an average of 1,071 days.
"For those cases that have been resolved, the ones that ended in an order of deportation have largely been unexecuted; and of those ending in some form of relief, many children have not received lawful immigration status," wrote report author Sarah Pierce, an MPI research assistant.
The report also showed that one in six minors fail to appear at immigration hearings and are automatically ordered deported, yet most of the deportation orders of minors go unexecuted. Only about 1,863 have been removed from the 13,204 ordered to be deported.
The House Judiciary Committee has passed bill H.R. 1153 that will help increase immigration judges and orders the immediate removal of any illegal aliens, including unaccompanied minors, without a credible asylum claim. The bill strengthens asylum standards during the initial screening process before illegal aliens are released into the United States. “By providing additional resources, we can more efficiently assess the credibility of claims and reduce the wait times for those with legitimate asylum requests. As a result, unaccompanied children can safely and swiftly be reunited with their families. Furthermore, by strengthening the standards for ‘credible fear’ claims, we will have the ability to more quickly identify those abusing the asylum program and provide a disincentive for others to follow their lead,” said Rep. Chaffetz (R-UT) who authored the bill.


So most illegals are not criminals?  Let's do a count.
1.  They crossed the border illegally.
2.  If they ran from the Border Patrol it's evading arrest at best, resisting arrest at worse.
3.  If they cut any fences on government land, it's destruction of government property.  If on private land it's destruction of private property.
4.  Again, if private property it's trespassing.
5.  Since they say only one in six shows up for their hearing, that's failure to appear.
I count five different charges.  Can anyone thing of more?
The liberals say these people aren't criminals.  When they come here illegally they commit at least four or five different crimes.  Sounds like criminals to me.  Their reasons for doing it are irrelevant.  The only thing that matters are their actions.  And their actions say they ARE criminals.
Dan 88!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Quick Lesson

A young black boy goes into the kitchen where his mother is baking. He puts his hands in the flour and coats his face with it.

He looks at his mother and says, "Look Momma, I'm a white boy."

His mother slaps him hard on the face and says, "Boy, go show your Daddy."

The boy goes into the living room and says "Look Daddy, I'm a white boy."

His Daddy slaps him on the face too and says, "Boy, go show your grandmother."

So the boy goes to see his grandma and says, "Look Granny, I'm a white boy."

She slaps him on the face and sends him back to his mother.

His mother says, "Well, did you learn something from all this?"

The boy shakes his head and says, "I sure 'nuff did, I've only been a white boy for five minutes and I already hate you black people".

Dan 88!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Taxpayers Forked Out Record Amount in 2015, Didn't Dent Deficit

By Sandy Fitzgerald   |   Saturday, 17 Oct 2015 01:00 PM

Image: Taxpayers Forked Out Record Amount in 2015, Didn't Dent Deficit

Taxpayers paid $3.25 trillion in taxes in fiscal year 2015, federal data released this week shows, but the government still ran a massive deficit over the same period. 

The taxes that came in were an increase of 8 percent and marked the highest amount on record, according to the Monthly Treasury Statement, reports CNBC.The total was $228 billion over the total receipts for fiscal year 2014. 

Other tax revenue came from retirement, excise, estate, and gift taxes, customs duties and other tax payments. 

The U.S. government's deficit hit $438.9 billion, its lowest in eight years, but Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew and Office of Management and Budget Director Shaun Donovan said in a joint statement  the federal shortfall was still $144 billion lower than what President Barack Obama predicted for fiscal year 2016. 

"President Obama’s agenda continues to put Federal finances on a sustainable footing while laying the foundation for durable economic growth and broadly shared prosperity," said Lew.

"Under the President’s leadership, the deficit has been cut by roughly three-quarters as a share of the economy since 2009 – the fastest sustained deficit reduction since just after World War II." 
Donovan further commented that the report shows the nation's finances can be put on a "strong and sustainable path" while investments are made in growth an opportunity. 

"We need to stay focused on strengthening our economy, which means passing a long-term budget that fully funds the government and reverses the harmful cuts known as sequestration to allow for critical investments in both our economic and national security," Donovan said. 

Meanwhile, the U.S. debt limit will run out on Nov. 3, two days sooner than was anticipated, Lew told Congress in a letter, while the government continues to debate the debt ceiling.


Obama could reduce the deficit practically to nothing if we canceled the so-called War On Terror.  That's one thing we can do with out.  Let the rest of the world take care of itself, and we Americans will look after our own people.

Maybe it's just me, but on 9/11 when I heard about the World Trade Center, nothing changed for me.  I didn't feel frightened, and I didn't feel vulnerable.  You have more chance of being struck by lightening than dying in a terrorist attack. 

Also, what no one wants you to know about is that NS Germany had NO deficit until the war began.  Running a debt during war time is unavoidable.

They also don't want you to know that the Reich Mark had no gold backing it.  No silver, no stocks, bonds, nothing.  The people accepted the RM as currency and the only thing backing it was their faith in the Fuhrer.  

We did something similar during the time of Lincoln.  At that time there was literally no such thing as paper money.  They were bank notes, just like today.  The only difference was bank notes back then were issued by a number of large banks while today it's only issued by the Federal Reserve Bank.  Take a look at one.  It says, "Federal Reserve Note".  True cash is issued by the government, not private banks.  Private banks issue Bank Notes which are also legal tender.  It's a subtle difference and actual cash and bank notes are both accepted as currency.

Lincoln thought the government should print its own money.  He ordered that the Treasury start issuing its own currency.  They looked like ordinary bank notes and were greyish in color on the front, but on the back they were green.  This government currency came to be known as "Green Backs".  That's where the term came from.

Now the big banks didn't like Green Backs.  GBs took away a lot of their financial power. After Lincoln's assassination (Some theorize Lincoln was killed not for political but financial reasons.  The big financiers wanted the GBs to disappear.), Andrew Johnson ordered the Treasury to stop printing GBs and we returned to the use of Bank Notes.  However Johnson did not order the recall of GBs, so those that were in circulation were around for some time.

Next time you pass by a rare coin dealer, you can stop in and ask if he has any Green Backs and you can see just what they looked like.

If we returned to the Green Back which was similar in principle to the Reich Mark, we could break the Bank's financial hold over us.  Of course, they aren't going to stand for that, are they?

Dan 88!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Does SECRET TUNNEL discovered under Berlin prove Hitler SURVIVED WW2 and fled Germany?

Adolf Hitler
On the left is a computer image of what Hitler would have looked like at 80.

A major eight-part documentary series draws on newly declassified FBI files and makes startling discoveries which suggest Hitler may not have died in his bunker at the end of the Second World War after all. Instead, the programme ventures, he could actually have been spirited out of Berlin under the noses of the invading Soviets.
Then, having traveled on a U-boat from Spain, he may have spent the rest of his life plotting the rise of the Fourth Reich at a secret compound in the Argentine jungle.
On an exclusive tour last week of the tunnel network Hitler had built under Berlin, the Express found out more about the astounding claims.
And in the process of filming Hunting Hitler, which starts on the History channel on Monday, November 2, the producers have made a discovery that may change the way in which Hitler’s demise is viewed by historians.
Hitler escape Berlin
They have found a false wall in a Berlin subway station which could have facilitated the Führer’s escape 70 years ago.
The programmemakers describe the discovery of the wall as their “eureka moment”.
Last year, the FBI declassified 700 confidential documents. These indicate that perhaps the greatestwar criminal in history may not have committed suicide in the “Führerbunker” but instead fled to South America as Nazi Germany collapsed.
A secret memo from FBI director J Edgar Hoover declared that: “American Army officials in Germany have not located Hitler’s body, nor is there any reliable source that will say definitely that Hitler is dead.”
In the aftermath of the war, many experts wondered if the Führer had faked his death and the US Army even mounted a clandestine operation to search for him in Spain.
Armed with cutting-edge technology and these newly released FBI files, Hunting Hitler’s team of renowned investigators approached this like a cold case.
In Berlin last week, the Express met the investigators, including Bob Baer, an ex-CIA veteran, the model for George Clooney’s character in the 2005 film Syriana and one of America’s most elite intelligence officers; Tim Kennedy, a top US special forces operative who was part of the unit tracking Osama Bin Laden after 9/11, and Sascha Keil, a German historian from the Berlin Underworlds Association.
Luftbrücke station
The producers have found out that there was a mass Nazi exodus from Tempelhof Airport on April 21, 1945, the day after the last recorded public sighting of Hitler.
On that date, eight planes were apparently loaded with the Führer’s personal effects.
The expert team on Hunting Hitler initially worked out that the Nazi leader could have made it from his bunker to the airport almost entirely underground, except for the final 200 yards.
Rumours have long circulated of a hitherto unknown tunnel connecting this final 200 yards from a nearby subway station (once known as U6 and now called Luftbrücke) to the airport. And now, using a state-of-the-art sonar device regularly employed by the US military in their manhunts, the team investigating the mystery of Hitler’s possible evasion have unearthed that tunnel.
This provides the “missing link” from what was the U6 subway station to Tempelhof and could have allowed the Führer to escape without being captured above ground by the marauding Soviets.
Tapping the false wall in the subway station to prove its hollowness, Jason Wolf, the show-runner on Hunting Hitler, recollects the moment they made this massive breakthrough in their investigation.
He says: “It was a eureka moment. We were looking for the tunnel when Sascha suddenly went rogue down the subway. He knocked on the wall and it sounded hollow. We brought out the sonar and confirmed it was a false wall.
“We looked at each other and went, ‘Holy cow!’”
The other major revelation in Hunting Hitler concerns a jungle compound in the Misiones province of northern Argentina.
As they explored its ruins, the team uncovered all manner of Nazi artefacts. Baer, who during his long and distinguished CIA career tracked Saddam Hussein among many others, reflects that the discoveries in Misiones were one of the key factors in making him think that they may not be on such a wild goose chase after all.
“I used to track people in that region and it’s an area of great mystery,” he says. “There’s something terribly wrong about it. If I were an SS officer assigned to get Hitler out of Berlin, I’d take him to Misiones. It fits.”
The premise that  - and one claim in particular that he saw out his days in a remote part of Brazil - has been widely reported before and even Baer admits that he was initially “completely sceptical” about this investigation.
However the series does make a compelling case that the escape could have happened.
Now Baer says that, “I couldn’t resist this story and the opportunity to use my knowledge about people escaping to look at the possibility that Hitler escaped from Berlin on April 21, 1945 and made it to South America. “Was that possible? Yes.”
And with the discovery of the false wall in the Berlin subway, the producers may have helped alter the way experts now regard the German dictator’s death.
Keil concludes: “What was my feeling when we discovered the false wall? I thought, ‘This is the missing link!’ I’m not new to this business. Over the past 20 years, I’ve had a few of what I call personal Moon landings.
“But discovering the false wall was definitely one of my favourite personal Moon landings!”

Personally I believe Hitler died at his post in the Fuhrer Bunker.  It was a fittingly Wagnerian death.  I suppose you can't rule out the possibility that he escaped, but I doubt it.

Hitler believed that running away was cowardly.  Hitler was certainly no coward.
Even if he did escape, he would be over 120 so one way or another I'm certain he is dead.

Dan 88!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hungary closes border to refugees as Turkey questions EU deal to stem crisis

Agence France-Presse
Friday 16 October 2015 22.26 EDT
Migrants arriving from Croatia cross the border to Hungary before it was sealed with barbed wire early on Saturday.
The last wave of migrants crossing into Hungary before all Hungarian borders were sealed off.

Hungary has closed its border with Croatia to refugees in a bid to block the path of streams of migrants desperate to get to northern Europe as a European deal to stem the crisis looked precarious.

After the last 1,500 or so migrants to arrive by train on the Croatian side trudged silently through mud over the informal Zakany crossing, Hungarian police and soldiers sealed it with barbed wire shortly before 1am (2300 GMT), said AFP reporters at the scene.

“Closure!” shouted a soldier after the last weary travellers had passed through slowly in single file, some of them carrying an elderly woman in a wheelchair and children’s buggies.

“The ‘green border’ has been closed [to economic migrants] but you can still cross the border legally and seek asylum,” government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs told AFP.

The two official border posts of Beremend and Letenje remain open for those with valid papers.

Earlier on Friday, Croatia said it would begin diverting migrants on its territory to Slovenia after Hungary announced it would close the border – a key crossing point on the travelers’ route since Budapest sealed its frontier with Serbia in mid-September.

Most migrants – many of them fleeing conflict or poverty in the Middle East, Africa and Asia – are trying to get to Germany, Europe’s economic powerhouse, which has said it expects at least one million asylum seekers this year.

Hungary’s shut-down came as an EU deal with Turkey to stem the flow of migrants looked precarious, after Ankara said Brussels had offered too little money and mocked Europe’s efforts to tackle the refugee crisis.

Just hours after the European Union announced the accord with great fanfare at a leaders’ summit, Ankara said the plan to defuse a crisis that has seen some 600,000 mostly Syrian migrants enter the EU this year was just a draft.

In the latest in a series of jabs at Europe over the crisis, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan ridiculed the bloc’s efforts to help Syrian refugees.

“They announce they’ll take in 30,000 to 40,000 refugees and then they are nominated for the Nobel for that. We are hosting two and a half million refugees but nobody cares,” Erdogan said.

The Turkish leader also challenged the Europe to take Ankara’s bid for EU membership more seriously.

“They keep saying ‘We can’t do without Turkey’. It’s very clear but they are not being clear. Then why don’t you let Turkey in the EU?” he asked.

His foreign minister, Feridun Sinirlioglu, heaped scorn on the EU’s proposals of financial help, calling the offer “unacceptable” and saying his country needed at least three billion euros ($3.4 bn) in the first year of the deal.

Under the tentative agreement, Turkey had agreed to tackle people smugglers, cooperate with EU border authorities and put a brake on refugees fleeing the Syrian conflict from crossing by sea to Europe.

Turkey used to be a model state. So what went wrong?

In exchange, European leaders agreed to speed up easing visa restrictions on Turkish citizens travelling to Europe and give Ankara more funds to tackle the problem.

While they did not specify how much they would give Ankara, they did say the three billion euros demanded by Turkey would be a problem.

While the summit was underway, the volatile situation on the EU’s frontier with Turkey exploded into violence with the fatal shooting of an Afghan refugee crossing the border from Turkey to Bulgaria, which the UN refugee agency said was the first of its kind.

The victim was among a group of 54 migrants spotted by a patrol near the southeastern town of Sredets close to the Turkish border and was wounded by a ricochet after border guards fired warning shots into the air, officials said.


I truly admire how Hungary is handling this situation.  They are protecting their country from hordes of foreign invaders.  They are putting the welfare of their own Folk ahead of that of outsiders.  That's the National Socialist way.  The Jobbik Party is the best thing for Hungary since the fall of the Third Reich.

For those of you who are wondering why an Asian country wants admission to the EU or should be allowed in at all, while the majority of Turkey is in Asian, there is a small portion across the Bosphorous Straits that shares a border with Bulgaria in Europe.  Turkey can qualify as either a European country or an Asian country, whichever they find most convenient.

I guess that because they are seeking admission to the EU, they are calling themselves European. Perhaps the EU isn't accepting that claim since 90 percent of Turkey is in Asia. They should be thankful they've been rejected.  They'll be much better off without the EU.

Dan 88!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Asylum seekers SUE Germany for not paying them benefits FAST ENOUGH

Around 20 Syrian migrants have filed a case against the Berlin state Government demanding immediate access to shelter and benefits after waiting for more than a week to be registered by the authorities. 
It comes as serious splits emerged in Angela Merkel's Government over how to divide economic migrants from genuine refugees fleeing war-torn countries. 
Hundreds of asylum seekers are still waiting to be registered due to huge backlogs at the city's main refugee centre. 
Huge crowds gather outside every day and many claim they have been waiting for weeks. 
Until their papers are processed by the State Office for Health and Social Affairs, the refugees have no access to Government refugee shelters or benefits. 
Refugees welcome sign
                                Refugees waiting at the welfare centre.

They are effectively homeless with the country's bitter winter just around the corner - and night-time temperatures have already fallen below freezing. 
More than 170,000 migrants flooded into Europe last month alone as the continent's unprecedented refugee crisis continues to spiral out of control. 
This latest development is likely to raise eyebrows as Germany's controversial policy of welcoming new arrivals with open arms has already been blamed for the shocking numbers.


And Mrs Merkel's promise to grant automatic citizenship to refugees was blasted for encouraging more migrants to make the treacherous journey. 
The country is now considering setting up "transit zones" on its borders, where migrants would be kept while their asylum claims are assessed. 
However Mrs Merkel said the proposal would only work in certain cases, and would "not help for thousands and thousands of refugees".


Can you believe this crap?!  No one asked them to come.  Now they are there and are demanding freebies immediately.  Of all the ungrateful wretches I have ever heard of.

Now it is true that the German winter is harsh, and Syria doesn't get snow so they aren't used to the cold.  But maybe they should have thought of that before they came.  They evidently assumed that the German government would take care of them.  My question is: Why should they?

As to Merkel, I've said it before and I'll say it again:  Merkel is a traitor to Germany and the whole of the Aryan people.  I'd like nothing more than to see her tried, convicted, and shot for treason.

It isn't that bad here - yet, but it will.  You can count on it.  When it does, hopefully America will fully awake.  Right now it is starting to awake, but it is still drowsy.  When it does fully awaken, we must be ready to spread our word because the average person will be far more receptive to our message.  In the mean time we must continue to do what we can and spread the word to whoever will listen.

Dan 88!