Saturday, August 31, 2013

California Has Great Weather - Not Always

On Thursday San Bernardino got hit by one heck of a monsoon.  It was the first drop of rain we had in four months.  It didn't just rain - it pounded us.

Emergency and city officials began the long process Friday morning, Aug. 30, to dry out and clean-up the remnants of a freak rain storm.
And the Inland region could get hit again with storms moving in Friday afternoon.
A flash flood watch is in effect from 11 a.m. Friday until 11 p.m. as more thunderstorms are expected to sweep through the area.
After heating up all morning - starting at 80 degrees at 6 a.m. - Humidity topping 80 percent and more moisture could cause flash flooding through Friday afternoon.
Meteorologists warn that the storms could cause mudslides in mountains and hillsides, particularly recent in wildfire burn areas.
The 14th Street underpass in Riverside remained underwater as police and firefighters rescued a construction worker whose car became trapped by flood waters early Friday morning
The Riverside downtown fire station suffered significant water damage to the first and second floors. The ceiling collapsed as the a several inches of rain drained through the roof.
San Bernardino suffered flooding as parts of Foothill Blvd. (Route 66) were completely underwater.  Some motorists found themselves stranded in their vehicles until rescued by San Bernardino County Sheriffs.
We have not had any additional rain except for a few light sprinkles.
We had flooding in the mobile home park where I work.  Guess who had to clean it up?  You guessed it - me.  That was fun - NOT.  Well at least I made some extra money today.  Who doesn't need that these days, but I sure am exhausted.

A bicyclist maneuvers his way through a flooded intersection on Magnolia Avenue near larchwood place during a heavy downpour in Riverside on Thursday, August 29, 2013.

Maxx Meyers, 17, foreground, clears fallen palm fronds from Linwood Place near Magnolia Avenue in Riverside after a downpour swept through the Inland area Thursday, August 29, 2013.

Rains drum tree debris on autos during a sudden storm, Thursday, Aug. 29.

Rain swamps the Riverside Community College parking lot, Thursday, Aug. 29.

Fierce winds rippped a tree from the ground in front of the Riverside City College Alumni House on Ramona Avenue in Riverside, Thursday, Aug. 29.

A tree downed by fierce winds blocks Ramona Avenue next to Riverside City College on Thursday, Aug. 29.

BTW, ANP Talkshoe Radio today at 5:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time.  Sorry for the short notice.

Dan 88!

Friday, August 30, 2013

New Neighbor’s Agenda: White Power Takeover

LEITH, N.D. — The bearded man with thinning, gray-and-bleach-blond hair flapping down his neck first appeared in this tiny agricultural town last year, quietly and inconspicuously roaming the crackly dirt roads.

Nettie Ketterling thought nothing of it when he came into her bar to charge his cellphone in an outlet beneath the mounted head of a mule deer. To Kenneth Zimmerman, the man was just another customer, bringing his blue Dodge Durango in for repairs. Bobby Harper did not blink when the man appeared in front of his house and asked him if he had any land to sell. And the mayor, Ryan Schock, was simply extending a civic courtesy when he swung by the man’s house to introduce himself.

Their new neighbor, they thought, was just another person looking to get closer to the lucrative oil fields in western North Dakota known as the Bakken.

But all that changed last week.

The Southern Poverty Law Center and The Bismarck Tribune revealed that the man, Paul Craig Cobb, 61, has been buying up property in this town of 24 people in an effort to transform it into a colony for white supremacists.

In the past two years, Mr. Cobb, a longtime proselytizer for white supremacy who is wanted in Canada on charges of promoting hatred, has bought a dozen plots of land in Leith (pronounced Leeth) and has sold or transferred ownership of some of them to a couple of like-minded white nationalists.

He is using Craigslist and white power message boards to entice others in the movement to take refuge in Leith, about two hours southwest of Bismarck. On one board, he detailed his vision for the community — an enclave where residents fly “racialist” banners, where they are able to import enough “responsible hard core” white nationalists to take control of the town government, where “leftist journalists or antis” who “come and try to make trouble” will face arrest.

The revelations have riveted this community and the surrounding area, drawing a range of reactions from disgust to disbelief to curiosity.

“If that man wanted to live in Leith and be a good neighbor and be decent and not push his thoughts on the people, then he could live there,” said Arlene Wells, 82, a farmer and local historian. “But to come in and want to change everything and be the big dog — no. I don’t like bulldogs.”

It is all people are talking about, in bars and in their homes, at funerals and at church. They are poking around on the Web to read Mr. Cobb’s positions for themselves. A stream of cars creep through the streets where horses occasionally trot, their passengers hoping to catch a glimpse of some action or take a peek at Mr. Cobb’s peeling, two-story clapboard home. Sheriff’s cars, too, are making more rounds.

This is not how residents wanted Leith to get back on the map. Founded in 1909, the town bustled in the middle of the century, a regional center for festivals, movies and skating. The population began slipping after peaking at 174 in 1930, but the death knell was the closing of the railroad some 30 years ago. Though the 2010 census said the population is 16, Mr. Schock puts it at 24, and the Leith Bar is the only one of the five remaining buildings on Main Street still open. Most lots are empty and overgrown, laden with high-flying grasshoppers, in this town that sits in a bowl surrounded by wheat and sunflower fields.

Mr. Cobb happened upon the community, he said, through an ad for the home he eventually bought on Craigslist. He paid a total of about $8,600 for the house and 12 plots, he said, making his first purchases in 2011. He moved here in May 2012, he said, after fleeing Canada in 2010 to avoid the criminal charges. He spent some time in Montana, before coming to North Dakota to find work in the oil patch. He said he lost his construction job last week after the story broke.

People have knocked on Mr. Cobb’s red door to offer to buy back his land and to preach the Gospel. The City Council is looking into potential ordinance or health code violations (his home has no septic tank or running water). There is a doomsday plan in place, Mr. Schock explained: If enough of Mr. Cobb’s friends move in to gain a majority that could vote out the current government, the Council would immediately dissolve the town.

Mr. Harper, Leith’s only black resident, said a lot of people approached him at his mother-in-law’s funeral on Monday to tell him they had his back.

“People told me to leave town for the weekend and they’d take care of everything,” he said.
But he and his wife, Sherrill — who found herself referred to as a “filthy race-mixing white woman” in one of Mr. Cobb’s online posts — said they were not going anywhere.

Mr. Cobb, meanwhile, seems to be soaking in the publicity and mocking it.

“Just want to let you know I’m not going to cause any trouble,” he said to Don Hauge, 61, who rolled up in a red Chevy pickup truck to where Mr. Cobb was sitting on a bench, peering through smudged rectangular glasses that slid down the bridge of his nose. Mr. Cobb is a lanky figure, dressed neatly in a button-down shirt tucked into slender black slacks he says he bought from someone who had stolen them, and rubber sandals.

In rapid-fire speech, Mr. Cobb cuts through a vast trove of facts and thoughts in his head, inevitably veering toward racial slurs. But he maintained a soft, calm tone, and was friendly when chatting with a black reporter who knocked on his door this week. He said he admired Louis Farrakhan because “he organizes people and they’re for themselves.”

But in that interview he also said that he hoped his plans in Leith would “excite” white people and “give them confidence because we’re being deracinated in our own country. We’ve been very, very tolerant about these major sociological changes.”

His beliefs began developing at an early age, he said — he read Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” when he was 11. To hear him tell it, he has had a colorful, nomadic life that has brought him face to face with James (Whitey) Bulger (the mob boss piloted the tugboat he rode to boarding school in Boston) and Barack Obama (he claims to have driven the future president in his taxi in Hawaii in the early 1980s).

It is difficult to tell whether Mr. Cobb wants or expects his vision for Leith to succeed.

Although he said that four fellow white nationalists have bought or acquired some of his plots, he said he did not know if or when they would be moving to the town, nor would he push the issue on them.

He gave the community’s run-down former meat locker and creamery to the National Socialist Movement. Jeff Schoep, the movement’s leader, said he was unsure how easy it would be for people, in a tough economy, to pack up and head to Leith. But he said he thought it was a fantastic idea to establish a community for white nationalists so they could have a safe place to land in a crisis — say, a civil war.

“I would like to see it prosper and move forward,” Mr. Schoep said. “People should move there and get the process going. It gives us a base of support for elections and things like that.”

But as Ms. Ketterling has been hearing from her bar patrons all week, residents would rather see the venture fail.

“They’re not happy,” she said. “We don’t like that kind of stuff.”


Well they just lost me.   I wanted to read the entire story before I decided whether this was a good thing or not.  NOT.

I'm not saying that establishing an all-White community is a bad idea.  But if the NSM is involved I'll take a pass, thank you.

I don't see anything wrong with an all-White community.  But I don't think it would serve the movement any purpose to establish such a community and then "pull up the drawbridge" and cut ourselves off from the rest of the country.  That smacks of retreat and surrender to me.  If we did that, we're just handing the rest of the country over to the enemy.  And if we did that, do you think they would respect our little White Utopia? Not on your life.  They would take that from us as well.  

No comrades, if we want our White society we must defeat ZOG and their Judeo-Capitalist masters FIRST.  Since we would still be a nation of many races THEN we can get into segregation.   Doing it the other way around simply will not work.  Look at the Montana Freemen.  Look at the original Aryan Nations.  They tried and failed.  This new effort (if it goes forth at all) will probably end in a similar manner. 

I will give them cedit for one thing.  They began very quietly and discreetly.  If they had done it openly with lots of publicity they would have been stopped cold.  Mr. Cobb is not an idiot.  

BTW, a town with 24 people?  I can't even begin to imagine living in a town that small!

Dan 88!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Obama’s race remarks exacerbate tensions

By Kathleen ParkerPublished: August 23

If I had a son, he would look like Christopher Lane, the 22-year-old Australian baseball player shot dead while jogging in Oklahoma.
If I had a father, he’d look like Delbert Belton, the 88-year-old World War II veteran beaten to death in Spokane, Wash.
And yes, if I had a son, he’d look like the white teenager who police say drove the getaway car in the Oklahoma killing.
These are all true statements if we identify ourselves and each other only by the color of our skin, which increasingly seems to be the case. Even our president has done so.
Barack Obama helped lead the way when he identified himself with the parents of Trayvon Martin, shot by George Zimmerman in the neighborhood-watch catastrophe with which all are familiar. Stepping out from his usual duties of drawing meaningless red lines in the Syrian sand, the president splashed red paint across the American landscape:
“If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”
In so saying, he essentially gave permission for all to identify themselves by race with the victim or the accused. How sad, as we approach the 50th anniversary of the march Martin Luther King Jr. led on Washington, that even the president resorts to judging not by the content of one’s character but by the color of his skin — the antithesis of the great dream King articulated.
Obama went even further after the Zimmerman verdict, expressing his identification not as leader of a racially diverse nation — or as the son of a white mother — but as a black man who remembers women clutching their purses tighter when he entered an elevator and being followed in department stores. All because he was black?
Even today, I am followed when I go to the second floor of a boutique in Georgetown. Apparently, store policy requires that an attendant be upstairs when a shopper is. The way department store clerks follow me around, you’d think my face was plastered on a “Wanted for Shoplifting” poster. This is especially so if I’m dressed like a slob.
In my 20s, I conducted an experiment when I had the opposite problem. No clerk would help me. It occurred to me that my ratty jeans and T-shirt might be the problem, so I went home, changed into a dress, and returned. You’d have thought I was a honey bun in a beehive. Just for fun, I bought a $38,000 purse. (That’s a joke.)
Was the clerk prejudiced? You bet. But like it or not, the way we present ourselves to the world affects the way we are treated. Thus it has always been. I’m betting that few women today clutch their purses tighter when a well-groomed man, black or white, enters the elevator. A punk wearing his britches around his rump and telegraphing attitude? Even Jesse Jackson — or Eminem — might feel a tingle of discomfort.
Nothing is fair about profiling, but one’s treatment by a stranger is not always necessarily linked to one’s racial or ethnic history. Sometimes it’s just . . . you.
The killings leading the news the past several days have been horrific in their apparent randomness. Were they racially motivated? Had the perps been white and the victims black, would Obama have identified with them? More to immediate concerns, did the president’s identification with Trayvon Martin nourish the killing passions of these youths?
Hard to say with any certainty, though one of those charged in the Oklahoma shooting apparently tweeted some messages this summer that unmistakenly convey racial animus toward whites. They might be dismissed as Twitter nonsense — but for the dead body.
We do know this much for certain: Had the races been reversed, the usual suspects would have had much to say. White teens beat up an elderly black veteran and leave him for dead? White teens shoot a talented black athlete visiting from another country?
I make these observations not to exacerbate a problem but in the hope that we can stop this craziness before things escalate. The conversation-about-race that pundits keep insisting we need to have should end where it began. Maybe in his remarks on the 50th anniversary of the greatest peaceful demonstration in history, Obama can remind Americans that if we had sons and fathers, they’d look like Christopher Lane and Delbert Belton as well as Trayvon Martin.
Victim in chief is no role for a president.
As the old saying goes, "If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck it's probably a duck."
Ms. Parker makes a very valid point.  Perhaps it's not so much skin colour that White people negatively react to, but the way many Blacks present themselves.  When a Black person walks around with his pants below his ass and his boxer shorts hiked up and clothing four sizes too big - in other words like a Hip Hop Gangsta - THAT's what many Whites - especially older people are reacting to.  If one dresses like a gangster and talks like a gangster he could very well be a gangster.  Even if he isn't - better safe than sorry.  Case in point:  Trayvon Martin.  He was wearing a gangsta hoodie on the night in question.   The neighbourhood watch saw someone dressed like a gangster and that's how they approached him.
I can verify from personal experience Ms. Parker's little experiment that she conducted when she was in her 20's.  When I was in my 20's I would go around dressed like a reject from "The Wild One." Boots, motorcycle jacket, the whole nine yards.  When I was trying to get into the student teaching program I was rejected twice.  I went to see the professor in charge of the program. While still dressing like an outlaw biker I asked her why I was being rejected even though I met all of the qualifications.  She told me it was because she didn't think I would be a good influence on children.  When I asked why, she said, "Take a look in the mirror."  If I were Black, the first thing that might have popped into my head would be that this White professor was a racist. But I knew straightaway that she was referring to how I dressed and how I presented my self:  Like a Hell's Angels wannabe. Race had nothing to do with it.
Long story short I transferred to another university and dressed and presented myself like a respectable human being and was admitted to the student teaching program the first time I applied at that school.
If a Black person feels he has been the victim of racism, I suggest that he take a good hard look at himself.  Not at his skin, but what covers his skin.  As someone who has lived over half a century I have found that 99 times out of 100 that you CAN judge a book by its cover. Clothes really do make the man - or the woman.
And while we're on the subject, let me also say that big Afros, corn rows, Rastafarian Dred Locks, and crew cuts with designs shaved into them aren't going to win Black folks any awards of confidence from Whites either - just as Whites wearing Mohawks or spikes won't win them any awards from those same people that judge Blacks negatively because of how they present themselves.
Remember you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.
Dan 88!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Comrades, as most of you know I write my daily posts the evening prior to publication.   As I write this it's still Tuesday.  Earlier today I went to see good old Mr. Dentist.  I left shy one tooth.  I'm sure you can understand after undergoing an extraction I'm in a bit of pain despite the medication he put me on.  I'm sure I'll be feeling better tomorrow and have another interesting post.  In the mean time, enjoy this little bit of satire on the NSA information gathering techniques.

Dan 88!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

California County Pays $2.6 Million To Family After Swat Team Raids Home, Starts Fire That Kills Innocent Man, and Blocks Fire Trucks Rushing To The Scene

August 26, 2013

Monterey County has agreed to pay a family $2.6 million after police conducted a military-like raid on the home of an innocent man and burned down the home with the man inside while blocking fire trucks rushing to the scene. Rogelio “Roger” Serrato, 31, died at the scene and left a family with four children without a father.

We have been following how police departments have used terrorism funds and grants to buy military equipment and expand SWAT team raidsfor even small alleged crimes. Even the Department of Education is ordering military like raids.
800px-Nash_BearcatIn this case, the Monterey County Sheriff’s SWAT team hit Serrato’s home on suspicion of being involved in a non-fatal shooting (he turned out to be entirely innocent). They drove an armored Lenco Bearcat on to his lawn and surrounded it with paramilitary officers. When he did not come out, they hit the house with a flash bang grenade that caught furniture and a Christmas tree on fire. An officer approached the burning home with a fire extinguisher but they spotted Serrato in his shorts in the living. Shouting “suspect,” he withdrew with the fire extinguisher. The officers retreated to the armored vehicle and kept their guns pointed at the house as Serrato was reportedly heard screaming. Officers watched the house burn as fire crews were blocked by their vehicles in getting to the scene.
Despite this record, County Counsel Charles McKee insisted that the officers acted as true heroes: “They put their lives at stake in trying to secure the property and they should be commended for trying to resolve a very tense situation.” They should be commended for starting a fire and then watching a man burn inside while blocking fire trucks? I am not saying that the officers wanted the house to burn or that they could have foreseen the fire. However, their actions after the fire seem less commendable as demonstrated by the large damage award. Yet, no officers were punished for these actions.
The county’s insurance carrier settled the lawsuit without admitting any wrongdoing.
First of all it doesn't matter that the victim was a Mestizo.  The point is that he was an American citizen and innocent of any wrong doing, yet a police paramilitary army attacked his home setting fire to it using a military style tank.  They used other military weapons on a working class family man and killed him - for nothing, and endangered his four children all of whom were under ten years old.  If this could happen to him, it could happen to ANY of us - even Aryans.
BTW this incident occurred last Christmas time but the settlement came earlier this month.  Was this the cops' way of saying "Merry Christmas" or something?
Comrades this country has  become even worse  than a police state.  It has  become a military   state. Enough is enough.  The system becomes more corrupt by the day.   If you want to preserve the freedoms our Folk have fought and died for, then we need people to do more than just be observers. It's  time to take action.  Help our organization grow.  Help us to run candidates for attainable offices. Help us to help you.  If you don't $upport the ANP, who will?  And if not now, when?  When it's too late? It almost is too late.  The end is closer than you'd like to think.
Dan 88! 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Use A Price Gun - Go To Jail

There's no way this wasn't done deliberately.  It was probably bored teenage employees looking for a laugh. I say this is why we must keep (price) guns away from kids!  At least we can start the week off with a laugh.
See if you can spot the product that's in pounds rather than dollars.

Dan 88!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

57 Million Americans Out of Work, Same Number Senate Amnesty Would Bring In

A new study by the Center for Immigration Studies shows that 57.5 million working-age Americans are either unemployed or out of the labor market. This figure is almost identical (57 million) to the number of people the Senate's "Gang of Eight" amnesty legislation would bring in. Steve Camarota, the author of the study, said:
The number of working-age (16 to 65) native-born Americans who are not working — unemployed or out of the labor market — stood at 57.5 million in the second quarter of 2013, a figure that has barely budged in the last three years. Partly on the grounds that there are not enough workers in the United States, the Gang of Eight Immigration bill (S.744) that recently passed the Senate would double future legal immigration. Yet the more than 57 million working-age natives not working is 17 million larger than in the second quarter of 2000. The large increases in future legal immigration in S.744 seem out touch with the realities of the U.S. labor market."
Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Al.), the ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, said the bill would bring in about 57 million new workers to compete with those out-of-work Americans for jobs. Sen. Sessions said he believes "this is a matter of humanitarian interest." Sessions also said that with:
47 million on food stamps, shouldn’t we be working to make sure every single American citizen now dependent on social services of the government be provided with the first opportunity to achieve a good job with a decent pay with a retirement plan and a healthcare plan? That’s got to be our goal.

Humanitarian interest?  That's sort of another way of saying charity.  He's saying we have to be charitable towards the illegals.  Senator, charity begins at home.  When every American in need of a job has one, and when all the needs of our citizens are met, THEN, and ONLY then can we afford to be charitable.

Americans may have to compete with other Americans for work, but they should NEVER have to compete with outsiders. 

Not only must we NOT give these illegals a path to citizenship, they should be deported as soon as possible.  Then the borders should be secured completely, and finally we need a ten year moratorium on all immigration, and then we must end "Birthright Citizenship" so that the children of any illegals who may be left and the children of foreign "tourists" don't get to be citizens just because they were born here.

Birthright Citizenship was intended only for the children of people who are native-born, naturalized, or who hold valid green cards.  It was certainly not intended for illegals and "visitors."

This is not only the best way, it's the National Socialist way.

Dan 88!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

ANP Talkshoe

Last Thursday was our first show on that day of the week.  I haven't received the numbers yet so I don't know if we had a good audience or not.  Oft times the day of the week can mean the difference between good or bad numbers.

The topic of the day was education in America.

The government claims that we have the best education system in the world.  In reality it's more like 26th best.  The number one spot is actually held by Finland (a White country).

At one time America had the best education system in the world, but those days are past.  What with ultra-liberal teaching methods, and the mass invasion of non-English speaking students we have slipped in a serious way.

For one thing, from the moment our kids first enter kindergarten they are pushed towards college.  It doesn't seem to matter to the school system that not everyone is suited for college or can afford it.  And those who won't be going to college (something like 70 percent) receive nothing.  Vocational programs are getting the axe as the economy worsens.

Plus there is no discipline anymore.  Literally the kids are running the schools.  Whenever they don't like something they get their parents to sue and bingo, whatever it was they didn't like is changed.  To make matters worse the parents aren't even suing for the actual change.  They see a chance to make a fast buck and they grab at it.

Things are quite different from when I was a student.  

In my day, if we couldn't do the work we failed and had to repeat.  Today, thanks to Bush's "No Child Left Behind" policy, if the kids aren't making the grade, they lower the standards so they can.  

Also, there is no hair code and a limited dress code.  The only time a school can tell a kid his clothing isn't allowed is if said clothing is too sexual, or advocates drugs, alcohol, or violence, or is gang-related.  Other than that they can't tell a kid how to dress or wear his hair because it's a violation of his rights of Freedom Of Expression.  

Lockers are disappearing from schools across the country.  Why?  Because of spot locker checks.  Some liberal court decided that spot locker checks were a violation of children's right to privacy.  They have to be given 24 hours notice before a spot locker check.  The problem with that is it gives the kid plenty of time to remove any contraband he might have in there.

Their rights.  What a load.  In my day our rights were what our parents and teachers told us they were and if we didn't like it we could lump it.

As teachers and parents we have the right to know exactly what our kids are doing at all times.  If we are supposed to be responsible for them then we need to know what they are up to.

Also, with the massive influx of immigrants, our schools are being burdened with kids who either don't read, write, or speak English, or speak it, but don't read or write it.  As a former high school English teacher it was not my job to teach kids to read.  I wasn't even given the materials necessary for teaching reading.  Besides, what was I supposed to be doing with the readers while I was teaching the non-readers?  Just having the readers sit there and read all during class wouldn't have taught them enough.  Besides, I don't think I was out of line when I expected ninth graders to already know how to read.

In fairness I will say there has been a few positive things.  One is zero tolerance on drugs and weapons. Possess drugs or weapons in school, get expelled.  However occasionally kids are expelled for possessing metal nail files or because they put a screwdriver in their pocket while they were at home and forgot it was there.  I do that occasionally today.  Expelling kids for something like that is overkill.

Another thing I like is that here in San Bernardino County if a kid gets caught fighting on campus, the parents of the kid that threw the first punch is fined $200.  If it costs the parents money you can be sure they will punish the kid.

What we need to do is what National Socialist Germany did - and what today's Germany still does.  All children there attend the same elementary and middle schools.  However, once they get to high school a decision must be made.  Will they go on to college, or get vocational training?  If students are suited for college they will go to Gymnasium.  If they are more suited for a vocation they will attend Realschule.  After graduation from a RealSchulen they will get an apprenticeship where they can earn while they learn.  Other countries that use this system are Austria, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Japan, China, and many others.

What the United States does is prepare ALL students for a college education that some are not suited for or could never afford.  Those who are not headed for college get NOTHING.  After graduation (if they make it that far) they are dumped on the streets with no training and no job skills.  They are suited only for the most menial and low paying jobs.

The real problem is the kids who don't graduate are not failing, the system is failing them.

Dan 88!

Friday, August 23, 2013

How To Protect Your Blogs

As some of you may know, this past week we have had three of our blogs deleted by for being "hateful".  For those of you who have blogs with Blogger there is a way you can protect them by downloading it onto your computer.  Then if your blog is deleted, you can start a new blog and upload all the posts and comments from the old one onto the new one and be back in business in a day or less.

First, go to your list of posts.  Then on the left side go all the way to
the bottom and click on settings.  Under settings it should list basic,
posts and comments, language and formatting, search preferences, and
other.  Click on other.

At the top of the page it should say the name of your blog, and underneath
it should say "Blog Tools", and under that it should say "blog tools"
again in smaller letters.  To the right it should say in blue letters
Import blog - Export blog - Delete blog.  Click on "Export Blog".

A box should appear that says Other  ›  Export blog

Export your blog into the Blogger Atom export format. You can do this to
move your blog to another blogging service or simply to store your blog on
your own hard drive. Learn more
Don't worry, your blog will still remain on Blogger until you delete it.

Under the text there should be two buttons.  One says close, the other
says "Download".  Click download.  This will take several minutes
depending on the size of your blog.  You should find it in the download
folder in Windows 8, 7, and XP.  Not sure about older Windows OS's or

When you start a new blog and you want to upload your old blog follow the
previous directions, except when you come to Import - Export - Delete Blog
click on Import.  A box with the following should appear:  Other  ›
Import blog

Import posts and comments from a Blogger export file. Imported posts will
be merged with any current posts, sorted by date. Learn more
Select an exported blog file (.xml)

Please prove you're not a robot
reCAPTCHA challenge image
Type the two words:
Get a new challenge  Get an audio challenge  Help
Automatically publish all imported posts

You will also see two buttons:  Import Blog and close.  Click Import.
This may also take some time depending on the size of your saved blog.

This process will only import your posts and comments.  Other pages you
may have in your blog should also be saved.  You will still have to put in
your header again, a template, and all the stuff in your sidebar.

You should do this once a month so that if your blog is deleted again you
won't lose all of your hard work.  Each time you download your updated
blog, you can delete last month's download.  After all you don't need to
save every single download and take up space in your folder and
unnecessarily waste your computer's memory.

If you have any further questions or are confused about anything feel free
to email me.  Don't worry you won't be bothering me.  We're all comrades
and here for each other.

These liberal turds need to realize that no matter what we do WE'RE NOT

However, always try and be as professional as possible.  No racial slurs,
and never sound like you're trying to incite violence.  I know it's a
violation of our freedom of speech but technically they can delete us.
When we start a blog we agree to these conditions so they have us over a

It's not so much what you say, but how you say it.

Dan 88!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Most Serious Threat to Freedom And Democracy in The U.S.

Ray Pensador
SAT AUG 10, 2013 

I stopped watching all broadcast TV news (CBS, NBC, ABC), as well as cable TV news channels like CNN, and MSNBC, except in very rare occasions... Long ago I realized how extremely toxic and manipulative to the mind being exposed to programming by these media outfits is.  
And as I detoxed my mind from exposure to that type of blatant corporate propaganda, I am now realizing that NPR programming, although of much higher quality, in the final analysis, it has similar effects if one is exposed to it throughout the day.
Here's what I've been able to notice (on my own, just by simple observation) when it comes to the effects of being exposed to the American mass media: There is a very serious and marked disconnect between the messaging and narrative being broadcast, and reality.
The programming's subliminal message is: "Everything is fine; people are working, and happy, and going on vacation, saving money to send their kids to college, or buy a house, going to baseball, and hockey, and football games, or to a concert." And of course, there is the messaging related to fear (crime, terrorism, etc.).
There is other type of narratives and messaging, but it all seems carefully calibrated to manipulate and to control, for the benefit of the ruling class.
Again, these are things I became aware of just by observing as a regular person, without having been exposed to formal analysis or studies about the corporate propaganda phenomena.
Before I continue, and after thinking about this issue for very long time, I've determined that the propaganda is designed to keep citizens from becoming aware of the true nature of the system, and most importantly, to prevent those who do become aware of it from finding each other and forming coalitions against it.
That is why the Police State brutally suppressed the Occupy Wall Street movement, and that is why you see the increasingly draconian and repressive response to the sing-along protests in Wisconsin, to Moral Mondays in North Carolina, and to the fast-spreading resurgent protest movements around the country.
And so it looks like the biggest threat to the Corporate State is awakened people meeting face-to-face in the public square.  Because once that happens they quickly realize that they're no crazy; that there are other people who have come to the same conclusions and understanding about the system.
And once that happens, the mind control ceases (or diminishes greatly), and this could pose a threat to the ruling class because that type of awakening can spread like wildfire, given the right conditions.
Again, my conclusion is that once people realize the true nature of the system, and its propaganda machine, that they should find a way to connect with a common purpose (social justice activism) and meet in the public square, face-to-face, in order to build coalitions, and solidarity against the ruling elite.
At this point, "stopping the machine" from continue to operate in the way it has, should be the first priority, IMHO.
Many times I've written that only when a resistance movement becomes capable of organizing into a cohesive force able to act in concert against the system, that's when we'll be on our way to being able to gain enough strength to Challenge and defeat the Corporate State, in favor of Democracy, justice, equality, and the rule of law.
From theory to practice, I see no better example than the ongoing and relentless sing-along protests in Wisconsin, and Moral Mondays in North Carolina... We need to do this nationwide, always changing tactics as necessary.
Nothing else is going to stop the increasingly corrupt, brutal, oppressive and fascistic ruling class from continuing to oppress the population.
I don't know who the author is, but he sure sounds like he could be one of us.  And that's the point I want to make.  This person is probably just a regular Joe, and that's the kind of person we need in the ANP.  We don't need extremists and fringe elements.  We need REGULAR people who share our ideas and beliefs.
The ANP seeks quality rather than quantity.  If this sounds like you and you are not already an Official Supporter, this is the right organization.  Most of us are just regular folks.  We have families, jobs (or are trying to find a job), and we care about our Folk and our country.
If you want to dress up in WW II outfits and play Nazi then this is not the placed for you.  But if you are serious about National Socialism, then you're in the right place.  $upport the ANP in any way you can.  If you don't, then you will get the America you deserve.  What are you waiting for?
REMINDER:  ANP Talkshoe Radio today, Thursday August 22, 5:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time.
Dan 88!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

More Censorship

Comrades, today deleted the ANP's White Women Of Virtue Blog because they found it "hateful".  Censorship, plain and simple.  I understand that SOME people may be offended by our blogs, but I would like to ask them in what world do they come from can you have freedom of speech without SOME people being offended SOME of the time?  There is no such world.  The only way you can insure that no one is offended is by strict regulation of speech.  There is no such thing as "Freedom Of Politically Correct Speech".  There is either Freedom Of Speech, or no Freedom Of Speech.  There can be no compromise.  If I say something offensive and I am censored for it, then my Freedom Of Speech has been denied.  No if's, and's, or buts about it.  Sure Blogger had a LEGAL right to do what they did, but not a MORAL right.

Comrade Gina who runs White Women Of Virtue has already started a new blog.  Her first post was extremely moving and right on the money.  I suggest you go and read it.  The new URL is:  

I've also changed the old link for the new in the list of White Friendly sites in the sidebar.  Wonderful post Comrade Gina.  Your husband should be proud of you.  We all are.

BTW, if Blogger ever deletes this blog, I will restart it within 24 hours.  You will be able to find the new URL on any of our other state blogs.  It may take the main site a few days to put up the new link but they will.

If you think Liberals believe in Freedom Of Speech try disagreeing with them and see what happens. - Author Unknown.

Dan 88!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Next Stop...The Twilight Zone!

Have a history teacher explain this if they can. 

Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846. John F.Kennedy 
was elected to Congress in 1946. 

Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860. John F. Kennedy was 
elected President in 1960. 

Both were particularly concerned with civil rights. 

Both wives lost a child while living in the White House. 

Both Presidents were shot on a Friday. 

Both Presidents were shot in the head. 

Now it gets really weird. 

Lincoln's secretary was named Kennedy. Kennedy's Secretary 
was named Lincoln. 

Both were assassinated by Southerners. 

Both were succeeded by Southerners named Johnson.  Andrew Johnson,                                                                                 who succeeded Lincoln, was born in 1808. Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded 
Kennedy,   was born in 1908. 

John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated Lincoln, was born in 1839. Lee 
Harvey Oswald, who assassinated Kennedy, was born in 1939. 

Both assassins were known by their three names.  

Both names are composed of fifteen letters. 

Now hang on to your seat.  

Lincoln was shot at the theater named "Ford." Kennedy was shot in a                                                                                           car called  "Lincoln" made by "Ford." 

Booth and Oswald were assassinated before
their trials.   (Booth was gunned down while unarmed with his hands in 
the air by U.S. Army soldiers and Oswald was killed by nightclub owner 
Jack Rudy - who knew BTW that he was dying of cancer and had six 
months to live)

And here's the "kicker": A week before Lincoln was shot, he was 
in Monroe, Maryland. A week before Kennedy was shot, he was with Marilyn 
Monroe. AND...................: Lincoln was shot in a theater and the assassin ran 
to a warehouse... Kennedy was shot from a warehouse and the assassin 
ran to a theater.  Pretty spooky stuff.

I would like to thank Comrades Rick and Gina for sending this to me.

Dan 88!