Sunday, October 30, 2011

Another Stupid Story

Comrades, I tried copying this story, but it just wouldn't work out right. I even tried to use word pad, and it still didn't work. You'll have to click on the link yourself.

I don't have much of a comment to make because the Gay issue is rather low on my list of priorities. I couldn't care less if someone is Gay as long as he keeps it out of my face. I have to agree with Bill Clinton on this. "Don't ask, don't tell."

Anyway, check out yet another piece of stupidity that we're suppose to waste our time on:

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

TSA Releases VIPR Venom on Tennessee Highways

by , October 25, 2011

If you thought the Transportation Security Administration would limit itself to conducting unconstitutional searches at airports, think again. The agency intends to assert jurisdiction over our nation’s highways, waterways, and railroads as well. TSA launched a new campaign of random checkpoints on Tennessee highways last week, complete with a sinister military-style acronym — VIPR — as a name for the program.

As with TSA’s random searches at airports, these roadside searches are not based on any actual suspicion of criminal activity or any factual evidence of wrongdoing whatsoever by those detained. They are, in effect, completely random. So first we are told by the U.S. Supreme Court that American citizens have no 4th Amendment protections at border crossings, even when standing on U.S. soil. Now TSA takes the next logical step and simply detains and searches U.S. citizens at wholly internal checkpoints.

The slippery slope is here. When does it end? How many more infringements on our liberties, our property, and our basic human rights to travel freely will it take before people become fed up enough to demand respect from their government? When will we demand that the government heed obvious constitutional limitations and stop treating ordinary Americans as criminal suspects in the absence of probable cause?

The real tragedy occurs when Americans incrementally become accustomed to this treatment on the roads just as they have become accustomed to it in the airports. We already accept arriving at the airport two or more hours before a flight to get through security; will we soon have to build an extra two or three hours into our road trips to allow for checkpoint traffic?

Worse, some people are lulled into a false sense of security and are actually grateful for this added police presence! Should we really hail the expansion of the police state as an enhancement to safety? I submit that an attitude of acquiescence to TSA authority is thoroughly dangerous, un-American, and insulting to earlier, freedom-loving generations who built this country.

I am certain people will complain about this, once they have to sit in stopped traffic for a few extra hours to allow for random searches of cars. However, I am also certain it merely will take another “foiled” plot to silence many people into gladly accepting more government mismanagement of safety.

Vigilant, observant, law-abiding, gun-owning citizens defend themselves and stop crimes every day before police can respond. That is the source of real security in America: the 2nd Amendment right to defend oneself. The answer is for people to be empowered to protect themselves. Yet how many weapons might these checkpoints confiscate? Even when individuals go through all the legal hoops of licensing and permits, the chances of harassment or outright confiscation of weapons and detention of citizens when those weapons are found at a TSA checkpoint is extremely high.

Disarming the highways and filling them full of jack-booted thugs demanding to see our papers is no way to make them safer. Instead, it is a great way to expand government surveillance powers and tighten the noose around our liberties.


Comrades, although I happen to agree with what Mr. Paul said, let's not forget that he is a politician who works WITHIN a corrupt, failing system. Assuming that he is sincere, like so many others, he wants to repair a system that should take it's place in the past, along with absolute monarchies, and communist states. That's a mistake. We all know what kind of state we need to save our Folk from extinction.

What gets me is that so many people say that if National Socialists came to power, the American people would be subjected to a dictatorship.

Look around everyone. We're almost there now. Our constitutional rights are being violated every time we turn around. First, we had the Patriot Act. It was so named because it was without a doubt a complete violation of our rights, but by giving it such a name, the government hoped that the people would go along with it - even though it was illegal, for "the good of the country." Nope, not me. As long as these rights exist, I expect to be granted ALL of them.

Next came the Department Of Homeland Security. Did you know the original name was going to be the Department Of Internal Security? Again, they decided on a more emotional name so as to stir people's patriotism so they would accept this unconstitutional department. Again, not me.

Then comes TSA. We were told that this was necessary because of the high risk of attack against civilians on foreign and domestic flights. Since the conception of TSA, it was already determined that their jurisdiction would eventually be expanded to railroads, buses, subways, and even highways. Well, that's exactly what's happening. All in the name of "protecting" the people.

One of the ways people make fun of National Socialism is to imply we're for dictatorships by saying in a mocking tone, "Vhere ist your papers?" Isn't that happening here right now? You can't do hardly anything without proper ID. The government even wants a national ID card, and to make it a criminal offense to be out in public without it. Sounds like dictatorship tactics to me.

The United States has already become a police state. The sad thing is that most Americans welcome these overkill security measures. Most people have become soft and cowardly in their materialism. These people deserve to live in a dictatorship. They allowed it to happen. They did nothing to stop it in the beginning when it would have been easier. And folks, that includes us. We too allowed it happen. The fault is ours as well as Joe Average's.

It's still not too late, but it will be sooner than you'd like to think. Let's act before it is. Support the ANP in any way you can.

"Those who trade their freedom for safety deserve neither." - Benjamin Franklin.

Dan 88!

Friday, October 28, 2011

It Seems Germany Is Leaving The European Union!

Germany is Already Printing Money... Deutsche Marks!!!

By Graham Summers

So... by now everyone realizes that the Euro is in major trouble and will no longer exist in its current form for much longer. However, the common view is that it is Greece and possibly other PIIGS countries who will be forced out if the Eurozone is broken up.

But few are talking about another possibility... GERMANY leaving the EU.

One who is talking about this is Dr Pippa Malmgren, a former economic advisor to George W. Bush and a Director for Deutsche Bank. According to Malmgren, Germany has already ordered the printing of Deutsche Marks in anticipation of a possible withdrawal from the EU.

Malmgren states, "the social contract between Germany's citizens and its leaders preclude [debt monetization] given their history." She adds that, "Germany has already begun to emphasize the need for a new EU Treaty that would compel fiscal harmonization, penalties for those that break the Maastricht Treaty rules and other undertakings that would harden Europe's defenses against economic default risks going forward."

If this is true, and Malmgren is correct, then the Euro will absolutely IMPLODE. Germany is widely held to be the strongest balance sheet in the EU (though even the Head of its Central Bank admits that the country's real Debt to GDP is over 200%).

However, compared to the PIIGS, Germany is relatively rock solid from a fiscal point of view. It's also the largest economy in the EU. So if the Germany pulls out (70% of Germans believe the Euro has no future) then Europe will experience a wave of defaults starting with Greece and spreading throughout the PIIGS.

We're already seeing hints of this occurring. Germany Vice Chancellor, Philip Roesler said on September 11 that Germany won't participate in any more bailouts and that any German politicians who approve more bailouts is committing political suicide.

We also have reports of Sarkozy and Merkel screaming at each other in recent meetings. France has announced plans to possibly nationalize several banks just "in case." And Germany has dropped more than a few hints that it's fed up with the situation.

Heck, even mainstream "thinkers" like Alan Greenspan says the Euro is "doomed" to fail.

Folks, something VERY bad is brewing behind the scenes. The Sarkozy- Merkel talks, the short-selling bans, the halted stocks, the leveraged EFSF, the hints of QE 3, all of this is telling us that the financial system is on DEFCON 1 Red Alert.


If Germany, France, or Britain leave the EU, which is a strong possibility these days, then the EU will be finished.

If Germany refuses to bailout other EU nations, and they've indicated they will, they would be in violation of the EU Constitution and could be expelled. I'd say they are planning to leave. They're just waiting for the right moment.

If, no, I mean WHEN the EU crumbles, the entire Global economy will collapse soon after.

There are riots in Europe. Riots in America. Germany is leaving the EU, which means an inevitable disintegration of the Union. The big collapse has finally begun. We have come full circle. Our time has come again.

Addendum: Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villargosa (a Mestizo - typical for CA.) has announced that he will end the "Occupy LA" demonstration. He says it's costing the city too much money. As of the time I wrote this commentary, I have not heard if he has set a deadline. The demonstrators say they are not going anywhere. Another riot is brewing.

Dan 88!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Riots Have Begun - In The USA!

Occupy Oakland: More than 100 arrested; police defend tactics

Los Angeles TimesPolice arrested more than 100 people during a night of clashes with Occupy Oakland protesters throughout the city's downtown area

Police arrested more than 100 people during a night of clashes with Occupy Oakland protesters throughout the city's downtown area.

The scene finally cleared after midnight Wednesday, but police were on alert in case crowds returned.

Oakland's interim police chief, Howard Jordan, said arrests were continuing and that the total number might rise. Eight-five of those arrests were made Tuesday night, when officers raided the Occupy Oakland encampment on Frank Ogawa Plaza at City Hall, along with an annex in a park near Lake Merritt.

PHOTOS: Occupy Oakland protest

Jordan justified his department's use of tear gas.

"We were in a position where we had to deploy gas in order to stop the crowd and people from pelting us with bottles and rocks," he said.

Protesters had also thrown paint "and other agents" at officers, he added.
The crowd reached about 1,000 people at its peak, Jordan said, noting that police used bean bag rounds to disperse demonstrators. He said no rubber bullets were used -- a claim disputed by protesters.

Two officers were injured in the clashes, Jordan said. He said he did not know how many demonstrators may have been hurt.

In an interview with KTVU-TV Channel 2, Officer David Carman said he had been hit by paintballs and more.

"The crowd started throwing bottles, paints, beer, eggs at myself and the other officers," he said.

But some activists criticized the police tactics.

Kat Brooks, an Occupy Oakland activist and spokeswoman, said she took her young daughter home about 9:30 p.m. Tuesday because she did not want to expose her to the tear gas flooding downtown Oakland.

Protesters had marched from the plaza to Snow Park, a swatch of green near Lake Merritt, where an annex encampment was also torn down by police Wednesday morning. They had returned to City Hall when the confrontation began.

"We weren’t there but a minute before they started giving the dispersal order," Brooks said Tuesday night. "The first time they said five minutes, this time they said 'now.' They shot off the flash grenades and people scattered."

"This is the most disciplined I've ever seen Oakland be. There was no damage to property," she said.

At one point, Brooks said, several officers were hit with paintballs, but she said they had come out swinging batons.

"From the way they came into the camp [Tuesday] morning to the way they acted tonight, they have gone beyond what was necessary," she said.


So now it's actually begun. Comrades, this gives me renewed hope for the success of our movement. Oakland, which is nothing but a racial cesspool, is just the beginning.

Believe me, the eyes of the entire country are on this. When arrests are made in other cities, this will be repeated all across the country. If I were ZOG, or wealthy, I'd really be sweating right about now!

Remember, I am not now nor have I ever advocated anything illegal such as riots. But they have begun. I didn't start them, and I can't stop them. All I can do is advise everyone that if there is an "Occupy" event in your town or area, and a riot breaks out, BE CAREFUL. Think before you act.

The ANP are revolutionaries, not thugs and hooligans. IF violence ever becomes necessary, it must be planned, coordinated, and disciplined. Not undirected, unfocused, and undisciplined.

Dan 88!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Finances On DEFCON ONE Alert

By Graham Summers

Last week's moves were entirely based on the fact that stocks are now tracking the Euro almost tick for tick. And last week, the Euro hit "take off," despite the clear indications that Europe is facing systemic failure (the entire banking system is leveraged at Lehman-like levels and European sovereigns are facing failed bond auctions on a weekly basis).

I mentioned that last week could be a potential top. I still hold that view and would consider anywhere between today's levels and 1,250 (MAJOR resistance) to be a spot to lighten up on longs and establish shorts.

Indeed, deflation looks to be the dominate theme in the markets today. Gold is having trouble catching a bid.

Inflation hedges falling, Treasuries rallying... this is a deflationary backdrop. And it's occurring at a time when the EU is talking about launching a LEVERAGED version of the EFSF and the Fed has hinted at launching another version of QE 1???

Folks, something VERY bad is brewing behind the scenes. The Sarkozy- Merkel talks, the short-selling bans, the halted stocks, the leveraged EFSF, the hints of QE 3, all of this is telling us that the financial system is on DEFCON 1 Red Alert.

Ignore stocks, they're ALWAYS the last to "get it." The credit markets are jamming up just like they did in 2008. The banking system is flashing all the same signals as well.


Comrades, I'm no financial expert. If I was, I wouldn't be broke all the time. LOL It's true, Mr. Summers uses a lot of technical jargon in his articles, but he IS an expert. We may not always understand everything he says, but we get the gist of it. And to me, the gist doesn't sound good. I'm not sure what he means by our finances are on DEFCON ONE, but I know what that means when the military goes to DC1. That means attack or horrible disaster is imminent.

We all know how bad things have deteriorated in Europe. We're not as bad off, but we will be eventually.

Contrary to what many believe, China is in terrible shape as well. They've borrowed and leveraged themselves to the max, and with the world's economy going down the toilet, countries who owe them money (the U.S. isn't the only one) can't make their payments, and countries who they owe money to are calling in the loans and China may have to default, just like the U.S. will sooner or later.

When everything collapses, we have to be ready. I don't just mean ready to take care of our families, although that is top priority with everyone. What I mean is people will be lost, frightened, and looking for a direction - ANY direction. We must be ready to direct them to National Socialism.

Even after the collapse, keep handing out literature. Keep talking to people and recruiting. Keep your outreach efforts on the internet going (assuming that is the internet doesn't go down as well).

In other words, when the worst happens, let's not be a bunch of "We told you so's". That's being negative. Let's be positive. We must point our Folk to a better way, rather than let them try and rebuild the system that caused this mess in the first place.

Dan 88!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Anniversary To Me!

Comrades, it's been about one year since I returned to the ANP, and I have absolutely no regrets. Returning was one of the best decisions I've made in my life. Leaving was one of the worst.

I have been a member of basically two other organisations. When I joined the NSALP, everything SEEMED to feel right - at first. Then, one by one, the little red flags went up. I won't go into any detail because that would be sort of trashing another group and I won't do that unless it's unavoidable, meaning that I can't make my point without doing so. Let's just say that one by one the flags went up, but still I stayed. I hoped as one of the party officers, I could help to remove a few of those flags. Didn't work out that way.

When my superiors went MIA, and I took over as ACTING Chairman, my first concern was the membership. Technically Party By-Laws didn't allow me to do what I did without approval of certain other party officials. But they were nowhere to be found, so I did what I thought was right.

Realizing my limitations, and my lack of experience, I knew I couldn't lead the party myself, I arranged a merger with another group. That was an even bigger mistake. Things again SEEMED okay - at first. Then our leader was ousted by an internal coup and things went downhill very quickly.

There was arguing, insults, accusations, and plenty of drama in general. I got to the point where I had had enough. I remembered that none of this crap went on in the ANP. Chairman Suhayda never gave up on me. He contacted me every now and again and tried to set me straight. For two years, I refused to listen, even though I knew deep down that he was right. I openly called him pig-headed, but I was the one who was pig-headed. I figured I made several important decisions, and I had to stick by them. It was stubbornness, plain and simple, but finally I got the message.

Once again I want to thank Chairman Suhayda for giving me a second chance. Several ANP officers, including the chairman have told me I'm doing a good job. I'm very grateful for being allowed back, and I won't let anyone down again.

BTW, just two months until Christmas! Have you started your shopping yet? Well, I haven't, but I will in a week or two. Good luck with yours!

Dan 88!

Monday, October 24, 2011

What Presidential Candidates Should Be Saying About Illegal Immigration -- 5 EASY STEPS TO 'REVERSE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION'

By Roy Beck, Wednesday, October 19, 2011, 5:30 PM EDT

Last night's Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas was the best yet for candidates pledging tougher action against illegal immigration. (See our web editor Chris Chmielenski's live blog and news summary

But all of the candidates remain somewhat tongue-tied when it comes to an overall, coherent plan that would resolve most of our country's illegal immigration problems.

The below plan is simple, reasonable and achievable. A candidate could win the hearts and admiration of a lot of voters by adopting the plan and learning to articulate it.

Please do what you can to deliver this 5-step plan to your favorite presidential candidate(s) -- including the current President. On our Presidential Candidates Grid, you can click on any photo to see the contact information for each:


The federal government's goal with respect to illegal immigration should be to reduce the number of illegal immigrants in our country, over time and in an orderly and systematic way, until the number is as low as it feasibly can be.

Stopping illegal immigration isn't enough. Securing the borders isn't enough.

The country has to cause the millions of illegal aliens in the country to go back home -- so that the United States becomes a net exporter of illegal aliens each year, instead of a net importer of illegal aliens each year.

A responsible approach to illegal immigration would seek to make the number of illegal aliens who leave the country annually greater than the number who enter the country annually. Experts who study the issue believe that we could achieve a net outflow between one million and two million per year by implementing or enhancing a handful of measures that are already known to be effective, and in fact are largely premised on existing law. Namely:

  • turning off the jobs magnet by requiring workplace verification of legal status (i.e., requiring all employers to use the existing but not-yet-mandatory program known as E-Verify);
  • turning off various other magnets such as in-state tuition, drivers licenses and birthright citizenship;
  • building an effective, physical fence on the Mexican border;
  • deploying a reliable check-in/check-out system for visitors to the United States (i.e., fixing the current program known as US VISIT); and
  • enforcing existing deportation laws to perhaps double the effect of current enforcement.

These five measures alone should reduce our illegal alien population by half in less than six years. Let us consider each measure in turn.


Turning off the jobs magnet.

By far the most important means of reversing illegal immigration is to stop illegal aliens from holding jobs. Without jobs, most illegal aliens will find it difficult to support themselves and will return home.

Candidates would do well to endorse House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith's Legal Workforce Act because it does more than require E-Verify for new hires and sets up systems for identifying and firing illegal aliens who have obtained jobs with stolen identities.

We need to hear candidates pledge as President to fully enforce every aspect of this legislation.

Turning off other magnets.

For the same reason the jobs magnet should be turned off, so too should all the other magnets. One example is in-state tuition for illegal aliens. There are others such as the current privilege of not paying for health care in hospitals. The biggest, however, is birthright citizenship: the granting of American citizenship to a child merely because he or she was born here, even if to illegal alien parents.

Building an effective, physical fence.

Effective, physical fencing along the Mexican border (i.e., a wall where that is appropriate, or a double-fence with a barrier road between the fences where that is appropriate) is a well-established and bi-partisan idea. Congress has already authorized the building of an effective, physical fence along about 700 miles of the 2000-mile southern border. Building that 700-mile stretch of fence is a good start. An even better policy would build 1,000 miles of effective fencing encompassing the entire 800-mile ground border between San Diego and El Paso, plus another 200 miles of the most needed river border in Texas. As a practical matter, most experts believe it is not necessary to fence the entire 2,000-mile southern border, but that theory can be tested over time. If 1,000 miles of fencing proves insufficient, we can build more.

And to be effective, fencing must have the appropriate level of Border Patrol and detection technology.

Deploying a check-in/check-out system.

30-40% of illegal aliens first enter the United States on legal visas and then overstay. Although Congress authorized a check-in and check-out system in 1996, no President has fully implemented it. The current US-VISIT system, for example, makes virtually no effort to have the 45 million foreign visitors each year check out. And Congress exempts most Canadians and Mexicans. The problems with US-VISIT can all be fixed without undue expense or genuine controversy.

Enforcing existing deportation laws to perhaps double the effects of current enforcement.

Deportations reduce our illegal alien population directly. They also discourage illegal entry into the United States in the first place, and they encourage illegal aliens already here to leave voluntarily. As of now, we deport less than 4% of the illegal alien population each year (despite 100% of that population being legally eligible for deportation). Under current policy, large numbers of people who are identified by law enforcement as probable illegal aliens are never placed into deportation proceedings. And large numbers of those who are subjected to proceedings and ordered deported abscond or are otherwise allowed by the federal government to avoid their deportation orders. A President could perhaps double the number of illegal aliens who leave the country as a result of existing detection without any change in law by Congress by increasing cooperation between local law enforcement and the feds, by reducing the opportunities for illegal aliens to abscond after deportaton orders and by requesting that Congress provide more funds for ICE agents, immigration judges and detention capacity.

When U.S. Rep. Barbara Jordan (D-Tex.) chaired President Clinton's commission on immigration, she aptly summarized the need for deportations to be part of improved immigration policy: "Credibility in immigration policy can be summed up in one sentence: those who should get in, get in; those who should be kept out, are kept out; and those who should not be here will be required to leave. ... (F)or the system to be credible, people actually have to be deported at the end of the process."

There you have it:


ROY BECK is the CEO & Founder of NumbersUSA

NumbersUSA's blogs are copyrighted and may be republished or reposted only if they are copied in their entirety, including this paragraph, and provide proper credit to NumbersUSA. NumbersUSA bears no responsibility for where our blogs may be republished or reposted.

Views and opinions expressed in blogs on this website are those of the author. They do not necessarily reflect official policies of NumbersUSA.


Comrades, Mr. Beck has basically the right idea here, but he is making one crucial mistake. What he's trying to do is to "fix" the current system of government, which has become completely unfixable, and should be discarded.

Unless you have a classic or antique car, if you pour thousands of dollars into repairing it, even if you get it running well, you still have an old car and sooner or later, probably sooner, it will break down again. You'd be better of skipping the rebuild and getting another car.

It's the same with the country. Patch up one of it's problems, and you still have a defective system. We'd all be better off discarding it and starting over fresh.

Comrades, this country has become a clunker. Let's not waste our time and money trying to fix something that's this far gone. Let's send ZOG where he belongs. They have wrecking yards for cars. Too bad they don't have them for countries.

National Socialism is the ONLY way to save this country and our Folk from extinction.

Dan 88!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

ICE Director John Morton Challenged by Immigration Subcommittee for Administrative Amnesty Policy

By Jonathan Osborne, Friday, October 21, 2011, 7:55 AM EDT

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following report is from the House Immigration Subcommittee's oversight hearing on the priorities of immigration enforcement. ICE Director John Morton had to defend the Administration's policy of granting deferred action or parole to illegal aliens who hadn't committed a serious crime. Rep. Ted Poe challenged Morton for implementing a policy that encourages future illegal immigration, while Rep. Trey Gowdy challenged Morton for creating a policy instead of asking Congress for assistance.

The House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration Policy and Enforcement hosted a hearing last week titled “U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement: Priorities and the Rule of Law.”

The Congressmen in attendance were Elton Gallegly (Subcommittee Chairman) of California, Lamar Smith (Committee Chairman) of Texas, Steve King (Subcommittee Vice-Chairman) of Iowa, Ted Poe of Texas, Louie Gohmert of Texas, Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, Dennis Ross of Florida, Zoe Lofgren (Subcommittee Ranking Member) of California, Maxine Waters of California, and Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas.

This was an oversight hearing with ICE Director John Morton, who was called in to testify about the deferred removal “administrative amnesty” policy. However, there was also a second panel with witnesses from outside the Administration including Chris Crane with the National ICE Council (union for ICE employees), David Rivkin with the Baker and Hostetler law firm, Ray Tranchant with the Advanced Technology Center Tidewater Community College, and Paul Virture with the Baker and McKenzie law firm.

After Subcommittee Chairman Gallegly, Ranking Member Lofgren, and ICE director John Morton read their prepared opening statements, the real meat and potatoes of this hearing (like most hearings) was in the intense question and answer segment.

It was exciting to see Chairman Gallegly come out swinging against John Morton who remained loyal to President Obama and Secretary Napolitano and fiercely defended his deferred removal policy. Similar to the House Homeland Security hearing two weeks ago, the Republicans were angry and ready to confront this issue face-to-face. They got an ear full from constituents during the recess and were ready to take action, even though the policy was in operation months before it was made public. Gallegly wanted numbers like how many employers were fined and how many illegal aliens were actually removed, setting the stage for a larger argument.

Director Morton defended his numbers, but was hesitant to answer questions about specifics like the Chipotle case. He agreed that recidivism was a problem, yet maintained that ICE didn’t have the resources to cite and detain a vast majority of illegal aliens.

However, as Republican Members on the House Homeland Security Committee pointed out two weeks ago, ICE has never come to Congress requesting more funding to address this problem. Instead, they are simply happy to be funded above President Obama’s budget request.

Ranking Member Lofgren took over the questioning and immediately defended Morton with rhetorical questions addressing the usual Obama/Napolitano talking points. According to Director Morton and Mrs. Lofgren, ICE doesn’t have the resources to apprehend and remove more than 400,000 illegal aliens a year and as a result they have decided to prioritize criminal aliens and those “gaming the system.” Morton even added to Lofgren’s points by saying that “we can’t possibly hold someone for two years because of cost, so we have a retain docket and a non-retain docket.” He continued by saying, “It makes no sense to detain someone in medical need.”

Director Morton was trying to appeal to the Republicans by arguing for conservative management of existing funds. While I absolutely agree that we should not be providing extensive medical and legal services to illegal aliens, instead of conforming to the current system, why are Director Morton and Secretary Napolitano not asking Congress for legal solutions to these bureaucratic problems? With every opportunity before Congress, they defend their Department and policies, but never open a dialogue with Congress and staff to make specific changes to make their work more effective. And, when they do actually advocate a policy change, it’s usually some form of amnesty disguised as part of an overarching Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill.

When Congressman Ted Poe took over questioning he immediately began to ask about the deferred removal memo. Specifically, he asked who drafted the 20 factors used to determine who to pursue and who to ignore. Director Morton took credit for issuing the document. He said, “The White House and Department were involved, but I issued the document.”

Congressman Poe, who is a former judge, then asked what the legislative authority was for prosecutorial discretion.

Morton replied, “The Supreme Court,” which prompted Mr. Poe to ask, “but no statutory authority, correct?” Morton replied, “Correct.”

Congressman Poe then made an outstanding rhetorical point by saying, “there are 900,000 drunk driver arrests in the U.S. each year. If we only prosecuted those who killed someone, do you think that would discourage drunk driving?”

Morton responded by saying, “I’m a career prosecutor.”

Poe returned the smug response by saying, “I know your background. Just answer the question.”

Morton was silent, Mr. Poe’s question time was expired, and he closed by saying “It encourages people to come here illegally.” Director Morton then quipped back, “The law gives the Secretary of Homeland Security authority to set procedures and policies.”

This was a truly great line of questioning for Congressman Poe. First of all, it revealed the smug arrogance of John Morton, which explains no one really likes working for or with him. Second, Mr. Poe’s drunk driving analogy explained how the deferred removal policy undercuts the effectiveness of the law against illegal immigration altogether.

After Congressman Poe, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas used her question time to, as usual, advocate for comprehensive immigration “amnesty” reform and the need for a “compassionate system.” She even told a sad story about a teacher friend of hers who was “torn from the classroom after 20 years.”

In other words, the teacher was deported after being caught in the country illegally. Contrary to Mrs. Jackson Lee, we have a very compassionate system, much better than other countries. The illegal aliens are provided access to free health care and legal services for goodness sake.

When Congressman Ross of Florida took over questioning, he asked about the countries that would not cooperate in taking back aliens ordered to be removed from the United States. Director Morton said those were the toughest cases and that individuals from nations where we have no diplomatic relations like Cuba, Iran, and Somalia would often be set free if there were no criminal charges pending. Other countries like Vietnam and Cambodia were so slow to take back their nationals that it wasn’t worth the cost of detaining someone that long.

When it was Congresswoman Maxine Waters turn to ask questions she asked about the process and cost of adjudication for the “undocumented.” Director Morton said it took many many years to process individuals and that taxpayers pay for all removal proceedings and detention. Returning to his fiscal management argument, he said, “We remove high priority cases at the expense of low priority cases.”

However, Mrs. Waters closed by asking if Director Morton had heard anything about expanding resources. On the surface it seemed as though Mrs. Waters was asking why the Department had not asked for more money, yet she was trying to make the point that the problem persists despite the available funding.

At this point, the Subcommittee lost order as Ranking Member Lofgren chimed to claim that “Immigration Judges have a crushing work load.” She was trying to defend Director Morton’s resource management argument, but Chairman Gallegly replied that the problem was self-inflicted and full of arbitrary decisions to delay the process.

Mrs. Lofgren was offended and said, “you just made a serious accusation.”

Mr. Gallegly responded, “no, just a statement” before resuming order and yielding to Committee Chairman Lamar Smith of Texas.

Chairman Smith asked why ICE seldom deports illegal workers. Director Morton smugly replied, “Arrests are down.”

In return, Chairman Smith said those jobs should go to unemployed Americans not illegal aliens.

Director Morton then said, “I’m focusing on criminals” in one of those “you can’t tell me what to do” kind of responses.

Chairman Smith then asked about deferred action and if those released were able to get work authorized.

Morton said the current law allows for work authorization. Chairman Smith closed by saying he hoped it was a small amount because otherwise they were taking jobs from unemployed Americans.

Congressman Gowdy of South Carolina was next in line for questions and he asked about the specific memo and if any immigrant rights groups like La Raza were consulted with by the White House, but Director Morton didn’t know one way or the other. Mr. Gowdy then asked why a legislative remedy was not pursued and why ICE and the Department of Homeland Security didn’t talk to Congress first. However, Director Morton responded by saying Congress told him to focus on criminal aliens.

Mr. Gowdy then yielded in frustration to Congressman Steve King of Iowa who continued the line of questioning about who developed the policy. Mr. King was the last Congressman in line for questions before Chairman Gallegly presented his closing remarks and yielded to the second panel.

The second panel of witnesses was very good, just not as meaningful or emotionally involved as the direct questions for Director Morton. The main theme was how there was real separation between the Administration and the ICE agents in the field. Chris Crane with the National ICE Council said agents are frustrated and morale is low. Congressman King even asked, “Do you ever get the feeling you go to work, dig a hole, and fill it back before you leave?”

Congressman Gowdy asked about the rank and file ICE agents and their thoughts on the new policy. Mr. Crane said, “It definitely has political overtones. It’s about satisfying groups and not law enforcement.”

Mr. Gowdy then asked if the agents were actually prohibited from interacting with certain categories of people which prompted Mr. Crane to read from his orders that “If the aliens are not criminals, they will not be arrested. You will not talk to anyone else in the house.” Mr. Crane insisted that this was the wrong strategy because those left behind were once a primary source in tracking down other criminals.

Congressman Gohmert closed out the hearing in frustration, claiming that “we have degenerated into a third world country where it’s all about who you know.” I can think of dozens of people who share his frustration, including many of those on the Committee and their constituents. The Administration just doesn’t listen and doesn’t care, which makes everyone including the Chairman, feel powerless.

JONATHAN OSBORNE is the Chief Legislative Analyst for NumbersUSA

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Comrades, don't be too encouraged. I believe what's happening is what Commander Rockwell referred to as a "pressure valve". I've explained this before, but I'll do it again. When the people start to get REALLY pissed about how things are going, the government rolls out a few "Knights In Shining Armour" to champion the cause of the day.

In this case, it's illegal immigration. That way, it "looks" like our politicians are trying to make things right. Indeed, a few new policies that benefit us will be enacted, but just enough to "relieve the pressure". That means they throw a few tidbits at us, hoping to reduce our rage to an ordinary anger.

When people are enraged, they tend to act. When it's just ordinary anger, all they'll do is moan and complain. ZOG knows how to deal with gripers. They just either ignore them or feed them a few meaningless promises to shut them up for awhile.

For example, when gas prices first passed $4.00 a gallon a few years ago, they promised a full investigation. The oil companies lowered prices a bit, people stopped griping, and that was the end of it. It's true they did question the CEO's of a few oil companies, but that was the end of that. No probes, no real investigation, just a few questions and that was it.

That shut everyone up for awhile. The oil companies bided their time, and prices crept up slowly again. This time around, people are more used to the idea of $4.00 plus a gallon, so there's far less griping.

When gas prices get up to $5.00 a gallon, it'll start all over again. The complaining, the government's empty promises, the oil companies backing off a bit, then the prices go back up to $5.00, but since people will be used to that by then, they'll moan a bit, but they'll accept it.

It's the same with illegal immigration. People demand something be done about it. The government goes through the motions of doing something. They pass a few new laws that help a little, which satisfies the people - for awhile.

People have short attention spans. When they find a new issue to bitch about, then the government starts allowing more and more illegals into the country. They've done it before, and they'll do it again.

That's why I say that we don't need to fix the system. The system is no good, and hasn't been for over 100 years. When a building gets old and starts to rot, it's torn down and replaced with a new one. So it must be with the current system. It must be torn down and replaced with the only viable system for the White working class: National Socialism.

It won't happen by itself. We have to MAKE it happen. It's up to all of us. Send in your pledges. Hand out literature. Talk to people. Attend our conferences. Remember, the next conference is here in California. If you're an Official Supporter and would like to attend, let me know, so I can reserve a place for you. If you're from back East, you need to go through HQ in Michigan, as I only have the names of Western area supporters. They'll confirm for me that you are an OS, and I can make accommodations for you.

If you only knew where our conference is going to be held, you might want to attend just to visit the area, which is truly beautiful. If only I could afford to, I wouldn't mind moving up there at all. Unfortunately, since the security and anonymity of our supporters is our number one concern, I have to keep that information confidential unless you want to attend.

I know will be seeing a few faces I didn't see last April, plus the ones I already have, so this time should be an even bigger success than last Spring. I got some new ideas since attending the nationals in Laurens last July. We'll see if they work as well out here. I hope to see some of you there.

Dan 88!