Global Warming Skeptics Rushed From Stage at UN Conference

Former NASA astronaut Walt Cunningham and two other global warming skeptics were removed from the stage by United Nations officials while delivering a presentation at a U.N. conference on climate change.
Cunningham and two representatives of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) — executive director Craig Rucker and director of communications Marc Morano — were given 30 minutes for their talk at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Lima, Peru, on December 11.
But they were abruptly told they had to "wrap up" their talk after 18 minutes to accommodate U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who wanted the stage for a photo op.
Kerry was attending the conference to promote a new U.N. climate treaty. He has declared that climate change "may be, in fact, the most serious challenge we face on the planet."
After the three skeptics left as requested, the room remained empty for at least 35 minutes, Climate Depot reported.
"This is an outrage," said Rucker. "We are one of the few skeptical voices of reason here at the conference. To interrupt our press conference and abruptly end our press conference smacks of a cheap form of censorship.
"This was particularly obnoxious as the room remained vacant for quite a while after we left."
Cunningham, who flew into space with the Apollo 7 mission in 1968, told the U.N. before his removal: "CO2 is not a pollutant. Earth's climate history indicates CO2 is not a major factor in climate change. The U.N. has twisted science in order to enrich itself and inflate its own importance."
Cunningham, author of a pamphlet titled "Global Warming: Facts Versus Faith," also stated that climate alarmism is "one of the biggest frauds in the field of science."
Rucker said: "It is mind-boggling that as the world rushes toward adopting a climate agreement, the alleged scientific 'consensus' behind global warming is being blown apart.
"With Antarctic sea ice at record high numbers, polar bears thriving, and no global warming for 18 years and two months, you would think there would be a need to pause and reconsider the evidence for a climate catastrophe."
Like I said in yesterday's post, critics of global warming are being silenced just like Holocaust skeptics.  And Liberals have the gall to call US dictators.
With no global warming for 18 years and polar ice caps growing, people who claim global warming is occurring is like the bald guy with three hairs who goes to the barber and spends money insisting he needs a haircut.  Talk about denial!
I hope you have all "recovered" from Christmas.  If not, at least you still have a couple of days to do so.
If anyone did get busted for DUI and is not in jail at this moment (out on bail presumably) I have just one question for you:  Are you stupid or what?!  No matter what lies you tell yourself YOU'RE responsible for your predicament and no one else. I hope at least you have learned from your mistake.  National Socialists do make mistakes from time-to-time, but we also learn from them.
Dan 88!