Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Germany Just Fired a Warning Shot on the Fed

Germany has the second largest Gold reserves in the world behind the US. Since the early '80s, it has stored the majority of these reserves with the NY Fed (45% vs. 13% in London, 11% in Paris and the remaining 31% in Frankfurt).
With that in mind, everyone needs to be aware that last Monday Germany's Bundesbank announced it will be moving a major portion of its reserves from the US and all of its reserves from France back to Frankfurt.
Nearly half of Germany's gold reserves are held in a vault at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York -- billions of dollars worth of postwar geopolitical history squirreled away for safe keeping below the streets of Lower Manhattan.
Now the German central bank wants to make a big withdrawal -- 300 tons in all.
On Wednesday, the Bundesbank said that it would begin moving some of the reserves, the second-largest stock in the world after that of the United States. The goal is to house more than 50 percent of German gold in Bundesbank vaults in Frankfurt by 2020, up from a little less than a third today, the bank said...
The new policy will include the complete withdrawal of 374 tons of German gold stored at the Banque de France in Paris, about 11 percent of the total. Bundesbank officials were quick to note that the decision was not a reflection of French trustworthiness. Rather, because France and Germany now share the euro, there is no need for reserves as insurance against currency crises

Source: NY Times.

This announcement came with the usual political statements that the decision had nothing to do with a lack of trust between the Bundesbank and the US Fed or Bank of France, but the message is obvious: Germany sees the writing on the wall and is moving to secure its Gold reserves.
Remember, Germany has spent the better part of two years preparing for financial chaos. Since the autumn of 2011, it has:
1)   Implemented legislation that would permit Germany to leave the Euro but remain a part of the EU.
2)   Revived its Special Financial Market Stabilization Funds, or SoFFin for short, allocating 480 billion Euros to the fund (and also providing German banks with a place to dump their Euro-zone Government bonds if they need to).
3)   Implemented reforms that would allow it to close off its borders for as long as 30 days if it needed to (so individuals and capital couldn't leave Germany)
4)   Created a working group to assess both the economic impact of a Greek exit from the Euro as well as how to manage the impact of a collapse in France.
5)   Pulling all of its Gold from France as well as a major portion of its Gold from the US.
All of these are verifiable facts that the Western Media has avoided talking about. It is very easy to connect the dots here: Germany is implementing a contingency plan to put a firewall around its financial system for when the EU finally breaks down.
A final note here: the tension between the world's Central Banks just increased dramatically.
Since the Great Crisis began in 2008, the world's Central Banks have collectively pumped $10 trillion into the global financial system. Every major Central Bank from Germany to the US and China wants to debase its currency to benefit exports and facilitate dealing with its debt load (even China sports a real Debt to GDP north fo 200%).
This competitive debasement has lead to increased tension between the world's Central Banks. You will never hear their stated outright for the simple reason that the single most important responsibility of the Central Banks is to maintain confidence in the system.
However, underneath the veneer of goodwill and the occasional necessary coordinated intervention, tensions are rising between Central Banks. When the US debases the US Dollar it pushes the Euro higher. This hurts German exports which in turn angers the Bundesbank.
The Bundesbank fired a warning shot at the Fed last autumn when it announced it wanted to have its Gold reserves at the Fed audited. To be clear here: no one of major financial import has ever questioned the Fed's trustworthiness before. However, at the time of this announcement Germany stated it had no intentions of actually moving its reserves.
Fast-forward to today and Germany has not only audited and checked its Gold reserves at the Fed but it is now moving them. In plain terms, Germany has told the world that A) it does not trust the Fed and B) it is through playing around.
This situation will likely be getting worse going forward. The fact that Germany will be removing allof its Gold reserves from France certainly doesn't bode well for future German French relations if push ever comes to shove (it's not as though Europe has a history of getting along well).
Remember, the only thing holding the financial system together is belief in the Central Banks. If the Central Banks (it was Germany's Bundesbank that is behind the Gold move) stop trusting one another or grow openly antagonistic, then things will get very bad very quickly.
For months now we've been asserting that the "improvements" in the global economy and financial system were a mirage. Germany's move has confirmed this. If the financial system was in fact safe and the global economy was improving, Germany would not feel the need to repatriate its Gold.
Which begs the question, what exactly do German Central Bankers know that we don't?
What do German Bankers know?  I can only speculate, but it seems to me that they have lost confidence in the U.S. Dollar and the Euro, and are preparing to stand on their own - financially speaking.  Indeed, some months ago Germany started printing up Deutschmarks.
Also they know the United States is heading for a fall and they don't want to be dragged down with it.  American banks have been known to close to prevent depositors from getting their money or gold out like during the Great Depression of 1929.
As you know, banks take the money and gold that is deposited with them and make investments and loans.  With such a drastic drop in assets, the Federal Reserve Bank could be crippled.  The big financial fall we've been expecting could be right around the corner.  The sooner the better.  The sooner it happens the sooner we can begin to pick up the pieces.
Just what will replace the current system?  Will it be simply a rebuilt version of what we have going, or something that works for the common people and not just the wealthy?  For those of you who think all we can do is wait and see - you are dead wrong.  Now more than ever is the time to get the word out.  When the big fall comes we want people to say, "Those Nazis said exactly this would happen.  Maybe they aren't full of sh*t after all.  Maybe they have the answers we so desperately need."
But no one will know anything unless we get the word out.  Although racialism is important, right now people are more concerned about the economy and jobs, than keeping non-Aryans out of their neighbourhoods.  Jobs and the economy is what we need to stress because that is what concerns people most today.  
Get out there and spread the word.  If we don't do it, it won't get done.  Then all we can do is wait and see.  If we do that, I'm sure the next system we get will be nothing more than a carbon copy of what we have now.  That would be like replacing a dead battery with another dead battery.  What sense does that make?
Dan 88! 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pentagon ends ban on women in frontline combat

Panetta: Opening combat positions recognises the reality of male
and female soldiers die together
US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta has lifted the military's ban on women serving in combat roles, potentially opening hundreds of thousands of frontline positions to women.
The ruling, officially announced on Thursday, overturns a 1994 rule barring women from small ground-combat units.
But the military will have until 2016 to argue for any specific posts they think should remain closed to women.
President Barack Obama welcomed the "historic step".
At a Pentagon press conference, Mr Panetta said: "Female service members have faced the reality of combat, proving their willingness to fight and, yes, to die to defend their fellow Americans."
'Valour knows no gender'
He acknowledged a complaint frequently voiced by women denied combat roles - that military careers are hindered by a lack of combat experience.
"I fundamentally believe that our military is more effective when success is based solely on ability and qualifications and on performance," said Mr Panetta.
Military chiefs will be asked to report back to Mr Panetta by 15 May on their initial plans to implement the new policy.
A senior defence official said about 237,000 jobs would be newly open to women "who can meet the standards".
President Barack Obama said: "This milestone reflects the courageous and patriotic service of women through more than two centuries of American history and the indispensable role of women in today's military.
"Many have made the ultimate sacrifice, including more than 150 women who have given their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan - patriots whose sacrifices show that valour knows no gender."
Mr Panetta hopes to have the process complete by 2016.
The US is likely to have withdrawn all combat troops from Afghanistan well ahead of that time.
Some jobs are expected to be opened to women this year, while others - including for special forces such as the Navy Seals and the Delta Force - could take longer.
One of the most high-profile female combat veterans in America is US Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth, an Illinois Democrat who lost her legs when the Army helicopter she was piloting in Iraq was shot down.
Tammy Duckworth on Capitol Hill (3 January 2013)
On Thursday, she quipped on NBC's Today show: "I didn't lose my legs in a bar fight. I'm pretty sure I was in combat."
Restrictions were first eased a year ago, when the Pentagon opened up 14,500 roles, closer to the frontline, which had previously been off limits to female personnel.
In November, a group of four women in the military sued the defence department over the ban, arguing that it was unconstitutional.
One of the plaintiffs, Marine Corps Capt Zoe Bedell, said existing rules had blocked her advancement in the Marines.
During the Iraq and Afghan wars, US female military personnel have worked as medics, military police and intelligence officers, sometimes attached but not formally assigned to frontline units.
As of 2012, more than 800 women were wounded in those wars, and more than 150 have died.
Women comprise 14% of America's 1.4 million active military personnel.
In general, women in combat goes against the very nature of National Socialism.  I have no problem with women serving behind the lines in support positions, but women have no place in combat except perhaps in the Medical Corps.
In a society, each sex has its place.  This is not a matter of women having careers in business or entertainment.  If that's what they want, I'm all for it.  We're talking about being under fire.   
If they are to allow women in combat, they need to pass the exact same standards as men do - including that of physical strength.  We can argue about what men can do and what women can do until the cows come home, but there is one thing that cannot be argued about:  Men have greater brute strength than women.  Sorry ladies but it's a fact.
I was never in the military myself, but my father was.  He once told me that while he was stationed in Texas, he and his company had to hike 25 miles with full field pack and weapons in one day.  That meant carrying all your equipment - including weapons which consisted of a knife, sidearm, and rifle, and it all added up to about 65 pounds.  They were given only three breaks.  Two 15 minute breaks, and one 30 minute break.  When they got to their bivouac site they got another 15 and then they had to set up camp.  They stayed three weeks.  They slept in tents, ate C rations (MRE's hadn't been invented yet), and drank only water.  No sanitary facilities.  You went wherever you could.  While there they practice combat manoeuvres and drills.  When the three weeks were done, they hiked back. 
While some women may be able to handle all of that, I doubt the average woman could.  In battle, the enemy certainly won't take it easy on the women.  If they can't hack it, then they can't hack it.  It's as simple as that.
"If you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen." - Harry Truman.

Monday, January 28, 2013

More Government Corruption

Trial begins for 6 accused of bilking Bell, Calif.

With six former city officials lined up in chairs behind him, a Los Angeles County prosecutor portrayed them Thursday as thieves who bilked their small town treasury for more than $1.3 million, paying themselves for work they did not do.

In one instance, the defendants stole more than $300,000 during a
two-minute meeting in which they voted themselves salary raises for sham positions on commissions that did nothing, said Deputy district Attorney Edward Miller.

"The evidence will show the defendants stole over $1.3 million," he said.

Running through the list of meetings that lasted a few minutes each, Miller said, "They worked less hours than my opening statement will take this morning."

Legally, he said, the officials could have paid themselves $673 a month for what was a part-time job since they did not actually run the city. The blue collar suburb of Los Angeles was managed by Robert Rizzo, who stands trial later in the year with his assistant city manager on allegations he misappropriated millions.

In addition to their council salaries of upward of $80,000 a year, the officials collected payment for sitting on the boards of four sham commissions that did no work, Miller said.

He alleged a pattern of scams in which the defendants appointed each other to the commissions that did nothing, held meetings that sometimes lasted only two minutes, and often met yearly just to increase their salaries.

The most blatant, he said, was creation of the Solid Waste and Recycling Authority, which he called "a fiction" designed to line the officials' pockets.

"They gave themselves raises which were not even drafted by a lawyer. Somebody just made this up out of the blue," Miller said.

The former mayor, vice mayor and four City Council members are charged with misappropriation of public funds. All but one of the defendants served as mayor at some point.

Prosecutors said the city treasury was looted to the tune of $5.5 million and the modest city of Bell was driven to the brink of bankruptcy.

Miller said the years-long scam thrived because few people ever attended City Council meetings to keep watch on their elected leaders. At one meeting, 12 people were in the audience and most were relatives of the council members, he said.

Those now on trial are former Mayor Oscar Hernandez, former vice mayor Teresa Jacobo and former council members George Mirabal, George Cole, Victor Bello and Luis Artiga.

Their lawyers were to speak later in the day and were expected to argue that they were upstanding citizens who worked hard for the city.

The six are charged in a 20-count felony complaint accusing them of paying themselves exorbitant salaries and setting up sham commissions.

Miller said the alleged wrongdoing was discovered in 2008 when Roger Ramirez, a citizen who attended council meetings regularly, heard that Rizzo was being paid $400,000 a year and council members were being paid $80,000. He asked for an accounting and despite efforts by Rizzo to avoid the revelations, they became public.

Outraged residents who had seen their taxes and fees go up turned out by the thousands to protest when the scandal broke. They held a successful recall election and threw out the entire council.


This is what I like to call a show trial.  This kind of corruption is commonplace.  Indeed it's even becoming the norm.  In this instance, these politicians got a little too greedy and crossed the line between corruption that a blind eye could be turned from, and one  that couldn't.  This also goes to prove that greed is like drug addiction.  The more you get the more you want.

Now I'm not pointing this out to say these people are natural born thieves, but merely to demonstrate the racial demographics of the Los Angeles area.  The former mayor, vice mayor, and the council are all Mestizo except for one (George Cole).  The ratio of Mestizo to non-Mestizo is representative of the area's population.  I wonder if Teresa Jacobo is a Mexican Jew? LOL  You know - Jacob - Jacobo?  Stranger things in this world than a Mexican Jew.

Dan 88!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

School Police Now Armed With Assault Weapons

FONTANA, Calif. — The high-powered semiautomatic rifles recently shipped to
school police in this Southern California city look like they belong on a
battlefield rather than in a high school, but officials here say the
weapons could help stop a massacre like the one that claimed the lives of
26 students and educators in Connecticut just weeks ago.

Fontana Unified School District police purchased 14 of the Colt LE6940
rifles last fall, and they were delivered the first week of December – a
week before the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Over the holiday
break, the district's 14 school police officers received 40 hours of
training on the rifles. Officers check them out for each shift from a
fireproof safe in the police force's main office.

Fontana isn't the first district to try this. Other Southern California
districts also have rifle programs – some that have been in operation for
several years. Fontana school police Chief Billy Green said he used money
from fingerprinting fees to purchase the guns for $14,000 after identifying
a "critical vulnerability" in his force's ability to protect students. The
officers, who already wear sidearms, wouldn't be able to stop a shooter
like the one in Connecticut, he said Wednesday.

"They're not walking around telling kids, `Hurry up and get to class' with
a gun around their neck," the chief said. "Parents need to know that if
there was a shooter on their child's campus that was equipped with body
armor or a rifle, we would be limited in our ability to stop that threat to
their children."

Some parents and students, however, reacted with alarm to the news that
school resource officers were being issued the rifles during their shifts.
The officers split their time between 44 schools in the district and keep
the rifles in a safe at their assigned school or secured in their patrol
car each day before checking the weapon back in to the school police
headquarters each night.

"If the wrong person gets ahold of the gun, then we have another shooter
going around with a gun. What happens then, if that situation occurs?" said
James Henriquez, a 16-year-old sophomore who just enrolled at Fontana High
School this week after moving from Texas.

Other students said they felt disillusioned that officials would spend
money on semiautomatic rifles while the district eliminated its
comprehensive guidance counseling program two years ago.

"They should get guns, but not as many and not spend so much money on
them," said student Elizabeth Tovar. "They should use the money to get back
our counselors because a lot of us really need them."

The district saved millions by restructuring guidance services, said
Superintendent Cali Olsen-Binks.

"I understand that people are looking at the layoffs, but $14,000 and $7
million is a huge disparity," she said.

The 40,000-student district came up with the school rifle program after
consulting with top school safety experts and looking at what other large
districts had done, said Olsen-Binks.

Santa Ana Unified School District, in nearby Orange County, has had a rifle
program for about two years that operates similarly to the one Fontana has
started, said police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna.

The Los Angeles School Police Department also deploys rifles to its
officers as needed, the department said in a statement. It would not say
how many rifles district police have but said the weapons are kept in the
department's armory and are handed out and returned daily.

The San Bernardino City Unified School District police force purchased four
Bushmaster semiautomatic rifles last July, said Linda Bardere, a district

Fontana is a city of about 200,000 people east of Los Angeles.

"I came from a teaching background, and it's appalling to think that we'd
have to have security officers – let alone armed police officers – on our
campuses. But the bottom line is ... everybody has anxiety over school
safety right now," Olsen-Binks said. "Our police officers said they would
take a bullet for these kids and because they are willing to put their
lives on the line, they need to be equipped for all scenarios."

Only sergeants are authorized to check out the rifles from the police
armory, where they are kept. All officers have been trained for years to
use the rifles.

The Fontana rifle purchase did not require approval from the school board
but member Leticia Garcia said she believes there should have been a public
discussion before they were purchased.

"We're talking about a war-zone rifle, and so are we going to militarize
our public schools?" Garcia asked. "We have to provide a safe haven for
people to learn ... but this, to me, seems a little bit too much."


Associated Press writers Robert Jablon and Christina Hoag in Los Angeles
contributed to this report.


A little on the overkill side?  Well, school cops armed like commandos does seem a little over the top.  However they already dress like commandos out here.  Assault rifles complete their wardrobe.

But consider this:  Even if a shooter comes to a Fontana campus and opens fire on the students, are the school police going to return said fire?  Instead of one assault rifle firing bullets in the presence of students, now we'll have 15 - including the shooter's.  Far greater chance of more students being hit.  If I had a child killed on a school campus by an  intruder I would definitely sue.  If my child was killed by friendly fire, I'd SUE, if you get my meaning.

When it comes to campuses in Fontana, I know from what I speak.  It's only five miles away and I did my student teaching at Fontana High.  It's a very rough school and is predominantly Mestizo, which means many of the students are illegals.  Rival gangs have driven by campus and taken pot shots at kids coming and going from school.  Many illegals are gang members.  Get rid of the illegals, and we reduce the chances for violence on campus. 

As schools have no authority to enforce immigration laws, how about ICE stations an agent on campus?  I'm sure they would say they don't have enough manpower for that.  Then hire more agents.  As a cheaper alternative, make several schools the responsibility of one agent.  He would spend one day at school A, the next at school B, and so forth.  Also, the agent should make his visits at random so they would never be sure when he would be there.  Sort of like those signs I've seen on people's houses, "This house protected by a killer attack dog three days a week.  YOU guess which three days."

Dan 88!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

ANP Radio Today

Today we have another episode of ANP Talkshoe Radio.  It will be at the usual time of 5:00 PM Pacific.  The topic will be a continuation of last week:  What we can do about reviving the movement today.

I encourage everyone to call in, use the chat room, or at least listen in.  Remember I have a Talk Shoe gadget right on this blog for everyone's convenience.

This has got to be one of the shortest posts ever!

Dan 88!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Great News!

Comrades, I finally got everything I need!

For what?  Remember those DVD's I was going to sell?  I finally have everything.  The first DVD duplicator got lost by FedUp - I mean FedEx.  Good thing it was insured.  Then I got the replacement about two weeks later.  Next there was a delay sending me the master discs to copy.  Now I have about 600 titles.  That's way more than I need  to get started.

What I'm going to do is take down some of what I have on The Nazi Store and replace them with about a dozen titles.  I just got  them today and I want to go through them all and see which ones are the best to start with.  Then I'll choose the ones I want to put up.  Which items already up will come down?  I'm not sure yet, but if it isn't specifically an ANP item, it's a candidate for removal.  The money from the first few I sell will go to pay to expand the site.  If I buy the deluxe package, I can sell an unlimited number of items and they'll all go up plus the items I had to temporarily remove.

There will also be CD's too, but I'm going to concentrate on the DVD's first.  Once I upgrade the site I can put way more up, but it has to be done one item at a time so it will take awhile.

Anyway, once I choose which 12 to start with I have to watch them first to make sure the master is good.  Then I have to make the copies and place them on the site.  Sometime during this process I have to take a DVD package to the post office and find out how much the postage will be but I can't see it being anymore than $5.00 for one so the entire price - I mean donation shouldn't be more than $10.00 altogether.  

I figure about a week from tomorrow.  However, once I choose the first titles I'll post them here so you'll know in advance what they are.  Be patient.  Remember I have other things to do in my life besides this.  Thanks.

Dan 88!

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Sheriff: Calif. burglar was using sauna
SAN ANDREAS, Calif. (AP) -- Authorities in Northern California say a man arrested in nothing but a trench coat and socks after a break-in told investigators he had been using the homeowner's sauna.

Calaveras (ka-luh-VER'-is) County sheriff's deputies arrested 49-year-old Robert London this week after they responded to a report of a burglary at a home in San Andreas. He pleaded not guilty Thursday to charges of burglary and possession of stolen property.

Sheriff's Sgt. Chris Hewitt says arriving deputies found the homeowner on top of a nearly naked London on the driveway.

The homeowner said he discovered London going through his kitchen cabinets and chased him out the door.

Hewitt says London told investigators he thought the house was vacant, and he had used the sauna there in the past.


I just thought I'd end the work week on a lighter note.  California may have a lot of problems but I think we have the stupidest crooks in the nation.  What a moron!

BTW, for those of you who have read Mark Twain, this is indeed the same county that was the location of his story "The Celebrated Jumping Frog Of Calaveras County."  Because of the story the county helps put on a frog jumping contest every year.

Dan 88!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Incredible! A Judeo-Capitalist Tells The Truth!

America Should Declare Bankruptcy: Doug Casey

The week of the 14th started with President Obama Monday demanding lawmakers raise the U.S.’s $16.4 trillion debt ceiling, warning Republicans not to insist on spending cuts in return. The same day, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke advocated getting rid of the debt limit altogether. The Washington Post reports in a conversation at the University of Michigan Bernanke said the debt ceiling has only “symbolic value.”
And the week ends with lawmakers still careening towards a deadline somewhere between mid-February and late March, when the U.S. will run out of funding for most government programs and risk default. They have no plan to raise the ceiling or abolish it. Even so, perhaps playing chicken with the debt limit, a charade we already witnessed once before in 2011, is not the real story.
“Bernanke is quite correct, it is theatrics,” Doug Casey, chairman of Casey Research, professional investor, and author of Totally Incorrect: Conversations with Doug Casey tells The Daily Ticker. “The problem is the amount of debt itself. The problem is so big at this point, I think it’s very questionable whether this can be solved at all.”
Casey points to the money America owes above and beyond the official $16 trillion in national debt, as the real issue. This includes the so-called unfunded liabilities from entitlements like Social Security and Medicare.
Two former U.S. government officials put the federal government’s actual liabilities in excess of $86.8 trillion, or 550% of GDP, in a Wall Street Journal Op-Ed. Casey argues we’re talking of upwards of $100 trillion when you also factor in the liability of promises such as FDIC deposit insurance.
“This is far more than can conceivably be repaid, so the debt is going to be defaulted on, it’s simply a question of how,” he says.
There is the specter of outright default like we’ve seen in the case of Argentina, where Casey himself spends much of his time. There’s also the scenario of “destroying the dollar,” devaluing it so the debt burden isn’t as heavy.
Casey takes it one step further.
“I think the U.S. government should default on the national debt,” he says, pre-empting his statement with the admission that it may sound outrageous and too radical. “I say that for several reasons. The most important of them is if they don’t default on it, it’s going to make the next several generations of Americans into effect indentured servants, serfs, to pay off the debt that their parents and grandparents have incurred.”
I've been saying this for years.  Just default on the damn debt.  What will our creditors do?  Sue us?  In what court and the judgement to be enforced by what army?  As we are China's biggest customer and they are our biggest creditor I doubt they'll attack us over it and bite the hands that buys their crap and gives them our jobs - not to mention all the free aid whenever they have an Earthquake or Tsunami.  Anyway, attacking us wouldn't be so easy.  We still have the means of kicking their asses.  
As Homer Simpson said, "America is still the greatest country on Earth for a few more years."
Maybe they'll cut off our credit?  The last thing we need is more debt.
"When you've dug yourself into a hole STOP DIGGING!" - Roy Rogers, American Humourist.
I also agree with Mr. Casey in that we shouldn't have to pay off money spent by previous generations.
He used the same language we use in that he said Americans are becoming "indentured servants" and "serfs".
It makes perfect sense to me.  Let's get rid of the national debt by simply defaulting.   The trouble is it won't happen.  The Judeo-Capitalist system depends on a national debt.  It couldn't make any money without it.  Bankers feed off of debt.   The system is firmly in the pockets of these blood suckers and we'll never be free until we get rid of them first."
Shakespeare once said, "When you take over a country get rid of all the lawyers."  I say never mind the lawyers - get rid of the bankers!

Dan 88!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Apathy Or Cowardice?

Today I'm going to address part of what Chairman Suhayda said in his latest ANP report:  Meeting attendance.  

He said that too many people are cowardly when it comes to attending meetings.  Harsh, but accurate.  

I want to reiterate a few things I've said in previous posts.

First, if you attend a meeting your chances of being outed are practically nil.  We do announce when we are having meetings, but no details are given on open websites or blogs.  Our last national meeting was originally scheduled to be held at the chairman's home.  So many attended that we went out and rented a larger facility at the LAST moment.  There would have been no time for the Feds or the media to get wind of this change in venue.  As there were no news stories in the papers or on TV it's obvious no press showed up.  They wouldn't have been allowed in anyway without an invitation.

The year before which was our last meeting in Laurens, SC we had an open indoor rally after the meeting.  Again no press were in attendance.  And again if there were there it would have been in the papers or on TV, so you have nothing to fear in that area.  Security is a concern, but let's not be paranoid either.

Secondly, I'm sure many are afraid their bosses will find out and they'll get fired.  Again, without the press how is your boss going to find out?  Believe me if anyone with a TV camera shows up they won't be let in.  Even if someone secretly records part of the meeting and puts it on You Tube the chances of you being seen and recognized by your boss  are incredibly slim.  Besides, when people we don't personally know attend, we ask them to surrender their phones.

Comrades, I've been outed for three years come August.  Now it is true I'm self-employed, but do you know how much business I lost as a result?  ZERO.  I didn't lose a single client and I have several Mestizos, a couple of Blacks, and one Jew as regulars.  Although your job is extremely important, what kind of life do you have if you're scared of your boss?  Talk about a lack of dignity.  Show a little self-respect.

BTW for those of you who feel I shouldn't do business with Non-Aryans I'd like to remind you that I live in an 85% Non-White area.  If I didn't do business with them I'd go broke.  It's just being practical.  I'd rather do business with Whites only but that's not realistic in San Bernardino County.

As to the cost factor.  I traveled further than anyone else last year - and I'm poor.  If I can afford it most anyone else can.  

Child care?  Bring the kids.  If that's too expensive don't they have grandparents who can watch them for a couple of days.  You won't be gone long.  I left Friday morning and was home Sunday evening.  I did go to work the next day so I missed only one work day.  Most of you have vacation days.  Use one or two.  You'll have to decide whether attending a meeting is more important than that fishing trip you planned for August.  Being a part of this movement means sacrifice.  

Out of vacation days or your boss won't approve your vacation request on the appropriate weekend?  Don't BS me comrades.  That's a crock.  If you have the time coming your boss cannot legally deny you.  If he does, just call in sick.  You'll only need to miss one day.  In no state can a boss require a doctor's note for missing one single day.  If your boss says he can, he's a liar.  Don't let him intimidate you.  Just call in sick.  You can't be fired for getting sick.

No sick days?  What kind of a job do you have that has no sick leave?  Did you piss them all away?  Your fault then.  Besides, you can take an unpaid sick day.  You can afford to miss one day a year.  Make up the loss in pay by cutting back on unnecessary expenses like eating out, going to the movies, beer, and smokes to name a few.

The truth is nine out of ten of you can afford to attend.  Just excuses.  It's up to you.  Are you going to take the easy route, or are you going to do what has to be done in order to make a difference?

Dan 88!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Would You Like A Little Cheese With Your Whine?

Well today is what many are calling "Black Sunday".  In other words it's Inauguration Day.  Even if we had a good president I don't see why we have to waste millions of dollars on a second inauguration.  Obama has been reelected, not elected.  As far as I'm concerned he was inaugurated four years ago and it's a waste of money to do it again.  BTW tickets to the Inauguration Ball are going for $250,000.00 a pop.  That's one half million per couple.  That alone shows you who our politicians REALLY work for.

Also, Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  That, and with the inauguration one day before, a lot of NS/WN's are spending a lot of time griping and moaning about it.  Comrades, your're totally wasting your time.  There's absolutely nothing you can do about it so quit your whining.  I can't tell you how many "Obongo" and Martin Luther "Coon" Jr. remarks I've seen.  Aside from accomplishing nothing, comments like that are crude and only reinforce the "hater" image the media loves to show so much.

Instead of wasting your time bitching about something you have no control over, why not turn your energy to something more positive?  Instead of watching Obama on TV today and insulting him and crying in your beer, go and give out some literature or put up a few stickers.  If you're fortunate enough to have Monday off, instead of staying home and squashing your couch, do some more literature.  If you stay home and relax or go out and have a good time then you're supporting a holiday you say you hate so much.  If you get the day off then you have a free day.  Make productive use of it.  If anyone is wondering, I have to work tomorrow.

As I often say, "We are all given just so many days in this life.  Waste one, and you never get it back."

Dan 88!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

States With High Immigration Rates First to Face Critical Water Shortages

California Has Highest Immigration Rate (Big Surprise)

Drought conditions, an ever-drying Colorado River, and rapid population growth fueled by immigration in the West is to blame for the water scarcities. A report by Columbia University predicts the Colorado River will lose 10 percent of its water flow over the next thirty years.  Currently, this river supplies water to 40 million people living in America's West. 
Population growth in these western states will occur faster than growth in other areas of the country, with high immigration numbers feeding the rapid growth.  Nineteen of the 26 states that grew faster this year compared to last year are located in the South and Western regions.  
California has the highest number of new green card recipients annually, with 2.2 million new green card recipients over the last decade.  It also has the highest illegal-alien population in the country, estimated at 2.8 million.  Arizona has the 9th largest illegal alien population and takes in 20,000 new green card recipients each year.
Pictured is Mono Lake in Mono County, Central California.  It is the main source of water for Los Angeles County, the most densely populated county in the Western United States.  It is a salt lake and the water is desalinated before being pumped throughout the county which accounts for Los Angeles' complaints about hard water.  The weird formations in the background are salt tufts.  As the water evaporates, it leaves its salt behind forming odd looking shapes made of salt and salt crystals called halite.  
As you can see from the photo the water level is low and is getting lower as the population of LA County rises.  Eventually it will be necessary to draw water from the Colorado River which serves San Bernardino, Riverside, Imperial, and Inyo Counties already.
The Lake has an extremely complex ecosystem based on brine shrimp which thrive in the alkaline waters which is the basis of survival for hundreds of different species of animals - many unique to the area - and the lake itself.  The rising human population - due in a great deal to immigration - both legal and illegal - are threatening to destroy the habitat of hundreds of different species.  Many will become extinct if the lake is destroyed.
A National Socialist government would NEVER allow this to happen.  Yet our government not only allows this, but actually encourages it with its immigration friendly policies.
Amongst Irish families there is an old saying, "There's always room for one more."  That's a faulty premise.  Eventually everyone will run out of room.  California has already gotten to that point - at least Southern California has.  The rest of the state and the country aren't far behind.  
Dan 88!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Two More States Now Issue Driver's Licenses To Illegal Aliens

State debate continues over denying, rewarding executive amnesty recipients

By giving certain illegal aliens executive amnesty, the Obama Administration forced states to decide whether such persons would be eligible for state benefits such as driver’s licenses and taxpayer-subsidized in-state tuition. Some states have made their decisions but more debate, especially in state legislatures, is expected in 2013.
On Aug. 15, 2012, the Obama Administration initiated its Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which gives qualifying illegal aliens under the age of 31 a two-year stay of deportation and a work permit.

On that day, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer issued an executive order re-affirming that people without legal presence, including DACA recipients, are not eligible for driver’s licenses and other public benefits under state law. As her press aide noted, "What President Obama has done confers neither lawful status nor authorized presence. All they've done is defer these individuals' prosecution and deportation…It's up to states to try to do all they can to enforce their existing laws. " 

Shortly thereafter, Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman and Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant said the executive amnesty would not qualify illegal aliens for state benefits. Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson and the Iowa Dept. of Transportation also issued statements denying driver’s licenses to DACA recipients.

On the other hand, California last year enacted a law that gives driver’s licenses to DACA recipients. The motor vehicle departments in Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Nevada, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin all approved licensure. And Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick announced DACA recipients would be eligible for taxpayer-subsidized in-state tuition. More recently, the Illinois legislature cleared a bill giving all illegal aliens residing in the state, including DACA recipients, access to driver’s licenses.

Two motor vehicle departments that initially approved licenses for DACA recipients are now re-evaluating those policies. Shortly after DACA took effect, a North Carolina DMV spokesperson said recipients could get driver's license as long as they had deferred action and a work authorization. But in September N.C. DMV Commissioner Mike Robertson said his agency is not certain the I-797 deferred action form and work permit qualify as proof of legal presence. “We're waiting until we get word from (USCIS), and then we will confer with the Attorney General. If it meets the North Carolina requirements, we will comply with the statute.” Robertson said. The EFE News Agency reports the matter had not yet been resolved.
There has been some confusion in Oregon as well. The Oregon Dept. of Transportation initially said DACA recipients could get licenses but then issued a timeout while the state Dept. of Justice developed a legal opinion. The problem is that Oregon administrative rules permit the issuance of licenses but the underlying law, which requires legal presence, does not. Still, some transportation department field offices are issuing licenses to DACA recipients in the interim.

Some state legislatures are beginning to debate the issues surrounding DACA. Yesterday, the Iowa Administrative Rules Review Committee held a hearing on the Secretary Johnson’s decision to deny licenses to DACA recipients. And pro-enforcement legislators in Massachusetts are calling for inquiries into Gov. Patrick’s decision to grant in-state tuition to DACA recipients.

Debate is expected to continue throughout 2013 as states grapple with the fallout from the Obama Administration’s executive amnesty.

On the one hand I don't think we should be doing anything to make things easier for illegals nor legitimize their presence in any way.
But on the other hand, DACA does NOT give them legal status.  It mere defers deportation for the time being.  If they do get licenses it will make them easier to find should a decision to deport them be made.  Also as a condition of having a license, they have to have insurance and a valid smog check certificate (in California).  Personally I'm sick and tired of paying through the nose to register, insure, and smog my truck and the illegals who couldn't get a license just drive anyway - and without insurance.  At they will have to have these things to get that license.
However I have to take a stand against licenses for them.  Even though there would be some benefits for us (as I stated in the previous paragraph), I have to vote no just on principle.
Dan 88!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Very Sad News

The wife of one my frequent story contributors has just been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  As he uses an AKA, I don't think he would mind me announcing this.  It's the wife of Dr. Johann Hauptmann.  (PhD not MD).  Her life is NOT in any immediate danger.

I hope you will all keep them in your thoughts and prayers in these trying times.

For more on Multiple Sclerosis:

Comrade Johann, we're all here for you.

Dan 88!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rant, Part II

Earlier today it finally hit me.  I finally realized why it's so difficult to get financial support from a great many people who call themselves National Socialists.  It's so simple I don't know why I didn't get it sooner.

Many people are indeed having financial difficulties, and some have their priorities wrong like not contributing so they can pay for their cable TV Deluxe Package.  But what about the rest?  People with good jobs and not a lot of financial obligations are still reluctant to donate.  The reason is that these so-called National Socialists are just "playing" Nazi - and they want to play for free.  For the latter I have a better suggestion.  Why don't go to Facebook and play one or more of the many social games there?  There's 'Empires And Allies', 'The Age Of Empires', 'Social Empires' and many, many more.  You can build your own fantasy Nazi Reich for free.   Just don't use Nazi symbols or you'll get the boot.  Zuckerberg is a little testy about that sort of thing. This way you can play out your fantasies, and not waste our time either.

We're not a fraternal brotherhood like the Elks Lodge.  We're not a place to make business connections like the Rotary Club.  We're not a hate group like most of the other so-called NS groups out there.  We're not a Quasi-religious group like Opus Dei.  We are a political party.  Our concerns are political.  We want to improve things for our folk and help remake this country into something better through politics, education, and grass-roots activism and NOT with the gun.

Working for the ANP means sacrifice.  We can't promise you good times.  We can't promise you that all your outreach efforts will be rewarded with success.  What we can promise you is hardship, frustration, persecution, and hard work that may or may not pay off.  However we can also promise you the satisfaction of knowing that even if we lose, it wasn't because you didn't try.  

Some great sales pitch for the cause, huh?  Well I'm just trying to be honest.  I get sick and tired of people who come in to the movement all fired up and then they get discouraged after six months and quit.  If that sounds like you then perhaps you should reevaluate your motives here.  Do you truly believe in what you're doing  or is a game you're playing?  If you're just playing, try Facebook.  If you're serious, you must show perseverance.  Never say die.  How long did Hitler work before he was rewarded with success?  More than ten years.  And he had several things going for him that we don't.  First, people weren't brainwashed against him.  Second, Aryans were clearly the majority in Germany and the land's original inhabitants.  Also you could travel from Hamburg in the north to Munich in the south by train in about five or six hours if you didn't stop anywhere.  Hell I couldn't even drive from here to Sacramento in less than ten hours - and that's just the state of California.  We are so spread out in this country it IS a disadvantage compared to Germany.  Plus we Aryans are NOT considered the land's original inhabitants here.  

We have problems that Hitler did not.  However we have resources that Hitler did not.  In 1925 there were a great many homes in Germany that did not have phones.  They didn't have the internet.  Most working class people couldn't afford cars.  Not all homes had even a radio.  We have problems Hitler didn't, but we have some advantages too.  So let's not get discouraged and keep on fighting.

Where would the Blacks in this country be if they gave up?  I'll tell you where they would be.  They would still be riding in the back of the bus.  There would still be separate restrooms and drinking fountains.  They could still be kept out of businesses at the discretion of the business owner.  And there still would be segregated schools.  These conditions no longer exist because they wouldn't give up.  Are they stronger than we?  Are they more dedicated than we?  Are they more determined than we?  I say NO!  So let's get out there and prove it!  If not, then enjoy yourself on Facebook and help Zuckerberg make even more money.

Dan 88!