National Socialist Movement holds rally in Toledo

by Jim Nelson


As many as 200 members of the community gathered downtown Toledo in protest of the National Socialist Movement rally held on the steps of One Government Center on Saturday.
There was shouting, there was emotion but there was no violence.
"The courage it takes to come here and even witness this...and at the same time, the control and power it shows to restrain yourself," said Raymond Johnson of Toledo.
"I wanted to show (my family) up close and personal what I feel true ignorance is," said Kimberly Boos.
While many shouted obscenities toward the NSM members, some took a much different approach. Deonte Moss brought a sign that read 'you hate me, I (love) you).'
"(The NSM members) just need to be told - somebody needs to let them know - that they're loved too," Moss said. "I think that's the message I want to promote today."
A common argument against the NSM is its use of the swastika. NBC 24's Hubert Wiggins asked NSM commander Jeff Schoep about that before the rally.
"I'm not going to entertain that. I'm not here to revise history. I don't believe in the holocaust myth and it's not something I'm here to discuss today. It has nothing to do with the National Socialist Movement today. What might have happened - what they claim happened - in the 1940's has nothing to do with us here today," Schoep said.
"We're no about even listening to this type of rhetoric," said Toledo Police Chief George Kral of the NSM.
He added that his officers, along with the Ohio State Highway Patrol and Lucas County Sheriff's Department were well prepared for the event, which wrapped up without major incident.
During the rally, one of the barricades broke open for a short time, though nobody attempted to cross it. At least one person was escorted out of the enclosed area after throwing something toward the rally. He was not arrested.
After the event, crowd dispersal took some maneuvering. One person was taken away in handcuffs. Police were eventually able to move the crowds after a short demonstration in the streets.
There were no immediate reports of violence, injuries or property damage.
The City of Toledo estimates that it will spend $100,000 in police overtime.
Well since I posted a few days ago that the NSM was having this rally, I'd thought I'd post about it afterwards - especially since it did not make national news, just local.  At least there was nothing about it here in Mexifornia.
The above photo was the only one printed with the article - and the NSM wasn't even in it!  It was just the police - all dressed up in their urban combat gear - to protect about two dozen NSMers from potentially violent liberals.
There was a short two minutes video which I was not able to embed.  If you want to see it, go to
This was just another pathetic publicity stunt by a pathetic bunch of extremists.  In all fairness I would have to say that the NSM did behave themselves which was probably why there was no violence as in many of their other rallies.
Dan 88!


  1. just a few days ago on my twitter account, there is a fellow that is following jeff and his race traitor ways, and ways not even aware of it! yeah well I did inform him with links also so that he could see for his self, he was shocked to say the lest. The sad thing is, you and i know that the NSM is not national socialism,, but alot of people out there do not realize that and just accept and believe the Hollywood nutzi performance as to what it is!

    1. I'm glad you did. There are so many out there that are well intentioned, but very naive. It's up to us to inform them. The ANP is both a political AND educational organization.

      Dan 88!

  2. It will be interesting to watch the "trashtroopers" fade away..

    AJ 88!

    1. Yes, but when? When? Hopefully not too much longer. If we keep educating people on what they really are we can hasten that day.

      Dan 88!


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