Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Illegal immigrant living in Hagerstown is held on $100K bond in child-porn case

Posted: Wednesday, June 24, 2015 5:48 pm | Updated: 8:51 am, Thu Jun 25, 2015.

Hagerstown, MD

An illegal immigrant charged with distribution and possession of child pornography told a district court commissioner this week to "just deport me" following his arrest, according to information revealed during his bond-review hearing Wednesday in Washington County Circuit Court.

Cristian Alexander Magana, 19, of Beachley Drive, Hagerstown, is charged withsix counts of promoting or distributing child pornography and 15 counts of possession of child pornography, court records said.
District Judge Terry Myers kept his bond at $100,000 at 10 percent, meaning he can post bail with $10,000.
"The defendant is an illegal alien from El Salvador," Assistant State's Attorney Arthur Rozes told the judge.
He said Magana was able to repeat — in English — "Just deport me" when he was arraigned before the commissioner.
Rozes asked that Magana be held on a fully secured $100,000 bond, "pending action by ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement)."
Assistant Public Defender Sean Mukherjee asked Myers to set "an extremely reasonable bond" for Magana, telling the judge that the defendant has lived in Hagerstown for about a year with an aunt who depends on his financial support.
Mukherjee told the judge that Magana's alleged downloading of child pornography was mechanically not much different than illegally downloading music from a file-sharing service.
There was no accusation that Magana had physical contact with a child or had a hand in producing the pornography, he said.
"Are you really comparing this to downloading music?" Myers asked at one point. "The legislature views this a little more seriously."
The maximum penalty for distribution of child pornography is 10 years, Myers told Magana through an interpreter.
On Tuesday, March 10, a Maryland state trooper downloaded six files from an Internet address linked to Magana using a file-sharing service, according to the application for statement of charges.
Those files contained videos depicting prepubescent girls and a boy engaged in sexual acts with adults males, the charging documents said.
The file-sharing service, Ares, was the same one used by another Hagerstown man recently accused of possession of child pornography in an apparently unrelated case.
John David Vogelsang was charged in May with 26 counts of promoting and distributing child pornography and possession of child pornography, according to court records.
In May, a search warrant was obtained for Magana's residence, and a laptop computer was seized from his room for a forensic examination, the documents said.

On June 10, police found another nine videos of child pornography on the computer, documents said.
Can you believe the gall of this pervert?  He knows the laws regarding illegals are so lax, so inefficient that he thinks deportation is all he deserves - especially considering the fact that if he is deported he could be back in this country again in a few days.
I'd like to shove this article in the faces of the pro-illegal people and see what they have to say.
I know what they would say.  They would say something like, "Well, there's always a bad apple in every bunch.  Most of these people are honest and hard working.  Should we kick them all out because of a few bad eggs?"
Actually, yes.  They are all bad eggs as far as I'm concerned.  Illegal does mean criminal, after all.
Dan 88!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Mexico now deporting more Central Americans than the United States

Fox News Latino

Mexico Deportations new.jpg
Central American illegals on a Mexican bus headed south.

Mexico now deports more Central American migrants than the United States, a dramatic shift since the U.S. asked Mexico for help a year ago with a spike in illegal migration, especially among unaccompanied minors.
Between October and April, Mexico apprehended 92,889 Central Americans. In the same time period, the United States detained 70,226 "other than Mexican" migrants, the vast majority from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.
That was a huge reversal from the same period a year earlier, when the wave of migrants and unaccompanied minors from Central America was building. From October 2013 to April 2014, the United States apprehended 159,103 "other than Mexicans," three times the 49,893 Central Americans detained by Mexico.
The difference is Mexico's new Southern Border Program, an initiative that included sending 5,000 federal police to the border with Guatemala and more border and highway checkpoints. Raids on migrants increased and authorities focused on keeping migrants off the northbound freight train known as "The Beast," on which many have suffered mutilation injuries.
Neither U.S. nor Mexican immigration officials responded to requests for comment on the change this week, though officials in the past have said it is aimed at reducing dangers facing migrants.
"Mexico is doing the dirty work, the very dirty work, for the United States," said Tomas González, a Franciscan friar who runs the "72" shelter for migrants in Tenosique, a town in the southern Mexico state of Tabasco.
In the past, Mexican migration officials looked the other way as thousands rafted across the river at the border and then boarded freight trains north. In 2014, more than 46,000 unaccompanied minors from Central America crossed into the United States, leading the U.S. government to turn to the governments in Mexico and Central America to try to stanch the flow.
Mexico has proved the more efficient in deportations, which is already causing concerns among human rights groups about the new tactics.
In most cases, Mexico holds migrants only long enough to verify their nationalities, and quickly bundles them aboard buses to take them back to their home countries.
"The time that foreigners are in immigration (detention) centers depends only on the speed with which the authorities of their (home) countries confirm their nationality," Mexico's National Immigration Institute said in an email response to questions from the Associated Press.
Maureen Meyer of the Washington Office on Latin America think tank, which noted the dramatic change in a report this week, questions the speed Mexico is using.
"What we have heard continuously in the past year is that migrants are being so rapidly deported that even some that might have wanted to request some type of protection, or who would have been eligible for some type of humanitarian visa because they had been victims of crime in Mexico, haven't had that opportunity," Meyer said.
By comparison, when immigrants are caught crossing the U.S. border illegally, the process of being sent home can take anywhere from hours to years. Mexican nationals are often repatriated quickly — sometimes the same day they are caught — while migrants from other countries often spend at least a few days in U.S. custody before being flown back to their country of origin.
The deportation process can take much longer if an immigrant seeks asylum or if the person is a child traveling alone. For those immigrants who fight to stay in the United States, the wait for a court date and a final decision on their case can take several years because of backlog of more than 449,000 cases already pending in immigration courts.
According to the U.S. Department of Justice, there were about 41,920 requests for asylum in 2014, not all from Central Americans. About 49 percent of requests processed that year were granted.
Mexico grants only a tiny number of asylum requests. The latest figures, covering a nine-month period from January to September 2014, show only 1,525 people, the majority of them Central Americans, requested asylum or refugee status, and only one-sixth — 247 — were granted.
U.S. officials did not respond to questions regarding the amount of U.S. funding Mexico receives for its crackdown on the Guatemalan border, but it is making things tougher for migrants..
"It has raised the costs of the trip, it has raised costs for paying coyotes (smugglers) and the (Mexican) authorities that let them through," said González, the migrant activist. "It has spurred increases in everything bad — corruption and impunity — everything but human rights."

It always amuses me when these illegals and their advocates talk about "human rights". Why do they think it's their human right to come to the United States?

The answer is they don't.  They know they are as full of shit as we do.  They're trying to evoke sympathy in soft hearted (and soft headed) liberals.

If Mexico would only handle their own people as well as they do the Central Americans then we wouldn't have the problem we do.  The thing is they don't want to.  The Mexican government thinks that once their people cross the border they're no longer their problem, but ours.

The Mexican border patrol also has been known to shoot at people running their southern border - yet when we want to do the same they cry racism.  Do I hear a touch of hypocrisy here?

Dan 88!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Kids Say The Darndest Things!

The Teacher ask Little Johnny to say the Alphabet. Little Johnny started with A, B, C, ... X, Y, Z, but he forgot the letter P.

When the teacher asked little Johnny why he missed the letter P, Little Johnny answered by looking at his pants, "No I didn't, its in my pants"


Some newly married friends were visiting us when the topic of children came up. The bride said she wanted three children, while the young husband said two would be enough for him.

They discussed this discrepancy for a few minutes until the husband thought he'd put an end to things by saying boldly, "After our second child, I'll just have a vasectomy."

Without a moment's hesitation, the bride retorted, "Well, I hope you'll love the third one as if it's your own."


A man walks into a bar with his cat.

The bartender says " Hey buddy no pets allowed"

The man tells him that the cat is like his child and he will watch it.

The bartender says "Alright I'll make an exception".

So the man sits at the bar and starts to watch the Browns vs. Steelers game. The Browns kick a field goal and the cat the cat jumps on to the bar and high fives everyone sitting at the bar.

The bartender was amazed and said "Wow that was amazing what does he do when the Browns score a touchdown?"

The man thinks for a second and says " I'm not sure I've only had him for 3 years!"

Dan 88!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Supreme Court Rulings

I'm sure that most of us are very unhappy with the fact that the United States Supreme Court has ruled Obamacare and same-sex marriage to be Constitutional.  It is very disturbing to see how everyone in D.C. is jumping on the politically correct bandwagon.

Let me just say that I don't see how the SCOTUS can say it is legal for the government to order us to buy something we may not want - regardless of what it is - if we don't want to.  

Perhaps buying insurance is for our own good, but it's not up to the government to decide something like that.  It's up to We The People.  I shouldn't be required by law to act in my own best interests at all times or face fines.  I'm an adult.  If I want to eat candy for breakfast then I'll eat candy for breakfast, if you get my meaning.

All to often in the last few years, people have been using the SCOTUS as a means to immediate social change.  This is NOT how it was intended to be.  The purpose of the SCOTUS was to examine new laws out of Congress to see if they pass Constitutional muster.  Not to take old issues and get them declared unconstitutional.

Also, there is not one single word in the U.S. Constitution that covers marriage.  Not a one. The tenth amendment clearly states:

Tenth Amendment
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

In a nutshell, this means that any issue not specifically covered by the U.S. Constitution is a state's rights issue.  As marriage is NOT mentioned even once in the Constitution, then it is a state's rights issue.

When deciding an issue, the SCOTUS should not ask themselves if this is fair.  They should be asking what our Founding Fathers intended.

They had homosexuals back in 1787.  How were they treated?  They were put into mental asylums for being sexual deviants.  Bearing this in mind, it is obvious that they did not mean to protect homosexuals - at least not when it comes to marriage - in the Constitution.

In other examples, most of our Founding Fathers owned slaves, so they thought that was acceptable.  Also, Betsy Ross may have made the first American flag, but she was not allowed to vote in the first election as women didn't get to vote until 1920.

Ultimately, both these issues were not decided by the SCOTUS, but by Constitutional amendment which is WHAT our Founding Fathers intended.  They were well aware that times change and so do attitudes.  They designed the Constitution to change with the people.

Like with slavery and women's suffrage, same sex marriage needs to be delt with by Constitutional amendment, not in the SCOTUS.  But there's the rub.  It's easier to convince two thirds of nine people to see it your way than two thirds of the United States.

However, I feel that we should not focus on this.  For one thing, I don't really care who sleeps with who - as long as they are adults and do it behind closed doors.  If they do, then it's none of my damn business.

Also, this can only help things to deteriorate faster which is good for our cause.  Sooner or later the people will have had enough and be willing to do something.  It's already begun. More and more citizen activist groups are popping up.

The ANP has a spike in Official Supporters in times like these.

The liberals are digging their own graves.  I don't know about you, but if they want to dig their own graves, I'll be happy to lend them a shovel.  I have five.

Dan 88!

Statement From A Legal White Immigrant

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts.

I have a few points to make before I start.

  1. I am not a racist.
  2. I am all for LEGAL IMMIGRATION …I am a legal immigrant.
  3. Please stop calling illegal’s “undocumented immigrants".

It’s like calling Jeffrey Dahmer a chef and its insulting to all LEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

BTW ….The word ILLEGAL is NOT a racist word. Illegal is not a race, but a status.

4.  Most importantly for the safety of our citizens, please reinstate the ICE 287g program. If you don't, it will have horrific and deadly results because illegal criminals will be released into our communities.

I will not bore you with proven facts and proven statistics about the issue with illegal people flooding our state. You already know those numbers.

What I will do is share a story and would appreciate an honest response after I am done.
Imagine you and your family are at home, just enjoying a quiet evening.

The door opens up and a group of people enter your home. You don’t know who they are or where they came from. You have no clue if they are sick or have a criminal record. All you know is that you didn’t invite them in.

The group is now in your home.

They demand that you feed and house them, get them free medical service, free legal service and take their children to a school. They demand a driver license and to be able to board any flight with a piece of paper that could easily be printed out. And they want you to provide the appropriate paperwork to file back taxes.  They also tell you they don't have to learn English and demand that you speak to them in their language.

A few women are pregnant and want to have their baby at a local hospital, for free and for the baby to become a legal citizen.

Some of the guys are from a known violent gang. A few men want to work and support their family in an honest way and never had a criminal record. Then there are a few with a record of child molestation and rape in another country and want to sleep in your daughter’s room.

You find out that another person has been in California illegally for a number of years, many arrests on his record, including a felony conviction for armed robbery and 2 DUI’s. He just killed a young 30 year old man that was a 911 sheriff’s dispatcher and only child. He drove around without a registration, license or insurance and never showed remorse for his action.

You now look around your home and you also know that some of these people have been previously arrested and put in LA County Jail, but because 287g was discontinued, they are out and about, because they “ONLY” committed theft, carrying a concealed dagger, took part in money laundering, committed grand theft auto or cultivated pot and other “little silly things”.
You have all these people now in your home, depleting all your resources and costing you extraordinary amounts of $$ and putting your family at risk.

You KNOW all this now and what will you do?

Will you go to sleep peacefully and without worries about what could and will happen to your family, neighbors and friends OR will you call the authorities to remove these intruders?


The pro-illegal immigration people keep saying that since we are all descended from immigrants we have no right to deport illegals.  Yes we do.  The difference between them and my ancestors is my ancestors came here LEGALLY.  They also came from Europe and not the country next door.

Proximity to America should not give illegals any special privileges.

Coming to America is a privilege, not a right, as is becoming a citizen.

Dan 88!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

How Did Your Senators Vote On the Trans Pacific Trade Partnership?


Check for your senators below.  Lists like these actually show people what skunks their so-called representatives are and how they don't care what we want.  Sixty five percent of the American people don't want this yet it's being passed anyway.   It goes to prove what the ANP has been saying along along about them.  The proof is below in black, white, red, and blue.

If you vote for any of these people who voted YEA because you think they are the lesser of two evils, you're being foolish.  Don't vote for any of them.  Either find a Third Party candidate, or don't vote at all.  Heck, you can even write in your own name then you can truthfully say that you're a senatorial candidate!  Why not?  Because it's throwing your vote away?  So what?  Is voting for any of these people helping you?  I'd rather throw my vote away than waste it on any of them on principle.

Besides if enough people vote Third Party - even if that candidate doesn't win, it might send a message to both the Democrats and the Republicans.

In a way, I kind of hope this damn TPP does pass.  It will make things so much worse it can only help our cause.  Well, it looks like we're going to get a chance to find out.  It still has to go through the House tomorrow.  Then we'll see.

Dan 88!

Nay  R  Sessions, JeffAL
Nay  R  Shelby, RichardAL
Yea  R  Murkowski, LisaAK
Yea  R  Sullivan, DanAK
Yea  R  Flake, JeffAZ
Yea  R  McCain, JohnAZ
Yea  R  Boozman, JohnAR
Yea  R  Cotton, TomAR
Nay  D  Boxer, BarbaraCA
Yea  D  Feinstein, DianneCA
Yea  D  Bennet, MichaelCO
Yea  R  Gardner, CoryCO
Nay  D  Blumenthal, RichardCT
Nay  D  Murphy, ChristopherCT
Yea  D  Carper, ThomasDE
Yea  D  Coons, ChrisDE
Yea  D  Nelson, BillFL
Yea  R  Rubio, MarcoFL
Yea  R  Isakson, JohnGA
Yea  R  Perdue, DavidGA
Nay  D  Hirono, MazieHI
Nay  D  Schatz, BrianHI
Yea  R  Crapo, MichaelID
Yea  R  Risch, JamesID
Nay  D  Durbin, RichardIL
Yea  R  Kirk, MarkIL
Yea  R  Coats, DanielIN
Nay  D  Donnelly, JoeIN
Yea  R  Ernst, JoniIA
Yea  R  Grassley, ChuckIA
Yea  R  Moran, JerryKS
Yea  R  Roberts, PatKS
Yea  R  McConnell, MitchKY
Nay  R  Paul, RandKY
Yea  R  Cassidy, BillLA
Yea  R  Vitter, DavidLA
Nay  R  Collins, SusanME
Nay  I  King, AngusME
Nay  D  Cardin, BenjaminMD
Nay  D  Mikulski, BarbaraMD
Nay  D  Markey, EdMA
Nay  D  Warren, ElizabethMA
Nay  D  Peters, GaryMI
Nay  D  Stabenow, DebbieMI
Nay  D  Franken, AlMN
Nay  D  Klobuchar, AmyMN
Yea  R  Cochran, ThadMS
Yea  R  Wicker, RogerMS
Yea  R  Blunt, RoyMO
Yea  D  McCaskill, ClaireMO
Yea  R  Daines, SteveMT
Nay  D  Tester, JonMT
Yea  R  Fischer, DebNE
Yea  R  Sasse, BenjaminNE
Yea  R  Heller, DeanNV
Nay  D  Reid, HarryNV
New Hampshire
Yea  R  Ayotte, KellyNH
Yea  D  Shaheen, JeanneNH
New Jersey
Nay  D  Booker, CoryNJ
No Vote  D  Menéndez, BobNJ
New Mexico
Nay  D  Heinrich, MartinNM
Nay  D  Udall, TomNM
New York
Nay  D  Gillibrand, KirstenNY
Nay  D  Schumer, ChuckNY
North Carolina
Yea  R  Burr, RichardNC
Yea  R  Tillis, ThomNC
North Dakota
Yea  D  Heitkamp, HeidiND
Yea  R  Hoeven, JohnND
Nay  D  Brown, SherrodOH
Yea  R  Portman, RobOH
Yea  R  Inhofe, JimOK
Yea  R  Lankford, JamesOK
Nay  D  Merkley, JeffOR
Yea  D  Wyden, RonOR
Nay  D  Casey, BobPA
Yea  R  Toomey, PatPA
Rhode Island
Nay  D  Reed, JohnRI
Nay  D  Whitehouse, SheldonRI
South Carolina
Yea  R  Graham, LindseySC
Yea  R  Scott, TimSC
South Dakota
Yea  R  Rounds, MikeSD
Yea  R  Thune, JohnSD
Yea  R  Alexander, LamarTN
No Vote  R  Corker, BobTN
Yea  R  Cornyn, JohnTX
Nay  R  Cruz, TedTX
Yea  R  Hatch, OrrinUT
No Vote  R  Lee, MikeUT
Nay  D  Leahy, PatrickVT
Nay  I  Sanders, BernieVT
Yea  D  Kaine, TimothyVA
Yea  D  Warner, MarkVA
Yea  D  Cantwell, MariaWA
Yea  D  Murray, PattyWA
West Virginia
Yea  R  Capito, ShelleyWV
Nay  D  Manchin, JoeWV
Nay  D  Baldwin, TammyWI
Yea  R  Johnson, RonWI
Yea  R  Barrasso, JohnWY
Yea  R  Enzi, MichaelWY