First Report Of The Year

Another year has come and gone.  How depressing.  It never ceases to amaze me how excited the Sheeple get on New Year's Eve, especially as midnight approaches.  Okay, so it's a new year.  So what's the big deal?  Do they think that it will be any different (except worse) than last year?  In their dreams.  

You know what the really annoying part is?  For the next week or two I'll keep making mistakes when I date checks or fill out forms.  But don't we all?

Now that it is a new year, it is also a new month.  Time to get those pledges in the mail.  Now if you're going to say you're a little tapped out from the holidays, that is not acceptable.  How much did that booze cost that you rang in the New Year with?  If you splurged, then you only have yourself to blame for being broke.  Maybe you deserved it, maybe not.  I don't know.  But you had to make a choice.  Your pledge is a responsiblility.  I think Chairman Suhayda likes to call it a pledge rather than dues for two reasons.  One, dues are what you pay to a union or a club.  The ANP is neither.  Secondly, calling it a pledge emphasises the fact that  the word pledge is a synonym for vow or promise.  So the next time it comes down to sending in your pledge vesus buying something non-essential, please bear in mind that you vowed or promised to send your pledge in every month.  Thank you.

I wanted to update everyone about the Nazi Store.  Between my regular ANP duties and my job (I had to make sure I got all my work done early so I could take a few days off for the holidays) I've been pretty busy.  I have made a few decisions though.

I have decided on a hosting service.  I won't say which one on an open blog.  I don't want the same people who shut me down on my old hosting service waiting for me on the new one.  They can just wonder.  It'll give them something to think about while they're surfing the net looking for "offensive" sites to try and shut down.

Secondly, I have decided not to make it specifically a National Socialist site.  This is so no one will find it offensive and try and attack me.  Also, I have come to realize and admit to myself that most National Socialists are the cheapest people on Earth.  Many people don't want to spend any extra money on anything unless it's beech wood aged.  Okay, maybe that was a bit harsh, but I did some checking on my records.  In the 14 months the Nazi Store was in operation I brought in about 500 bucks profit (not counting postal fees). Every month I had to set aside $25 for hosting fees.  That's about $300.  That leaves $200 for 14 months.  I sent most of that to the ANP.  I have about $75 in the account right now which I will have to use for the new host and to buy templates to create the site as my new host does NOT have a built in site builder.  That means I have to do it myself manually so to speak.

Anyway, making the site NS specific limits the customer base.  There's a lot of stuff (like all the videos) that non-NS would buy, but don't because they won't support an "offensive" site.  And since most NS are so tight with their money, I want to expand my customer base and see what happens.

There have been a number of very generous supporters of my site.  I have their email addresses and will send them the link when I get it up and running.  As most others didn't buy anything anyway, why bother posting the link here?  They still won't buy anything and it will alert the enemy as to how to find the site. However I will still announce when it is up and running.  I just won't announce the name or URL of the site.

BTW, I will choose an appropriate non-NS name for the site.  If sales don't pick up, then I'll bag the whole idea.  It takes a number of hours a week and it won't be worth the amount of time I have to put in to it.

Finally, primaries are coming up soon, and deadlines for filing for the November elections are usually in August.  So if anyone has been considering running for office, contacting me now would be a good idea.

That's all Folks!

Dan 88!


  1. That's why I didn't put anything on the VA link for New Years and if I hear another "Happy New Year", I'm going to scream! Comrade, I said the same thing ..."New Years is one big Sheeple holiday"! I'm just looking forward to new things to hate on in 2014!

    Looking forward to the new store and already mailed my pledges in and I would seriously hope that any comrade - working that is didn't blow all there's partying. That's just inexcusable... - AJ 88!

    1. Want to know a little secret? Putting up "Happy New Year" or "Merry Christmas" or whatever holiday it happens to be (except MLK Jr. Day of course) is just a trick to get a day off from posting yet still have a post. Sneaky, huh?

      Dan 88!

  2. Thanks but I'm still going to be a Grinch about New Years.

    AJ 88!

  3. If you check out my blog - - there's a link to my twitter feed in which I post on and do chat everyday - - AJ 88!


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