White History: The Other Slaves

The politically correct media and education system would have you believe that the evil White man enslaved the negro and only Whites have responsibility for slavery
They would also have you believe that
Only negroes were the victims of slavery
The facts are
Negroes enslaved Whites, Negroes and Indians
Indians enslaved Whites, Indians and Negroes
Whites enslaved Whites, Negroes and Indians

White slaves were owned by Negroes and Indians to such an extent in the South that the Virginia Assembly passed a law against the practice!
"It is enacted that noe negro or Indian though baptized and enjoyned their owne ffreedome shall be capable of any such purchase of christians..."
Christians meant Whites
Statutes of the Virginia Assembly, Vol. 2, pp. 280-81)

White Christians were sold on the auction block, in chains
White Christians had their teeth checked and their muscles probed, like cattle
White Christians were stripped naked for all the world to see
White Christian families were split apart
These horrific deeds did not just happen to Africans
These horrific deeds happened to White Christian slaves to satisfy the "need for labor" on the plantations and in the factories of the elite, White and black
It's estimated that in the colonial period of the United States, up to the Revolutionary war, at least half (some say two thirds) of all the Whites that entered Colonial America were slaves
Some say that the Blacks were slaves, the Whites were servants.  Historical documents proves this to be false
In the original documents of the White merchants who transported negroes from Africa for the slave markets the Blacks were called servants
"...one notes that the Company of Royal Adventurers referred to their cargo as 'Negers,' 'Negro-servants,' 'servants...from Africa..."
(Handlin. p. 205)

This proves that slavery was not racist
Slavery was classist
Slavery was economic
 Oscar Handlin says that "Through the first three-quarters of the 17th century, the Negroes, even in the South, were not numerous...They came into a society in which a large part of the White population was to some degree unfree...The Negroes lack of freedom was not unusual.  These Black newcomers, like so many others, were accepted, bought and held, as kinds of servants."

He goes on to say that the desire for cheap labor caused the elite merchants and land owners to enslave not only the negroes but their own White kindred as well
Blacks were much  more expensive than Whites
Therefore, Whites were mistreated more often than blacks
During the Colonial period, Whites did the harder work, such as digging ditches, clearing land, and felling trees
The frontier demands for this kind of heavy manual labor was satisfied primarily by White slaves
As late as 1669 those who had large scale plantations were manning them with White slaves, not negroes
That's the way it was done in the mother country, Great Britain!
In 1670 the Governor of Virginia said that he had 2000 Negro and 6000 White slaves
Hundreds of thousands of Whites in colonial America were owned outright by their masters and died in slavery
Even the blacks knew this.  If they were made to work too hard they accused their masters of
"treating them like the Irish"
Plantation slavery, the final stage of slavery in the United States, does not represent the entire history of slavery in this country

This is historical fact
This is the Heritage of America
This is not taught in schools
Shame -- Shame -- Shame!