Couple arrested for alleged child abuse

William Pitts6:05 p.m. MST May 26, 2015


A Surprise, Az. couple in jail on charges of abusing and neglecting their daughter to death had previously had their children taken away by Child Protective Services.

Police arrested Rosemary Velazco, 37, on Saturday after paramedics were called to a residence by the girl's uncle, who police say also lived in the house.

According to court paperwork, the Surprise Fire Department contacted police to report the child abuse. Paramedics told police the child was completely unresponsive and showed no signs of life.

In an attempt to save 3-year-old Alexandra Velazco Tercero paramedics moved her to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead, the fire department said.

Police responded to the hospital as well as the residence to begin their investigation. According to court paperwork, Alexandra had injuries throughout her body. The injuries included healing and lacerations throughout and showed a pattern of bruising and large lacerations to her forehead.

The child also weighed 15 pounds when she was admitted to the hospital Saturday.

Police drafted a search warrant and according to court paperwork, detectives noted a small paint can which appears to have been used as a toilet by children living in the home including the victim and her brother.

Detectives noted in the paperwork a dog collar, and a spoon which have a pattern consistent with some of the injuries noted on the victim's body. Police said there was little food in the refrigerator of the home, however, the freezer contained beer.

The Department of Child Safety said investigators were called on Velazco in 2011, when Alexandra was born. They found Velazco had amphetamines in her system and took Alexandra and another child out of the home.

DCS said both children were returned when their parents completed parenting classes and substance abuse programs.

Besides Velazco, the child's father was also arrested. He's identified as Carlos T. Cruz, 28. He's also facing child abuse charges, police said.

Cruz is in the U.S. illegally. During his initial appearance at the Fourth Avenue Jail, prosecutors told the Judge Cruz went by many aliases, and at this point they're not even sure Carlos Cruz is his real name.

Velazco is being held on $500,000 bail. Police say it is possible the charges may be expanded to murder.


Don't they look like upstanding, hard working people who just want a better life?  Put sombreros and crossed bandoliers on them and they'd look like perfect banditos.

This child would probably still be dead even if their parents had stayed in Mexico.  The point is why were they being allowed to stay in the first place?  This is definitely not the type of people we want in this country which is why we must secure our borders.

Now I'm not going to go into a lot of rhetoric here because you are all intelligent and know what kind of scum we have here.  You also know that we must secure our borders or nobody will be secure.

These creeps should be taken out and shot, but they won't.  The charges will probably be downgraded to manslaughter, they'll draw a few years in prison, the father a few years more.

BTW what's up with that?  Regardless of race, why are they harder on men when it comes to child abuse/neglect than women?  Just look to the record.  Whatever the circumstances the man always draws a stiffer penalty than the woman.  That's another inequity in the law we have to address.  Regardless of sex, a crime is a crime and men and women should receive the same sentence.  

All this aside, they will be deported after they are released and with in a few days or weeks they'll be back in this country and they won't even be reporting to a parole officer because they are here illegally and out of reach of Mexican authorities, and unknown to American. Great system we have here.

Dan 88!