List Of Films

Below is a list of excellent documentaries and films that will give you the TRUTH about National Socialism and the Holohoax.  Most of these can be found on Jew Tube. 


1.  A Critical Holocaust Examination

2.  David Cole At Auschwitz

3.  The Leuchter Report - A report by engineer (who specializes in execution equipment) Fred Leuchter as to whether Auschwitz was capable of doing what the Jews claim it did.

4.  Holocaust:  Exposed

5.  The Last Days Of The Big Lie

6. One Third Of The Holocaust - It examines only the part of the Holocaust known as Operation Reinhard, specifically Treblinka, Sobibor, and Belsezc.

7.  Rockwell:  American Nazi.

8.  Elie Wiesel:  Holocaust Fraud

9.  Doctor Of Death - Biography of Fred Leuchter (see number three).

10. Adolf Hitler's Home Movies - Personal films of the Fuhrer, many of them taken by Eva Braun.

11. Stone Age Columbus - Examines the theory that Europeans beat the Asians to North America by 5000 years.

12.  The Greatest Story Never Told - The true story of Adolf Hitler by The Truth Will Out Films.  This is a long one (about 5 hours).

Feature Films

1.  Inside The Third Reich - About Hitler's Architect Albert Speer.  Mostly about life in the Third Reich.  Little on the Holocaust.

2.  The Bunker - Psychological/Parapsychological story of a group of German soldiers at the end of WW II trapped in a sinister bunker.  Outside is a group of American soldiers who will not accept their surrender and are trying to kill them.  Inside is a force trying to destroy them.  Is it their guilt in being forced to help execute some deserters, or is it real?  You decide.  Pretty creepy but not graphic - at least not by today's standards.  I do have a bit of trouble with German soldiers speaking with English accents, but it's still good.

I hope these films will teach you something and be enjoyable.

Dan 88!


  1. Personally I don't like watching anything made by "holocaust deniers" - that's just my preference.

    I watched one on Netflix about "never told secrets" about all the US presidents... and after WWII this Nationalist/ Neo-Nazi party already started in America... They have the perfect party - they have J.P. Morgan, bankster's and all the corporations in their corner. The only thing they are missing is someone to bullsh*t the people. So, they got WWII General Smedley Butler. Butler apparently acting a double agent then turns them all in for high treason!

    My point is how can someone call themselves something their not? National Socialism is and should be the WORKING CLASS party for White people. Yet we get stuck with a bunch of Neo-Nutzi bull that is for the typical Right-Wing Fascist.

    AJ 88!

    1. True. Right wing is NOT NS. People need to understand this. True right wingers still believe in the Judeo-Capitalist system. NS does not.

      BTW, Butler also blew the whistle of FDR's plan to draw us into WW II by goading the Japanese into attacking us so we would have a legitimate excuse to declare war on them which would obligate Hitler (according to the Tripartite Agreement) to declare war on the United States.

      Dan 88!

  2. I'm more into recent"pot luck barbeques" like 9-11-01, Swartznigger helped me throw 1 in 03! Where I wouldn't allow Ca. to use my museum aircraft! Bumbs can't reimberse ya 4 a dollar owned but, can spend millions on new helicopters! Ref: 03 Mirimar Otay mesa Imperial Valley wildfires!

    1. Otay Mesa is also a popular spot for illegals to enter the country.

      Dan 88!


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