by BRANDON DARBY Updated Dec. 10.

A Border Patrol agent is suffering multiple head fractures after an illegal alien attacked him and bashed his head in with a rock, according to several Border Patrol agents who spoke with Breitbart Texas on the condition of anonymity. The attack occurred near the Ajo Station of the Tucson Sector. 

The agent was new to the U.S. Border Patrol agency. According to the sources, the illegal alien tackled the agent and used a rock to bash the agent's head.

A drug trafficking group was apprehended earlier in the day, according to the sources. When the agent was attacked, he reportedly deployed intermediate weapons such as OC spray and a baton. One Border Patrol agent source told Breitbart Texas, "After the Ferguson ordeal, agents are so apprehensive about using their firearm that incidents like these may become more frequent. Agents are so hesitant that it is actually risking our lives."
One Border Patrol source told Breitbart Texas that the agent was taken by an air ambulance and is currently conscious with multiple severe head fractures.
Breitbart Texas will provide updates as they become available. 

UPDATE: The suspect has been identified as Carlos Manuel Pena-Nieblas, a citizen of Mexico. He remains at large. The Border Patrol agent, who suffered lacerations to the face and a bone fracture, has now been released from the hospital. He had 22 stitches. 


As someone who has received a few stitches in his life I can say that 22 means he had lacerations of 5 to 7 inches total - on his face!  Thanks to modern surgical techniques, the scars won't be that bad and cosmetic surgery is an option.  If this had happened in the 19th Century he would beat out Al Capone for the nickname "Scarface."

This is what happens when we don't have secure borders.  If our borders aren't secure then nobody has security.

As the ANP has so often stated, we must bring our troops home and deploy them along the southern border.  The northern border as well if it becomes necessary.  But then again how many illegal alien Canadians are there? LOL

Seriously, there probably are a few illegals from Canada, but most of them are fugitives there and came down here because we are not really looking for them.  If you're not looking for someone you're not likely to find them.  However if we secure the southern borders illegals might try and sneak into Canada, or perhaps enter legally on a tourists visa then cross the relatively unsecured northern border into the United States.

That's why we must secure BOTH borders.  Secure the southern now, and the northern within a year.  No more screwing around.

Dan 88!