Conference Report

Comrades, before I give my report, I want to make sure everyone has read Chairman Suhayda's first.  If you already have, just scroll down the page.

Racial Comrades:  I realize that this latest ANPReport was very late in coming, but in all honesty, I personally have felt a bit overwhelmed by all that needed organizing for our ANP National Conference that took place this weekend, here in Metro-Detroit.
I know that I state that every year, its bigger and better - but, this year's WAS the most successful I've hosted. I honestly feel sorry for those Comrades who couldn't afford to attend. To those who COULD have afforded the trip, but were too lazy - well, you missed out on a very good gathering. Hope to see you next year.
This year the Party rented a large conference room at a suburban area recreation center, with kitchen facilities, which had more than enough room for the 47 National Socialist Comrades to interact, which also had a play-area for attendee's children immedately outside - which kept them occupied and busy ( our one "casualty" for the weekend, was a bee-sting, which our SA Medic attended to ) - while Party Comrades took turns monitoring their activities. The parking area was also continously monitored by our SA, perchance any "outsiders" sought to cause any "trouble". There was none. My personal THANK YOU to  Comrade Kozak and those SA personnel who bore the almost 100 degree heat in intervals, for their dedicated protective service! 
Unlike most "movement" activities, there was no costumes, or "fancy-dress" being worn - we LOOKED and ACTED like what we ARE - NORMAL White Americans, fighting for the achievement of the 14Words.
The Day started around 11:00 AM and lasted until 6:00 PM.  We had reports from around the country, by ANP Organizers, as well as the usual speeches by myself, Comrade Axl Hess who spoke on ANP Media, Comrade Dan Schruender who spoke on real-world political organizing, Comrade Susan W., and Comrade Taylor Bowles' who's address was  heartily received by those assembled, speaking about his becoming the FIRST National Socialist Lobbyist in American history, and his activities involved so far. 
We had a great meal of Chicken, several salads, watermelon, pastries, soda's, along with all the trimmings. A big THANK YOU to both the men and women Comrades who made this possible by their combined efforts!  In the ANP "women" are NOT relegated to the "kitchen" ALONE.
During the afternoon, awards for service were duly awarded, new appointments, and a raffle was held, where various books, and NS items were handed out.  We also had a vigorous "round-table" discussion period, where Party Comrades were able to voice any concerns, or suggestions about ANP operations.
Later in the day, ANP Leadership held a private session where future plans were discussed, and current programs were assessed. All in all, it was both an enjoyable and productive weekend!
The next day, on Sunday - those Party Comrades who didn't have to leave because of travel arrangments -  about 15 of us - went to "Greenfield Village" - where "America's (White) History Comes Alive" and toured the village. Its truly a wonderous place, and if ever you are in Michigan I advise you to go there. Henry Ford actually MOVED from various locations around the U.S. and the world - entire structures - like the bicycle shop where the Wright Brothers worked, or the courthouse where Lincoln argued cases and filled these structures with period furnishings. Because of the ticket prices, and I suppose just being what it IS - keeps the attendee's to about 95% White - unless you count the Oriental tourists.
I myself felt like I wished that I could LIVE there, both the atmosphere surrounding me as well as the people were so clean, wholesome, ARYAN - like, I suppose America once WAS at one time!  Old time cars and buggies traveled the streets, and we were smart enough to bring our own refreshments, as what they offer is based upon TODAYS Judeo-Capitalist prices! LOL
All in all, this weekend was a very enjoyable affair, it focused not "ONLY" on political activism for White people - but, it ALSO drove home to many of us - just WHAT we ARE fighting for, both the past-present AND future!  Thank you to EVERYONE involved! I know it "recharged my battery" - I hope it did the same for all of you! 
If nothing else, this Conference clearly SHOWS that racially aware White people do NOT "have" to be "entertained" or "enticed" to get-involved - through "CONCERTS" or "RALLIES" - OR - that we need be "FEARFUL" that holding our own gatherings means that automatically that we are going to be attacked by "anti's" or bullied by systemites - IF - we think and act OUTSIDE the BOX of the USUAL "normal movement circus's" . 
So, we of the ANP - DIDN'T - go "out in public", FLAUNTING our NS imagery in the faces of those who HATE US or are ambivilent towards OUR ideas. We STILL held our gathering SUCCESSFULLY - and isn't THAT what counts?  Who in their right minds counts "success" by how many auto's were trashed, by how many attendee's were injured or arrested by Zog enforcers or hooded punks wearing masks? OUR objective was NOT to appear in the enemies CONTROLLED jews-media and be denigrated, it was to gather, conduct business, network, and have a pleasant time. We ACHIEVED all those goals!  I suggest that some in the "movement" need to RETHINK their agenda... 
For White Worker Power!
Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Comrades, I flew in to Detroit VERY late Friday night.  I met Comrade Axl at the airport.  The Detroit airport is in two parts, about four miles apart.  Naturally, he flew in to one part, and I the other.  Since I arrived first, I went over to the McNamara Terminal.  Fortunately they have a free terminal-to-terminal shuttle.

The motel we stayed offered free airport shuttle service so we saved on cab fare.  Every little bit helps.  We also got a free ride back on Sunday.  The motel also had a free breakfast buffet.  It wasn't anything to cheer about, but it was okay, and saved us a little more money.  It cost about $116 for a double room for two nights which is very reasonable these days.

Before we went to the conference room, Axl, myself, and a few dedicated SA Men went to the Chairman's house first.  There was a lot of stuff that needed to be brought over to the place we rented such as food and eating utensils, and a few extra chairs.  Also there were outreach materials, some items to be given away, and things like that.  Chairman Suhayda treated us to donuts and coffee.   Mmmmm, donuts!

BTW, you should see some of the great banners and posters he has - many dating back to the time of Commander Rockwell.  Your loss.

We got everything set up in time and had about 45 minutes to put our feet up before people started to arrive.  I saw all the same faces I did last year, and a lot of new ones.  I was told some of them came the year before last, but missed last year, and the rest were new to the conference.  Anyway, I had a chance to meet a lot of new comrades, and not one of them gave me the creeps, like when I went to a certain other conference BEFORE I rejoined the ANP.

Frankly, I was surprised at how many brought their children, and I did have reservations about their being there, but everything was fine, and no problems except the bee sting.  

After I gave my report for California and the Southwest, I had to go outside and help with security.  The kids played, and were supervised by a couple of the mothers and the SA.  BTW, as this was a lot more of a public place than the Redneck Shop, we were NOT in uniform.  Kind of a pity.  I like my uniform, however, it was best we not draw undue attention to ourselves.  Oh well, maybe next time for uniforms.  On the other hand, it was pretty hot and those uniforms are rather heavy, so it was all for the best all the way around.  I hate the heat.

At the round table discussion, I heard a lot of good ideas from people - including some women.  As the Chairman stated, in the ANP, we don't regulate women to the kitchen.  Sometimes a woman's point of view can be of great importance, and quite different from a man's. 

One of the suggestions was that everyone who has a blog should make it more specific to his part of the country.  For example, this blog should concentrate on California and the Southwest.  Not that I should completely ignore national issues, just have more issues dealing with this part of the country.  After all, different parts of the country don't all have the same problems.  Like here, when it comes to racial issues, we are more concerned with problems created by Mestizos, while in Detroit, they are more concerned about problems created by Blacks.  There are many other examples.

Naturally, much of what was discussed at the private session is classified for the time being.  But there were many important decisions made.  One of those is a BIGGIE.  Just wait until the people who frequent White Reference hear about it.  YIKES - will the flack ever fly!  

Good news for me!  At the raffle, I won a copy of Mein Kampf.  The only one I own is the one I downloaded off the website and put in a three-ringed binder.  Now I have a real one.  Cool.  

After things wound down came the bummer part:  Cleaning up.  What a drag.  Some people made excuses about having to leave, but most pitched in and helped out.  Thanks to all who did.

Some stuff had to be taken back to the Chairman's house.  A few of us stayed awhile, and talked about this and that.  Then it was time to go.  Comrade Axl and I went back to the motel and practically collapsed in our beds.  It was a very satisfying day.

Next day, back to Hell - I mean the airport.  I wish I could have gone to Greenfield with the Chairman, but the plane wouldn't wait.  

BTW, I want to advise everyone:  DON'T FLY AMERICAN AIRLINES!  I had to fly from Detroit to Dallas, then from Dallas back to Ontario, Ca. (I avoided LAX).  Both flights were delayed three hours each!

While I was waiting, I walked around and checked the other airlines.  No other airlines were jerking their passengers around like that - except United Airlines.  I wouldn't fly them either.  There were no delays with all the others.

I'm not much on travelling, so when we landed, I was actually glad to see this crap hole of a state.  But I'll still be going again next year.  Hopefully it will be even better.  It will, if more of you get off your butts and go!  It really didn't cost that much, and I'm poor.  If I can afford it, then so can almost anyone.  Where there's a will, there's a way.

NOTE - If anyone has tried contacting me by email, I want to apologize for not getting back to you.  What with last weekend, work, and catching up on my household chores, I've been a bit overwhelmed.  I'll try and get back to you ASAP.  Thanks for understanding.

Dan  88!


  1. Dan, I would enjoy doing a North Carolina blogspot. I'd have a ball with that! I enjoy reading your blogspot the most. Once in a blue moon I go over to the other blog spots. I watched a video on poverty in America on the NC Acumen Old Guard blogspot. It motivated me to see what could be done in my area. A few phone calls and I made some progress. However that situation has become more complicated and now has turned into somewhat a racial issue. It seems the church which is Methodist had a reduction in membership due to everyone moving away because of job loss. It needs staff to distribute the food items. The church is huge so there are places to plug in the freezers that the NC Food Bank was willing to provide or so the guy told me they were checking into getting them freezers to store the food. The church didn't have the space which is total crap. You would not believe that a much smaller church in a non-white community was able to do what the other church would not do. However, I know this woman and regardless of race and location she can get the job done. I have to say she has more sense than some white people in this case and is not lazy and making excuses. I don't suppose white people will have a problem going to a different neighborhood to get their food. But anyway I wanted to let you know it's all about the people and there are some lazy people who care more about their church being tacky up with freezers sitting around than they do feeding the poor. Other churches that I contacted who wanted to help them out offered to donate funds to pay the electric bill and donate them more food. There is no excuse why the church wouldn't do it except for the fact they didn't have the staff and of course that could have been resolved too. To prevent people from taking advantage of the system I talked with several about sharing their information and that meant that individuals would have to sign a wavier. This could be done to resolve the issue of some getting too much from various places. Programs do overlap so this would only prevent them from getting the non federal and non NC food banks items more than once. So now the situation is if you want to help out and you're white then you'll end up going to the non-white section that has a bad reputation. Yes it's a mess but at least I found out what the issues were that were preventing it from being distributed at a centralized location.

    1. Whites can indeed be terribly lazy about certain things. Just look at how hard Blacks fought during the Civil Rights Era. If Whites were willing to do the same, then we'd be making even better progress. Well, when things get bad enough more will be willing to. It's just a shame that people have to hit rock bottom before they are willing to act. "Aw, can't someone else do it? The game is coming on." Typical attitude.

      If you're interested in doing a blog for us, you should contact Chairman Suhayda first and get authorization. Tell him you would like to do it, and what you have in mind. If he approves, I'll help in any way I can.

      Dan 88!

  2. Well welcome back because I didn't even know there was a conference scheduled.

    1. I have been talking about it every so often for several months. The deadline for committing to attend was June 1. After that, we stop mentioning it for security reasons.

      If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, we do this every year. I can't say when yet, as we're seriously considering moving it to either the Spring or Fall so as to avoid Summer heat and Winter cold.

      As soon as a decision is made, I'll start promoting it.

      Dan 88!

  3. What's this about Nazi women no longer being in the kitchen ?

    1. Well, we USED to have the traditional sexist attitudes as most other groups, but recently we've changed our minds.

      One of our female supporters from N. Carolina made some really excellent points about women in the movement. That, and just observing how valuable women can be in a more active role, plus the fact that this is the 21st Century, have contributed to this.

      Besides, some women aren't cut out to be mothers, just as some men aren't cut out to be fathers.

      Dan 88!

  4. I was impressed to read that women are accepted as equal comrades in the ANP, and not just as cookers, cleaners, and breeders. We were once involved with a klan group, and the women were excluded from everything but the food, and the mess. I think we ought to give the ANP a closer look. Sandra

    1. Frankly, I feel the Klan is outdated. The average White American sees them as Rednecks and hayseeds, and the robes as Halloween costumes. This is the 21st Century. Time to put away the costumes, AND realize that women can be more than just cooks and housekeepers.

      I do believe that keeping house is valuable, but women are capable of much more, and should be allowed to show us what they can do.

      Dan 88!

  5. That's great to hear the attitude towards women. Unfortunately, I have come across a lot of negative attitudes toward women from WN types. On one forum I used to frequent, the prevailing attitude was definitely "neanderthal." Stuff like women shouldnt be able to vote, they should "know their place" etc. Even saw some expression of admiration towards the Muslims because of their ability to "keep their women in line." Just sick! Dont mean to get "Freudian" (ick) but a lot of the anti-female sentiment seems to come from loser types who cant get a date. Very sad.

    Most of these "Aryan Macho Men" probably would have made some excuse to stay home and get drunk or something had Joan of Arc called them to fight by her side!

  6. I believe men who have this "Neanderthal" attitude are usually afraid of women out doing them. As a man, I can attest that it is a blow to male ego when we are beaten by a woman, except in a lottery or something that's a matter of pure luck.

    The way I see it is men have advantages over women in some things, and women have advantages over men in others. Like men are physically stronger and more aggressive, women tend to have more common sense. But we are stronger working together than against each other. Out of all the stupid wars ever fought, the "Battle Of The Sexes" is the worst.

    Dan 88!

  7. Dan,

    Women were doing much more than the traditional role of women during WWII so it's only natural that would continue today. People who don't know their history interpret it to be much more restrictive on women than it ever really was. I generally ignore people with those sexiest attitudes because obviously they don't know their history. It seems they have a mutated form of NS. I think women should be able to do it all and therefore maximize all of their potential.


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