CA Secretary of State Alex Padilla Runs From Constituents

After officiating at newly elected Rep Pete Aguilar's swearing in ceremony, CA Secretary of State Alex Padilla posed with attendees for photos. When Citizen Lobbyists sought to ask him questions about election integrity, the secretary of state, trotted off to his vehicle and exited the parking lot. Video filmed by Robin Hvidston of "We The People Rising" and "CA representatives for The Remembrance Project Stolen Lives Quilt Project".  Stolen Lives is a project dedicated to helping to see that justice is done for American citizens (regardless of race) who have been killed either by murder or accident (such as a car accident) by illegal aliens (regardless of race).  


Here it is on video:  The out and out contempt a typical politician has for American voters. He's made up his mind on the issue of Obama's amnesty and he doesn't want to hear anything more from the other side.  In other words, he could care less what the people want. He's going to do things his way and if we don't like it we can just go f*&k ourselves.

With a name like Aguilar it should be no surprise.  He's probably got family and family of friends in Mexico and he's not about to do anything that might go against them regardless of what the voters want.  Mestizos always put loyalty to family before loyalty to their race or their country.

I'm sorry if this offends anyone, but loyalty to your race comes before all else.  After all if a family member commits a crime and you help them in any way, that makes you an accessory.  Family or not, helping someone who has committed a crime is wrong regardless of what their relationship to you is.  No excuses, no exceptions.

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Dan 88!