Immigration Update: Riverside, Ca. Votes NO To Becoming A Sanctuary City!

Ly Kou, James Baca and other activists organized an effort for citizens to speak out in opposition to a proposed resolution that was a direct result of the diverting of Homeland Security buses away from the Murrieta Border patrol Station on July 1, 2014.  

LULAC and Justice For Immigrants members attended and were participants in the writing of the resolution.

It was a boisterous and raucous night! There were more than 50 speakers and the city council meeting did not end until 11:30pm. The speakers in opposition/support of the resolution were approximately even in number.

At right, Patrice Lynes who organized the Murrieta project, was the first speaker. Four speakers who had participated in the blocking of Homeland Security buses also spoke out in support of the July 1, 2014 action.

Pro-illegal speakers denounced Murrieta. They used words such as "racism" repeatedly. The pro-law speakers were well informed and revealed facts about the resolution and referenced the law. Loree Messina gave a great presentation. Ly Kou presented a riveting talk about TRUE refugee status. Kate Valdez testified on behalf of her Riverside family members. Robert Newman and Raul Rodriguez presented talks that focused on the U.S. Constitution. Estelle talked about the faulty premise of the resolution as well as health risks.

Those in support of the resolution derided attendees who opposed the resolution that were from outside of Riverside. However, there were many among the resolution supporters who were also from out of town. Probably about equal in numbers.

Above photo, Gil Navarro, former San Bernardino County Board of Education member who was forcibly removed from the board because of his conflict of interest for involvement on a water board, was particularly sharp tongued.  He coined the term "Murrieta skinheads" and said that "Herrera is here with his gang." At one point his talk was so vitriolic that the mayor interrupted him.  

Watch a file video - Gil Navarro attacked then Fontana City Council Member Aquanetta Warren at a council meeting:

The woman above got into a heated exchange with Carol Schaeffer after she said that the Indians should not have "taught" the "white man" how to plant corn and crops. Schaeffer fired back that she was tired of the maligning of white people.  

An officer was called to intercede and the speaker then went back to her seat.


One of our attendees from Pomona was antagonized by a pro-illegal alien activist from her home town of Pomona, CA Benjamin Wood, after the meeting ended. He followed her outside as he filmed her.  

She eventually swatted at his camera with her notebook.  

Benjamin Wood demanded that police officers arrest her.  Officers met with her, for more than 30 minutes, and eventually only issued a citation. She was not arrested. There will be a court appearance on October 22, 2014, and all who would like to attend to support her can join her that day in court.

The officer stated that the case will no doubt be "thrown out" by the judge.


This is good news.  Riverside, Ca. will NOT be a sanctuary city!  For once the politicians LISTENED to the people.  But then again, Riverside is a city with only about 300,000 people. Like with cops, politicians in smaller communities aren't the same as in the larger communities.

Don't get me wrong.  They are still systemites and not to be trusted, but things are different in a city of 300,000 versus a city like Los Angeles which has 4,000,000.  There is still more of a community feeling in small cities than in large.

What impresses me is how many people are actually taking action.  Maybe we do have a chance after all.

Note again that the liberals had to turn this into a racial issue as usual.

Dan 88!


  1. Congrats Riverside! Bout time the Folk start waking up. The people in the middle-east had their "something Spring" I dont remember what they called it. They could do it, SURELY the Folk can. The time is now comrades!

    1. It's past time. Our Folk do seem to be waking up, but it's still happening slowly. Will enough join the fight and keep the Mestizos from taking over? It's still anybody's game.

      If people can win this battle, perhaps it will inspire them to take on the other problems our society faces and National Socialism must play a part. They are realizing we were right all along on immigration. Perhaps they'll get the rest of it soon as well.

      It's either that or wait for everything to collapse and we try and start over again the National Socialist way - if the people will listen to us.

      Dan 88!


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