'The Great Wall Of Vagina' Is, Well, A Great Wall Of Vaginas

Remember that post I made last week which in part was about art?  When I saw this article I HAD to post it.  I know Chairman Suhayda would rather us not use our blogs for rants, but I can't help it this time. - Dan.

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UK-based sculptor Jamie McCartney has spent the better half of a decade creating hundreds of renderings of female genitalia. In a project titled "The Great Wall of Vagina," the artist demonstrates not only his ability to craft effective word play, but also his knack for capturing the physical diversity of labia in a 30-foot polyptych.
McCartney recruited around 400 women for the series of 10 panels, casting the vulvae of women aged 18 to 76. During the five-year process, he encountered identical twins, transgender individuals, pre- and postnatal women and pre- and post-labiaplasty patients, all of whom were willing to submit their genitalia to plaster in the name of art.
"This is about grabbing the attention, using humour and spectacle, and then educating people about what normal women really look like," "The Great Wall of Vagina" site states. There McCartney makes sure to point out that the work of sculpture is not erotic art, nor is it pornography -- it's actually closer to “the Vagina Monologues of sculpture."
“For many women their genital appearance is a source of anxiety," McCartney adds on the site, "and I was in a unique position to do something about that.”
As with any vagina-centric artwork, online responses to the sculptural feat have ranged from creepy to insightful over the years. The Frisk went as far as to call the wall the eighth wonder of the world.
"While dudes can surreptitiously compare their junk during forced communal peeing sessions," Jezebel notes, "due to restroom etiquette (and anatomy) women don't get many opportunities to see other women's genitals."
Whether McCartney is honoring Gustave Courbet in the best way possible remains up for debate. Take a look at some shots from the installation here and let us know your thoughts on the project in the comments.
Maybe I'm dense.  But will someone please explain WHY WHY WHY is this art?  I don't get it!  It just a bunch of puss - I mean vaginas.  He didn't even sculpt them.  He cast them. That's cheating.   
Well at least they LOOK like what they're supposed to be.  Better a wall of vaginas than a wall of penises.  That would be mega-gross.
I won't make a habit of this.  But I do think things like this should be exposed.  So-called art like this can be damaging to society.  
Art is suppose to enhance a culture.  What cultural value can this garbage possibly have? And contrary to what the article said, when I use a public restroom I never check out other men's "junk".  That's sick.
Dan 88!


  1. well, i guess it is something to look at but it is a perverted form of art

    1. Perverted is the word. In truth there are more important issues to deal with, but I just hate it when perversion masquerades as culture.

      Dan 88!


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