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Happy Easter!

Dan 88!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

White Pride Month

Comrades, April 1 is only two days away.  That means it's time to start thinking about your monthly pledge.  Second, it's what the ANP has designated "White Pride Month".  Third, the Fuhrer's birthday is on April 20.

For anyone who hasn't read it, below is a portion of Chairman Suhayda's latest ANP Report.

Let's all get involved.

Comrades, each year in the month of April - which is the month of Adolf Hitler's birth-date ( April 20th ) - the ANP has declared April to be WHITE PRIDE MONTH. 

To honor Adolf Hitler, the Party makes an EXTRA SPECIAL EFFORT - and launches the annual SPRING BLITZ OUTREACH LITERATURE campaign, - where National Socialists make a special effort to distribute as much National Socialist propaganda to the WHITE MASSES as possible. 

Can I count upon YOU to TAKE PART? 

For "IDEAS" - I suggest that you review the "OUTREACH" website - in the "links" section of our main Party website. There is plenty of "suggestions" there to review and consider. 

For Outreach materials - the ANP offers ANP 100 Message Cards, or 50 ANP "Bumper Stickers" for a $5 donation - please review the "merchandise" section. Or, please review the "support" section for FREE DOWNLOADS - that you can re-print yourself. 

All I request is that you do NOT waste your propaganda "agitating" non-Aryans - try to distribute your materials in "mostly White" areas, as difficult as it may be now-a-days. 

After the "Rockwell Day" blitz this March, we received a surge in inquiries - if we do an even MORE EXTENSIVE effort in April - even better results can be expected. Some so-called admirers of Adolf Hitler think that its "enough" to bake a cake, wear a t-shirt, or raise a glass to the Fuhrer in remembrance. Others, "pause for 88 seconds in silence" thinking "great thoughts". Remember what Adolf Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf - " IT IS NOT ENOUGH FOR A NATIONAL SOCIALIST TO STATE 'I BELIEVE' , A TRUE NATIONAL SOCIALIST MUST DECLARE - 'I FIGHT!' " 

Comrades, let's FIGHT! 

For White Worker Power! 88!

Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman

Do you think the Fuhrer would rather have you have a drink in his honour (remember he didn't drink), or go out and FIGHT?  He fought.  One time he went to prison for it.  Many also aren't aware that during that Putsch, he was shot and wounded.  We're not asking anyone to go to prison or take a bullet.  We're just asking you to order some literature and give it out.  It isn't much to ask, but it could have a big effect.  You can have that drink AFTERWARDS.

Dan 88!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Jews In The Media, Part II

Are The Koch Brothers Trying To

Buy The LA Times?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Our Massively One-Sided Immigration Debate

Senior Editor,

A fence separates the cities of Nogales, Arizona (L) and Nogales, Sonora Mexico.

With Congress once again slouching toward immigration reform, it makes sense to look for who is lobbying lawmakers to shape the coming legislation.
As it turns out, while Americans remain divided on immigration, the lobbyists are not.
The Sunlight Foundation, a do-gooder government transparency and accountability outfit formed in 2006, on Monday released "Untangling the Webs of immigration Lobbying," a report examining the organizations that have led the charge for changing the rules on immigration to the United States.
Sunlight dug through 8,000 lobbying reports filed since the last big push for immigration reform in 2007. Six-thousand seven-hundred and twelve of those involved immigration lobbying. More than $1.5 billion was spent on this immense lobbying push.
The report lists which business sectors were the most active lobbyists. The chart here lists the sector, the total of immigration related bills lobbied upon, and the top two issues. Click here for more explanation of the chart from Sunlight.  [The chart appears to be cut off on the right.  It is, but no information was lost.  It's just the chart's border. - Dan.]
Notice anything odd about that list? All but one of these interest groups are supporters of looser immigration rules in one way or another. This is quite obvious for some of them. You know that the computer software sector isn't lobbying for fewer high-tech workers, just like the agricultural sector isn't lobbying for fewer farm laborers.
So although the meat processing & products sector is listed as primarily being concerned with E-verify—an internet based free program that detects whether a new hire is authorized for employment—and border enforcement, that doesn't mean that Tyson Foods—the biggest donor in this category—is asking the government to crack down on the border. It means Tyson supports "comprehensive immigration reform" that would open the borders to more workers for Tyson's plants and legalize workers already here.
Some are less obvious. Take the Chamber of Commerce, for example. The biggest issues for the Chamber are listed as "general employer responsibility" and "E-verify." But the Chamber is actually strongly in favor of an immigration policy that permits more high skill and more low skill immigration.
How about the "Data Processing & Computer Sector" sector? Its primary immigration related lobbying efforts are around the subjects of "homeland security" and "border funding." No doubt some of this is pure profit motive: these companies want to make sure that the government spends plenty on technology related to immigration. But that doesn't mean they want to actually shrink the number of immigrants. In fact, the biggest donor in this category is EMC Corp. Here's the EMC executive vice president for Human Relations opining on the need for more high-skilled immigrants.
The only group not favoring increasing immigration in one category or another—or all of them—is probably the building trade unions. Even the builders, however, are not actually restrictionists in the sense of wanting to shrink the number of immigrants. They are mostly lobbying to oppose reforms designed to loosen the requirements for H2B visas, which they fear will hurt their members wages. 
This is very revealing. Despite all the press that immigration restriction and border enforcement efforts garner, when it comes to lobbying, those saying we need to pare back immigration are getting completely clobbered. They don't even rank in the top twenty.
Yet when Americans are asked about raising or lowering the number of immigrants coming into the country, only a small portion favor higher immigration levels and a very sizable plurality favor lower levels. A 2006 study by the Pew Hispanic Center, for example, found that 40 percent of those surveyed said legal immigration should be reduced and just 17 percent favored an increase. (Apparently Pew stopped asking that particular question after 2006.)
This chart from Pew shows that as recently as 2012, 69 percent of those surveyed agree that "we should restrict and control people coming to live in our country more than we do now."
Americans are divided over immigration. The lobbyists in Washington? Not so much.


I hope no one is surprised at any of this.  I am glad to see that the author of the article points out that most of the people who are against looser immigration laws are fearful for their jobs and wages, not to keep out those "damn Spics."  

In this case, race has little to do with it.  If the immigration laws are loosened, wages will plummet even more than they already have.  The average Mexican worker in Mexico earns from $15 to $20 a day.  To them, our minimum wage must seem like a fortune.

Under the current Judeo-Capitalist system, this situation will only worsen.  Our wonderful leaders are and always have been in the back pockets of Wall Street who want as much cheap labour as they can get.  Also, they are continuing to kiss Mestizo ass whenever they can.  Obama and his cronies are trying to come off as friends of immigrants in general, and Mestizos in particular - and all to get their vote.  As we all know the Latinos will be the majority in a few years and it only makes sense from the politicians point of view to curry favour with them.

I don't want to sound like a doomsayer, but time is running out.  If we don't do whatever we can to encourage the people towards National Socialism then it's all over for White America.

Dan 88!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

They're Here!

After being held up for nearly two weeks in a post office distribution center in Bell, Ca. (scene of the recent city council scandals), my new batch of videos are finally here.  These are some really good ones.  Among the new titles are:

George Orwell's "Animal Farm", a great anti-Communist allegory.  

The Order - A documentary about the WN group that conspired to overthrow the United States.

The Life of Adolf Hitler - Post WW II German made documentary.  English narration.

The Rothschilds - NS German made feature film about the infamous banking family.  English subtitles.

Scipio Africanus - Italian Fascist film.

A Video Tribute to Commander George Lincoln Rockwell with actual footage of this great man.

Dozens of other titles.  It will take me a few days to get them up so please be patient.  Cost is $7 per title including postage.

Dan 88!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

NOT A Poster Boy For National Socialism

Police cite "strong lead" from Texas in Colorado slayings probe

By Keith Coffman | Reuters – Sat, Mar 23, 2013
Evan Spencer Ebel is shown in this undated Colorado Department of Corrections booking photo. Ebel is reported as a suspect in connection to the slaying of Tom Clements, the head of Colorado's prison system on March 26. REUTERS/Colorado Department of Corrections/Handout
Reuters/Reuters - Evan Spencer Ebel is shown in this undated Colorado Department of Corrections booking photo. Ebel is reported as a suspect in connection to the slaying of Tom Clements, the head of Colorado's prison system on March 26.

DENVER (Reuters) - Evidence collected from a roadside gun battle between a white supremacist ex-convict and Texas police has provided "a very strong lead" for investigators looking into the shooting death of Colorado's prisons chief, a police spokesman said on Saturday.
Evan Spencer Ebel, a 28-year-old parolee from Denver, was killed by police on Thursday after a high-speed chase through Decatur, Texas.
He is now considered a suspect in the death of Tom Clements, executive director of the Colorado Department of Corrections, saidLieutenant Jeff Kramer, a spokesman for the El Paso County, Colorado, sheriff's Office.
Clements, 58, was shot dead on Tuesday when he answered the door at his home near the community of Monument, in El Paso County, about 45 miles south of Denver.
Ebel is also a suspect in the killing two days earlier of pizza delivery man Nathan Leon in Denver, police there said.
Shell casings found at Clements' home were the same brand and caliber of the Hornady 9-mm bullets Ebel fired at Texas police, according to the search warrant filed in Texas for police to search Ebel's Cadillac.
A copy of the search warrant was posted online by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram newspaper.
A Domino's pizza deliverer's shirt or jacket and a Domino's pizza carrier were in the car's trunk, according to the search warrant.
"Obviously this is a very strong lead for us from the items of evidence our investigators brought back from Texas, including the shell casings," Kramer said on Saturday.
"We're looking very hard at Mr. Ebel and are waiting for solid confirmation that it's the same gun" used in the Clements shooting, he said.
A statement from the sheriff's office late on Friday said that bullet casings collected at the scene in Texas would be sent to the state crime lab to determine if the same weapon was used to kill Clements.
Results from the ballistics analysis should be ready by early next week, Kramer said.
Ebel was a member of a white supremacist prison gang, the 211 Crew, and had been paroled in the Denver area, a law enforcement official said.
Authorities were also looking for ties between the death of Clements and the January killing of Mark Hasse, a prosecutor in the Kaufman County District Attorney's Office. Kaufman County is east of Dallas.
(Reporting by Keith Coffman; writing by Colleen Jenkins; editing by Gunna Dickson and Jackie Frank)
If anyone thinks this piece of sh*t is an asset to the cause then you need to have your head examined.  The 211 Crew has no interest in real National Socialism.  They are a prison gang.   Groups like these are only interested in making money selling dope and spreading their hate.  If anything, creeps like this set our movement back.  John Q. Public looks at guys like this and thinks that we're all like that.
I won't mention any names, but I've seen another WN site call this "person" a hero to the White Nationalist cause.  Ebel is no hero.  He's a psychopathic killer and the sooner he is put away or preferably executed the better off we'll all be.
Comrades, the best National Socialists are regular people who work honestly and sincerely for the Cause. A killer is not a hero.  The real heroes in the movement are the ones out there every day (or at least frequently) handing out literature, writing blogs or articles, raising money for the cause, and generally serving without honours and kudos.  They do what they believe in and expect no pat on the back.  This is how it should be.  If you're looking for some "atta boys!" perhaps you should rethink why you are here.
Thanks again to Dr. Hauptmann.
Dan 88!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Report On Jews In The Media, Part One

Comrades, so many people call our claims of Jewish dominance in the media anti-Semitic BS.  I thought I would show that it isn't.  Every now and again I'm going to report on a major media outlet and we'll see if it's BS or not.  

Two things first.  One, bear in mind Jews make up only 3% of the population.  Second, technically if you disagree with a Jew on any subject - even about which is the best football team, that's anti-Semitism.  Jews are Semites, and disagreeing with one is being against a Semite which is technically anti-Semitism.

Let's start with the best known paper in the Unites States - the New York Times (although I won't limit myself to newspapers in the future).

NY Times Board of Directors

Mark Thompson, CEO - Married to a Jew

Raul S. Cesan - Mestizo

Carolyn D. Greenspon - Jew

James A. Kohlberg - Jew

Ellen R. Marram - Jew

Thomas Middlehoff - Jew

Robert Denham - Aryan

Steven B. Green - Jew

Joitchi Ito - Japanese National

David E. Liddle - Jew

Brian P. McAndrews - Aryan

Arthur O. Sulzberger, Jr. - Jew

Doreen Tobin - Aryan (?)

So what have we got here?  We have 12 board members plus the CEO.  Seven, possibly eight are Jewish.  Two Aryans, one Aryan who's married to a Jew, one Mestizo, and one Japanese.

No, the Jews don't dominate the media [insert sarcastic grunt].  It's just a coincidence that a people who make up only three percent of the population make up 60 percent of the NYT board of directors.  Even more if you count Thompson as a Jew even if he isn't because he's married to one.

All of these board members have biographies on the NYT Company website and in Wikipedia. 

This information isn't difficult to find out about if one is willing to do a little research.

Dan 88!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Some things you didn't hear about the Brookings poll purporting public support for amnesty

The report is attractive, thick and has a lot of impressive-sounding academic language, including some helpful findings. 
But the news out of the latest Brookings Institute poll claiming majority support for amnesty does not give an accurate picture of what already was not a very credible poll.
The big headlines throughout the news media are that the rather large polling effort found that two-thirds of Americans support U.S. citizenship for everybody who broke immigration laws to live and work here.
But let's look at the options provided by the pollsters when the voters revealed what looks like majority support for amnesty.
Voters were asked to choose the "best way to solve the country's illegal immigration problem." And their two choices were:
. . . secure our borders and arrest and deport all those who are here illegally. "
. . . both secure our borders and provide an earned path to citizenship for illegal immigrants already in the U.S."
Given that choice, 68% of respondents chose the second option of citizenship.
Keep in mind that the people answering the questions don't have anything at stake such as feeling that their choice on the survey will cause anything to happen.  They are simply asked to pick one of the two, and do it quickly if they want to get away from the pollster and back to their lives. 
Since most Americans think of themselves as nice people and certainly don't want anybody to think they are hard-hearted, it is not surprising that only 29% told the pollsters they want mass deportations (although that is 6 percentage points lower than in 2011).  
Is mass deportation a policy option even on the table in Washington?
How many of the 535 Members of Congress have been pushing for deporting ALL illegal aliens?
I'm pretty sure the answer is ZERO.
How many candidates for President in the Primaries  last year called for mass deportations?
ZERO.  In fact, they went out of their way to say they were opposed to mass deporations while also making it clear they were opposed to citizenship.
In order to beef up the percentage of people in the poll supporting the option of citizenship amnesty, Brookings offered a policy alternative to amnesty that doesn't even exist in Washington and probably hasn't since Eisenhower and FDR.
And to be sure to drive up the number supporting amnesty even higher, notice the decision of Brookings pollsters to add "arrest" to the deportation option.  The option was not just about deporting "all" but also arresting them, conjuring up images of breaking down bedroom doors in the middle of the night and grabbing them off their children's soccer fields. 
Brookings isn't unique in this deception.  Nearly all news media polls the last few years have been rigged with the same false choice after the pro-amnesty groups found ways to ask questions to get the answers they wanted.  About all we learn from these kinds of questions, though, is that Americans have a distaste for mass round-ups and mass deportations.
The 62-page report makes it difficult to find actual questions and offers no indication if we are seeing all the questions or just some.
But on Page 53, it does show that pollsters asked a separate question just about deportation.  Voters were asked if they agreed or disagreed that:
We should make a serious effort to deport all illegal immigrants back to their home countries."
The wording differed from the other question in that it didn't mention "arrest" and it didn't say this is the "best way" to handle illegal immigration.
For whatever reason, 19% said they "completely agree" with mass deportation, and 24% said they "mostly agree."  That makes 43% supporting mass deportation in this question.  I doubt you saw that in any of the media stories about the poll.
Here's something rather interesting.  I would have answered that question with a "mostly disagree."  I don't think it is a good idea for any number of reasons to engage in mass deportations.  But this poll found that 43% of American voters are quite a bit more hardline than the President of NumbersUSA is on the deportation issue. 
I'm not quite sure what to make of the finding on this question except that it shows how much difference it makes how a question is asked and paired and where it is in the overall survey. 
From the mass media lately, you would think that passing an amnesty is the top priority in Washington right now.  Washington certainly isn't fixated on putting unemployed Americans back to work in the fifth year of very high joblessness.
But the Brookings poll found that 65% of Americans say "highest priority" for Pres. Obama and Congress should be "improving the job situation."  How do you do that with a comprehensive bill that greatly increases legal immigration of workers and throws 7 million illegal workers into the legal worker pool?
Apparently, people were allowed to choose more than one "highest priority" because"reducing the budget deficit" came in second with 56%. 
Once amnesty legislation is actually introduced, we will begin to find out just how many trillions of extra spending will be needed to provide entitlements and public benefits to the amnestied foreign workers.  But if our political leaders can't find a way to reduce the budget deficit now, how will they do it with all those extra expenses from the amnesty?
"Reforming the nation's immigration system" was chosen by 24% as one of their "highest" priorities.  But it is difficult to know what people meant when they chose that.  I would say that reforming our immigraton policies is my No. 1 priority!  But how I would reform it is quite different from the way that Chuck Schumer wants to reform it.  At the least, we can know that the percentage of people who want to reform immigration as one of the "highest" priorities and mean that they want an amnesty is significantly less than 24%, once you pull out people who want to reform it in the opposite way.
All past polling I've seen that gives people real options phrased in neutral language have found that the majority of Americans do not support an amnesty.  And even fewer support an amnesty once they are led to see the effect on unemployed Americans and on budget deficits and the debt.
In February, the Center for Immigration Studies asked its poll question this way:  "Would you prefer to see illegal immigrants in the United States go back to their home countries or be given legal status?”  52% said go back home.  33% said give legal status. 
I think the CIS question was much more neutral than the Brookings one.  But at the least, any honest observer seeing the widely diverging results of the two poll questions (and I do not doubt the general credibility of the actual methodology of either) has to conclude that Americans' opinions on immigration are likely quite complicated, probably somewhat poorly informed and subject to change depending on the context in which they hear the issue discussed.
Any claim that two-thirds or the majority of Americans want Congress to pass the Gang of Eight amnesty or something like it has to be seen as bogus.
ROY BECK is Founder & President of NumbersUSA

NumbersUSA's blogs are copyrighted and may be republished or reposted only if they are copied in their entirety, including this paragraph, and provide proper credit to NumbersUSA. NumbersUSA bears no responsibility for where our blogs may be republished or reposted.
Is anyone surprised?  The liberals and the government have always been fast and loose with the truth in order to advance their agenda.
Also I agree with what Mr. Beck said about Americans wanting to come off as being "nice guys".  They want illegals deported, but they still want to be "nice" about it.  The fact is when protecting our country and our Folk we can't always be soft-hearted.  I'm not saying we have to be cruel and heartless, but we can't always be nice guys.  Do parents enjoy punishing  their kids when they misbehave?  Of course not.  They have to discipline them if those kids are to grow up properly.  It's no fun, but it has to be done.  It's the same with the illegals.
It's no fun having to deport them but it has to be done.  We can't be nice about it.  Nice people tend to be taken advantage of and that's what's happened to many Americans.  They have been too nice and too generous and they are paying the price for their over-generosity.  We used to be strong, but we have become weak.
There is nothing evil in being strong.  The most secure countries are those that balance compassion with strength.
Dan 88!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

So Jews Don't Control Education? Bullshit!

Barbs of racism, anti-Semitism in NY school clash

By JIM FITZGERALD | Associated Press – Thu, Mar 21, 2013

From left, East Ramapo School Board President Daniel Schwartz and board members Yehuda Weissmandl and Eliyahu Solomon attend a board meeting on Tuesday, March 19, 2013, in Spring Valley, N.Y. Allegations of racism and anti-Semitism are afflicting the district, where the board is dominated by ultra-Orthodox Jews and the public school children are mostly black and Hispanic. (AP Photo/Jim Fitzgerald)
Associated Press/Jim Fitzgerald - From left, East Ramapo School Board President Daniel Schwartz and board members Yehuda Weissmandl and Eliyahu Solomon attend a board meeting on Tuesday, March 19, 2013

SPRING VALLEY, N.Y. (AP) — School board meetings descend into shouting matches. Accusations of racism and anti-Semitism fly. Angry parents turn their backs on board members in a symbolic stand of disrespect.
Tension in a suburban New York school district is rooted in an unusual dynamic: The families who send their children to public schools are mostly Hispanic and African-American. The school board is almost entirely made up of ultra-Orthodox Jews who send their children to private schools and are bent on keeping taxes low.
"It's as if the board of directors of Coke only owned stock in Pepsi," said Steven White, an activist for the public schools.
Public-school parents accuse the board of the 9,000-student East Ramapo Central School District of cutting teachers, guidance counselors, art programs, all-day kindergarten and the high school marching band, while diverting public resources to favored Orthodox institutions.
Peggy Hatton, who co-hosts a radio program that features school issues, said, "It's just becoming impossible for our students to apply to colleges when the advanced placement classes are cut, the extracurriculars are cut."
How a public school district that's 57 percent black, including Haitian, and 29 percent Hispanic, came to be governed by ultra-Orthodox Jews is a case study in changing demographics and the power of democracy.
The district, 25 miles north of New York City in Rockland County, has been settled rapidly in recent years by Jews from the Hasidic and other sects who came from their traditional strongholds of Brooklyn. They quickly built their own schools, or yeshivas, raised large families and became a powerful voting bloc. Though not a majority of the population, they have organized to defeat school budgets that increase taxes and to elect members of their own communities to the board.
At the same time, public-school supporters are less organized; many are believed to be non-citizens who don't vote. And the area's older residents have also tended to vote against school budget increases.
At least seven of the nine board members are ultra-Orthodox Jewish men. A man and a woman who represented the public-school community resigned from the board in January, alleging intimidation by the rest of the board. Two men, one black and one Jewish, were appointed to replace them.
The stark division has led to a flurry of lawsuits and petitions, and New York State has intervened, blocking the sale of a public school building to a Jewish congregation and warning the board to change the way it uses public special education money for private schools.
While state law provides for a school district to pay some private school expenses, for transportation, textbooks and special education, the state alleges that East Ramapo has been too quick to move children — mostly Jewish children — from the public schools into special education schools run by the Orthodox. Each case funnels thousands of taxpayer dollars to the private schools.
The state is also insisting that the district balance its budget, which has an estimated $8 million deficit this school year. At a meeting Tuesday night, the board approved borrowing $7.5 million.
That meeting illustrated the apparent disdain each side has for the other. There seemed little in common between the board members, most in yarmulkes and black coats, and the onlookers, mostly from racial minorities.
About 20 residents shouted in protest, then stood and turned their backs on the board when it decided that in the future, students could address the board only at the end of meetings.
"You're not doing right by these children!" shouted Mae Davis of Spring Valley. "What about freedom of speech?"
Daniel Schwartz, president of the board, had complained that public comment has become insulting, and he said there's no requirement to offer it at all.
"I think there are people who want to be abusive to the board and when it starts we're not going to tolerate it," he said Monday.
Some parents have petitioned the state Education Department to remove the school board, a rare step. Department spokesman Tom Dunn would not comment specifically about East Ramapo, but said the commissioner has the authority to remove local officials "for willful violation of law or neglect of duty or willfully disobeying a decision, order, rule or regulation."
The board denies any wrongdoing. It announced at Tuesday's meeting that it is suing the state in federal court, seeking a judge's declaration that its methods for special education placement are legal.
"Nobody has done anything to deprive anybody of anything," Schwartz said. "The monies that are spent on private schools are state mandated just like the monies that are spent on public schools."
He says the district's problems stem from its being "a square peg" — a district that has about 9,000 public school children and an estimated 20,000 in private schools, almost all of them Jewish.
"You show me another district where at least two thirds, if not possibly more than that, of the total student population is private school as opposed to public school," Schwartz said in an interview. "You show me a district like that anywhere."
Similar patterns affected the school board makeup in Lawrence, on Long Island, but Dunn said Lawrence did not descend into similar problems. Lakewood, N.J., also has an Orthodox-dominated board and has experienced tensions.
Laura Barbieri, a lawyer with Advocates for Justice, which is suing the district on behalf of public-school parents and other taxpayers, said the board is catering to Orthodox parents who "do not want their children educated with children of color."
"Do I think racial discrimination is at the core of this? Yes I do," she said.
Schwartz dismisses claims that an Orthodox-dominated school board can't represent the public school interests.
"Men can legislate for women, women can legislate for men, white people can legislate for black people and black people can legislate for white people," he said. "I don't see where it makes any difference."
Asked if he felt anti-Semitism played a part in criticism of the board, he said only, "I can make my assumptions." Last year he said some critics were engaging in "an age-old anti-Semitic trope" that Jews were interested only in money.
He said money — "more money from the state" — is the solution to East Ramapo's problems. But state Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski said the division in the community is too deep for that to work.
"Public school parents have said, 'We don't want any more money.'" Zebrowski said. "They don't trust their own school board with additional money."
The Democratic assemblyman has proposed instead that East Ramapo be divided into two school districts, one for public schools and one for private schools.
"This is an unconventional situation and we need an unconventional solution," Zebrowski said.
When I was growing up both in New Hampshire and here in California I attended Catholic schools mostly.  They never got one red cent of public money.  Yet as you can see from the article the Jewish schools do.   Now if anyone but Jews are NOT bothered by this fact, then I must ask what the hell is wrong with you?  Why should Jewish schools get public money but Christian schools do not?  You know as well as I do.  It's because the people that make those decisions are either Jews, or Gentiles who are in Jewish back pockets.
I also agree with Ms. Barbieri when she accuses the school board of racism.  It's a well known fact that Orthodox Jews especially don't want their children mixing with Gentiles.  Yet when we say we don't want our children mixing with Jews they are the FIRST to cry racism - or should I say anti-Semitism.  After all they are "The Chosen" and we are just lowly Gentiles.  That's why they discourage race-mixing amongst their own kind but encourage it amongst us.  They want to destroy us through miscegenation.  To them there are only two races in the world:  Jews and Gentiles.  To them, White, Black, Brown it doesn't matter.  A Gentile is a Gentile.
I hope the parents of East Rampo stick to their guns and don't back down against this Jewish intimidation.  But this sort of thing is exactly why I recommend to all White parents to pull your kids out of school and home school them now before they become brainwashed little drones.

My thanks again to Comrade Dr. Johann Hauptmann for sending me this story.
Dan 88!