There's a lot of talk, both positive and negative about the recent government decision to renew diplomatic ties with Cuba.  A lot of people - especially old-timers - are up in arms about it.  My opinion is why should we care?

First of all, Cuba is not a threat to us.  Even though they are only 90 miles off of Florida they are a third rate country in a second rate sea (Caribbean).  I don't think we have to worry about Cuban tanks rolling down main street.  Sure they have a few nukes.  Whatever they give us we'll give right back and both of us lose.  To think Cuba is a real threat is laughable.

We know who the real threat is.  I won't mention any names, but let's just say that Hannukah began day before yesterday.  Perhaps they are also responsible for Communism, but still...

I'm more concerned about illegal aliens invading our borders.  How about Judeo-Capitalists sending our jobs overseas?  What about corruption right here at home?  Shall I go on?

As much as we despise Communism, Cuba is not much of a threat.  Don't trust them of course, but they are hardly the barbarians at the gate.  Indeed, I can think of at least one benefit to restoring relations with them.  As things used to be, any Cuban who could get to the United States automatically was allowed to stay as a "refugee from Communism".  Now that relations have been restored, this will no  longer be the case.  And as the Cuban government won't allow their citizens to leave whenever they please like with Mexico, we will not have a flood of illegals at the border, and those that do get here can be sent back instead of giving them refugee status.

The only thing that does bother me is that this all came as a surprise.  The American people were not told this was being done.  It was sprung on us without warning.  That was wrong.  As citizens, we have a right to decide which countries we will have relations with and which we will not.  At the very least we have the right to know BEFORE something like this is done rather than after.  This is another case of big government's attitude that the people don't understand what's best for the country and they do, so there's no reason to discuss it with them.  In other words, ZOG knows best so we should just shut the hell up.

BTW, I'm sure they were planning this BEFORE November's elections.  They knew this could cost them the elections so they held off until now.  More government sneakiness.  At least it didn't matter.  They lost anyway.  Not that it matters to National Socialists,  but it does give me some personal satisfaction that the way they have done things came back to bite them on their collective asses.  

But overall do I care one way or the other?  Not really.  Like I said Cuba is no longer a serious threat and anything they can do to us we can do to them faster and more severe.  Hey, maybe the price of Cuban cigars will drop to a reasonable level now.  $50 a smoke on the Black Market is ridiculous.  

Dan 88!


  1. I think it's ok if we normalize relations with Cuba. If we secure the border first and stop all immigration until the unemployment level drops below 3%

    1. I'm more upset about Obama sneaking it on us than restoring relations itself. After all, how much good has the embargo done. The only ones who have been hurt are the Cuban people, not the leaders.

      Dan 88!


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