Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Obama Creates Office Of Diversity

The new Office of Diversity and Inclusion will ensure that the entire U.S. government develops comprehensive strategies to drive and integrate diversity and inclusion practices. It will assist the different agencies in building a workforce that “respects individual and organizational cultures” by examining policy options, data trends and employee survey findings.

The goal is to eliminate demographic group imbalances in targeted occupations and improve workforce diversity. To attain this, special initiatives have been created targeting specific groups, including Hispanics, African Americans, American Indians, women and gays and lesbians. The idea is to create a workforce that truly reflects America’s diversity, according to the Obama Administration.

In fact, the Obama executive order creating the new agency assures that it will promote the federal workplace as a model of equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion. It will also establish a coordinated government-wide initiative to promote the cause. The investment is worth it because a commitment to equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion is critical for the federal government as an employer, according to the commander-in-chief.

The president’s new plan will force agencies to identify and remove barriers to equal employment opportunities that may exist in the federal government’s recruitment, hiring, promotion, retention, professional development and training policies and practices.


The author is quite correct. With all the government waste, and a Depression going on, the last thing we need to do is spend even more government money on something that is nothing more than an extra, not a necessity. Although, since it will benefit non-Whites, I'm sure they would say it is a necessity.

This brings me to my next point.

The author said, "The president’s new plan will force agencies to identify and remove barriers to equal employment opportunities that may exist in the federal government’s recruitment, hiring, promotion, retention, professional development and training policies and practices."

What barriers would those be? Come on you liberals A-Holes! This is the 21st Century! It's not the 1960's, 1970's - even the 1980's. Those racial barriers have long since been removed. If they're truly qualified, non-Whites have the same chance, no, a better chance at these jobs than Whites - even without the free brownie points.

For those of you who are unaware, not counting elected or appointed positions, government jobs are based on a point system. An applicant gets so many points for education, so many for experience, so many for being a veteran (even more if they're a combat veteran), more if you speak a second language, and more for being anything other than a White male. Plus they have to pass civil service exams. White males are LAST to be considered for these jobs. We have to be WAY more qualified, not just slightly more qualified to be considered.

As I've previously said, what ever happened to the best qualified person getting the job, irregardless of race or sex? If that person is almost always a White, then that is no longer our fault. It's true 30 plus years ago, we were doing what we could to "keep Blackie down". Not any longer.

With student loans and grants, everyone who can make the grade has a chance to go to college. Maybe not Harvard or Yale, but we do have some good state universities and colleges. How about UCLA? USC? Kent State? Florida State? UVA, LSU? All excellent and well-known state universities. With all the financial aid out there, everyone can go to college IF they are smart enough. But as Shakespeare said, "Aye, there's the rub." If they are smart enough.

There have been little-known studies that indicate the Black person's IQs are 10 points lower than Whites on average. Is that our fault? Liberals say yes. They say that Whites create IQ tests, and make them racially biased. How?! Whether you're Black or White, speak English or Spanish, 2 + 2 =4. And a square is always a square, and a triangle is always a triangle.

I remember reading a Black researcher's criticism of IQ tests. One example he cited was a word problem that involved calculating how many feet away from the house was the gazebo. He complained that the question was harder for Blacks because most Blacks were Inner City kids, and did not know what a gazebo was. I say, so what! The problem wasn't for the kids to explain what a gazebo was, it was to determine how far it was from the house.

Here's what I mean. If I said, the myxysptl is 50 and 2/3 yards away from the house, how far is it in feet? You don't need to know what a myxysptl is (I made it up, of course), you just need to figure how many feet are in 50 and 2/3 yards. What a myxysptl, or a gazebo is, is irrelevant.

Now, if Blacks are slightly less intelligent than Whites, are we supposed to dumb down the curriculum so they can pass school? NO WAY! If they can't pass, then they can't pass. If they can't score as high on a civil service exam, as we supposed to spot them so many points, like they're playing a game of one-on-one?

In any society, there are the intellectually superior, and the intellectually inferior. The superior ones must lead, and the inferior ones must follow. It's the logical way.

By the way, those who have not been to college are NOT necessarily intellectually inferior. You are just less educated. You can be very smart, yet still not have been to college. Natural intelligence is useful amongst Blue-collar workers. After all, if you are a high steel worker, you want your foreman to be intelligent, and not an idiot, right? The smarter blue-collar workers should be the foremen and supervisors, and the inferior one have to be part of the crew. Again, it's only common sense.

Going to college doesn't in-and-of-itself make you superior. Either you're born with superior intelligence or you're born with inferior intelligence. College simply helps you to make the most of what nature gave you.

Now, we have inferior, less qualified people in government jobs, just so we can have things racially diverse. Just look at the results. KABOOM!

Thanks again to Comrade Raymond Bxxxxxxx for sending this to me.

Dan 88!

BTW, does anyone know why parts of my post look like they are highlighted? I am NOT doing it on purpose. Someone mentioned something called "cross site scripting". It's a form of hacking. However, I did some checking, and it seems that XSS as it's abbreviated, is used on sites where products are sold as a way of stealing information. What information is there to steal here? If anyone has any knowledge of this phenomenon, please let me know via the comments section. I'd very much appreciate it. - Dan 88!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Is This The Future Of White America?

Skilled Boers denied work: starve in South African streets

Many tens of thousands of skilled Afrikaner workers are forced to search for food, and sleep on streets of their beloved Pretoria – the city of their forefathers: with Black-ruled South Africa’s bevy of anti-white laws; the ruling-ANC regime denies Whites ALL means of survival such as jobs, food-aid:

Poor Afrikaners on streets of Pretoria strangers in own land

Afrikaner Whites have become strangers and outcasts in their own land: denied any rights to food-aid, denied government benefits, and especially denied access to the job market. Just as the Nazis are accused of doing to the Jews, the ANC regime also created genocidal laws denying whites all the means of survival in South Africa, the land of their birth. Many tens of thousands of skilled but legally-unemployable teachers, medical workers, municipal workers, electronic-engineers, mining engineers, IT-specialists and office workers are not allowed to work in South Africa at all: only because of their paler complexion: they are barred by LAW from the labour market because of the ethnic group they belong to, and because of the language they speak. This picture and many others were taken on August 24, 2011 on the streets of Pretoria by military-analyst Pieter Oosthuizen, author of the book about the Afrikaner Genocide - he has been keeping a detailed record of the ongoing genocide of his people. and


Solidarity trade union has a long register of names of top-skilled, experienced people who are available for work – but refused jobs in the country of their birth because they are white: Are you looking for a reliable, well-trained, hard-working employee (anywhere in the world)? Contact Solidarity at:

There also are many job-seekers at



Sleeping inside a plastic bag: one of the security measures Whites in South Africa need to take if they want to survive each night.



It appears that Whites are being treated worse by the Black regime, than Blacks were when Whites were in control. Back then, most of the world raised a human cry against the White system of Apartheid which made segratation not only legal, but mandatory, and reduced the Blacks to second class citizens. Eventually, the White regime caved in to world pressure, and put Blacks in charge. Now see the results.

I don't see anyone but us raising a cry against these atrocities. I suppose the ruling Blacks in South Africa consider this a form of payback for the years they had to endure such conditions and treatment. The thing is, most of those effected by these inhumane policies were either young children, or not even born when Apartheid ended. Why are they being made to suffer for something they did not do, and had no control over? Why isn't the rest of the world making as big a stink over this as when Whites were in control?

Comrades, the reason is simple. In today's PC world, it is unacceptable for Whites to treat others with racism, but it is acceptable for others to do it to us. If we don't fight for our Folk NOW, within 20 years, we'll suffer the same fate as the Afrikaners.

For those who think I'm full of sh*t, just consider human nature. I admit, Whites have dished out a lot of crap out to non-Whites. However, once the minorities are in the majority, they'll find it all too easy to return the same crap back to us - in double portions - despite their vows of equality and fairness for all. We may not end up quite as bad off as the Afrikaners, but things might be close. I'm sure you, like me, would rather not take the chance. We must fight NOW, while there's still a chance. The ANP is looking for a few good people. Oops! I hope the Marines don't sue me for stealing their slogan!

Dan 88!

Monday, August 29, 2011

The End Of The European Union Grows Even Nearer

By Graham Summers

Looking out on the markets before the week begins the mood is very, very tense.

The European debt crisis continues to intensify with Greece moving to save one of its smaller banks (Proton) from failure. The Greek bank system does not have FDIC-style insurance, so a bank failure there means that the possibility of losing all of one's money is in fact very real.

Elsewhere in the Eurozone, Spain and Italy are increasingly coming under fire with the ECB revealing it has purchased 34 billion Euros worth of their debt in the last two weeks. As I've noted in previous pieces, these two countries are the REAL problem for the Eurozone: they're too big to be bailed out.

How this particular mess will play out all depends on Germany. No German support for the ECB's moves and you've got no EU. And German politicians are becoming increasingly negative about further aid.

Indeed, over the weekend Angela Merkel announced that Euro-bonds (the new idea of floating bonds backed by... the EU?!?) wouldn't solve the EU's problems. Germany's Finance Minister said the same thing, pointing out that Germany would be required to make $3.6 billion in interest payments for Euro-bonds in the first year alone, with the amount likely to increase to over $36 billion per year after the first decade.

Merkel's party got slammed in the March 2011 German elections. With the next round of elections coming up in roughly one month's time (and 56% of Germans saying the Euro has brought them disadvantages), the fate of the Euro will likely be decided within the next four months.

The market seems to be sensing this with the Euro coiling tighter and tighter in a triangle pattern. When this pattern breaks (likely to the downside) the Euro will take out critical support at 140 and begin its break to new lows (below the May 2010 lows of 118):

<span class=

Aside from the European situation, the world is experiencing a global liquidity crisis that is now bordering on a "2008" situation. I've been warning about this. We're now beginning to see even Goldman Sachs and other large institutions publicly calling for a Crash. In other words, BUCKLE UP.

The S&P 500 has now wiped out a year's worth of gains, bringing stocks back to roughly where they were when the Fed announced QE lite. The snapback rally of early last week proved to be exactly what I thought it was: a bounce from oversold conditions.

The tell-tale sign is that we've since had a sharp reversal erasing all of those gains. One more down day and we're on to new lows and officially into a bear market in the US (20% off the peak). Which would put us up there with Spain, Switzerland, Russia, Germany, Brazil, Italy, India, and nearly every other major market in the world.

<span class=

I've said before that stocks are the last to "get it." What I mean by this is that the bond and credit markets typically adjust to changes in the world much faster than stocks. This is definitely true today as the US stock market has held up relatively well. However, Treasuries have rallied beyond even their May 2010 highs and are now approaching their 2008 highs:

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In plain terms, the market's are in full-scale Crisis mode. While stocks have bounce hard temporarily the rest of the financial system is in a complete and utter panic.

I warned to get defensive several weeks ago. That warning is even more important now. I would avoid stocks and Treasuries as neither are particularly safe. I'd have increased exposure to cash and PHYSICAL bullion (Gold and Silver). If you have to remain long stocks shift into large-caps and companies that will exist a year from now (brands and industries people will need regardless of how bad the economy gets).

We're one step away from total collapse of the European Union. When that occurs, Wall Street may also collapse - for good.


Wall Street will collapse when the EU falls? Well, I say good and double good. The European Union has never been good of the Indigenous People of Europe (the White Race). It has benefited Third World immigrants because of the EU's open border policy within the Union, and all the freebies that the different counties therein dole out to these foreign leeches.

As to Wall Street, that and the Federal Reserve Bank are the very heart of Judeo-Capitalist power in this country.

Remember what Mayer Amschel Rothschild said in 1790, " Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws." The sooner that nest of corrupt, greedy vipers are gone, the better off the White Worker will be - and the better off National Socialism will be.

"Only when they [the White Working Class] are intolerably fed-up will they turn against the old order, and only then will they respond to its replacement: National Socialism." - Colin Jordan, Founder of the British [National Socialist] Movement.

It's a shame that Comrade Jordan didn't live to see the inevitable collapse happen. We certainly will. The sooner the better. When it happens we must be ready. If we fail in our task, what will take the place of the present order? It frightens me to even think about it. HAIL VICTORY!

Dan 88!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

ANP News And Reminders

I have two items today.

First is about Facebook. For those of you who use FB, bear in mind that it is literally owned by Jews. Their terms of use state that they will not tolerate "hate, threats, or racism." They can disable your account at any time if you violate those terms. That includes posting National Socialist pics, articles, and links to NS sites. Also, using racial slurs, and just threatening another racial group in general can get you booted off. They will never give you a detailed reason as to why your account was disabled. The email will just say your account was disabled because you violated their terms of use, and that's all they'll tell you. Legally, that's all they have to tell you.

Now you might say, "So what?! I'll just open another account." Yep, you can do that. However, you'll lose all your FB friends, and will have to start contacting them all again, and sending friend requests one at a time. Also, if you're playing any of FB's episodic games like "Empires And Allies", "Cityville", etc., you'll lose your place. You'll have to start from level one again. If you spent actual money buying points, allies, or items for the game, you've lost your money. After all, it isn't ZYNGA's fault your account was disabled, so why should they refund your money?

If you continue to violate their terms of use again, they'll give you the sack as soon as they find out and/or get around to it, and rest assured, they will - you can count on it. So bear this in mind when you post NS related items. If this isn't a problem for you, then fine. If it is, think before you write or post something. Remember, FB shares their information with the federal government. It helps ZOG gather intel on us. Never say anything on FB you wouldn't say to a cop or a judge.

Also, many of these FB National Socialists are infiltrators and weirdos. Unless you know a FB friend personally, NEVER TRUST THEM. They could be agents or dangerous kooks, for all you know. Think security at all times. Whatever we do, ZOG will always try and gather info on us. Let's help them as little as possible.

Next, Comrade Axl had his second Talkshoe radio show today. It went very well, despite the fact that I was the only caller. Now I understand many of you didn't even know about it. Okay fine. You're excused. But those of you who did, what's your excuse? Can't afford a long distance call. You mean you can't afford a five minute call just to say hello or make a quick comment before you run your bill up too much? Horse manure. A five minute call only costs a couple of bucks. Some can't afford that if they're out of work, but most of you can afford a few minutes, so let's get with it - especially you SA Men. In a way, it costs to be in the SA. You have to make your pledges. You have to distribute literature, which means money for copies. You have to attend at least SOME conferences, and you might have to shell out three or four bucks for a long distance phone call. More is expected from the SA than the OS. If you can't meet those responsibilities, maybe you should rethink your place in the SA. Maybe you should go back to being an OS again if you can't live up to your responsibilities.

The next show will be Friday, September 2, or Saturday, September 3. It hasn't been decided yet, but will be in a day or two. When it is all set, I will post the day, time, the phone number, and the access code. I won't do it in a daily post, it will be posted in a permanent place on this blog. I'll just change the day and time every week.

For our opposition, you are welcome to call in too and give your opinions on the ANP, our policies, our leadership, whatever you want. All we ask is you behave like mature adults. If you can't say what you want to say without threats, insults or obscenities, then don't bother. This is a show for adults, not foul mouthed children. If you pull any of that, I guarantee you that it will be you that comes off sounding like an A-Hole, not us.

Talk to you next week.

Dan 88!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Immigration Lessons from Texas

By Jeremy Beck, Thursday, August 18, 2011, 2:31 PM EDT

In his August 14 column, "The Texas Unmiracle," Nobel-Prize-winning economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman arrives at similar conclusions about immigration and employment as NumbersUSA. First, Krugman acknowledges that immigration, in part, drove Texas job growth (more people = bigger economy) during the recession. Second, Krugman notes that job growth hasn't kept up with population growth in Texas (more jobs, but high unemployment). Finally, Krugman warns that the influx of workers has put downward pressure on wages (supply and demand).


But what does population growth have to do with job growth? Well, the high rate of population growth translates into above-average job growth through a couple of channels. Many of the people moving to Texas — retirees in search of warm winters, middle-class Mexicans in search of a safer life — bring purchasing power that leads to greater local employment. At the same time,the rapid growth in the Texas work force keeps wages low — almost 10 percent of Texan workers earn the minimum wage or less, well above the national average — and these low wages give corporations an incentive to move production to the Lone Star State.

So Texas tends, in good years and bad, to have higher job growth than the rest of America. But it needs lots of new jobs just to keep up with its rising population — and as those unemployment comparisons show, recent employment growth has fallen well short of what’s needed. -emphasis added

Krugman concludes that lowering wages at the national level would ultimately result in fewer jobs because Americans would be less able to cope with the challenges of this economy with less income. Krugman warns against the U.S. adopting Texas' strategy. He neglects, however, to point out that the federal government is already importing workers at a faster rate than the economy creates jobs. This floods the labor market, puts downward pressure on wages, and results in too many workers chasing too few jobs.

Politicians who claim immigration is a solution to our unemployment crisis should take note.

JEREMY BECK is the Director of the Media Standards Project for NumbersUSA


Generally, I wouldn't trust a thing a Jew says, but in this case, since a Jew (Krugman) is speaking out AGAINST immigration, it makes me think, "Tell me more."

Comrades, I get tired of repeating myself, so I won't go on and on about how mass immigration from Mexico - wait, let's be fair. It isn't all Mexico's fault. Let's not pick on Mexico alone. It's mass immigration from ALL Third World countries, especially Latin countries that is driving this country to ruin, amongst other things.

These people have to realise that the life boat is full, and is sinking fast. We can't take anymore in. We haven't got enough for our own people as it is.

When the Statue Of Liberty was first presented to the United States from France, America was considered to be under populated. Well it isn't any more. Quite the opposite. I'd like to hang a sign around its neck that reads: NO VACANCIES.

Dan 88!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Executive order to push agencies on diversity

By Isaac Arnsdorf

President Obama on Thursday issued an executive order requiring government agencies to develop plans for improving federal workforce diversity.

The administration has had diversity on its radar for a while and last year said it would take steps to build a more varied workforce. In fiscal 2009, according the federal government, white men held more than 61 percent of senior pay-level positions among workers. The long-awaitedexecutive order marks the highest-profile response to what has been a perennial concern.

“The federal government has a special opportunity to lead by example,” John Berry, director of the Office of Personnel Management, said in a conference call Thursday. “We will only succeed in our critical mission with a workforce that hails from, represents and is connected to the needs of every American community.”

The details of the initiative have yet to be worked out. Instead of creating a new administrative body, as did Obama’s 2009 executive order on veterans’ employment, the diversity initiative will lean on a council of deputy agency chiefs, along with the Office of Personnel Management, the Office of Management and Budget, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

That group will be responsible for creating a government-wide plan within 90 days. According to the order, after the government-wide plan is released, each agency must present its own specific plan for diversity within 120 days. The plans must reflect initiatives on a number of issues, including recruitment, training and promotion.

Berry said the executive order elevates the issue to a level of attention that will prevent this initiative from falling by the wayside as have previous diversity efforts.

By Isaac Arnsdorf | 02:45 PM ET, 08/18/2011


Well, we all know what that means comrades: More jobs for minorities, fewer for Whites. Whatever happened to the good old days when the most qualified person got the job? If the most qualified is usually White, then that's the way it is.

My business is a one man operation for the most part. However, if I did have a payroll, I'd want to hire the best qualified person for the amount of money I can afford to pay. If that means all my employees are White, then so be it.

Now I ask you, what is the purpose of my business? To repair mobile homes and general handiwork? NO! The purpose of my business is to make money. Repairing mobile homes and general handiwork is just how I make money. Is the purpose of a supermarket to sell groceries? Again, no way! It's purpose is also to make money. Selling groceries is simply how they do it.

What I'm getting at is I'm out to make a living. Therefore my business must be profitable. I'm in business to make a profit, and not to provide jobs for a wide diversity of races. I want the best that I can afford. If it's always a White, then that's the way it is. Besides, I feel it is my racial duty to hire my own Folk over non-Whites. I look after my own first.

It doesn't make any sense to overlook a more qualified White, just to give a Black a chance at a "good job." The superior SHOULD get the best. The inferior must take lower jobs. That's only fair.

There are many people who would like to be leaders, but don't have what it takes, so they must learn to follow. It only makes sense. What do you get when you hire less qualified people? You get inferior performance. It makes no sense at all. The best for the best. That makes sense.

Dan 88!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Torah charity founder accused of fraud over lost scrolls

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A man who billed himself as the "Jewish Indiana Jones" for rescuing Torah scrolls from Nazi concentration camps has been charged with mail fraud and wire fraud.

If convicted of the charges, Menachim Youlus faces 20 years in prison, a $250 fine and other penalties for each count.

Authorities said Youlus owns the Jewish Bookstore in Maryland and co-founded Save a Torah in 2004. He is identified on the as "Rabbi Menachem Youlus."


The charity raised over $1.2 million in contributions from 2004 to 2010. Youlus is accused of defrauding the charity out of "hundreds of thousands of dollars," Bhahara said.

Youlus lied about finding Torahs lost or hidden around the world during the Holocaust, including at concentration camps such as Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen, authorities said.

"I guess you could call me the Jewish Indiana Jones," Youlus said at a 2004 Torah dedication, according to the criminal complaint.

His lies allowed him to seek contributions to Save a Torah, some of which he embezzled by diverting them directly into his personal bank accounts, authorities said.

Youlus is also accused of submitting inflated and doctored invoices to Save a Torah to increase the amount he was reimbursed by the charity for the "rescued" Torahs. In at least some instances, Youlus had simply purchased from other Torah dealers, authorities said.

(Reporting by Barbara Goldberg; Editing by Cynthia Johnston)


And they wonder why we don't care for Jews very much. Let me ask this: If a Jew would defraud his own people, what would they be willing to do to us?

However, I don't really hate Jews. I hate what they do and how they treat our Folk.

As far as they are concerned, there are only two races: The Jews, and the Gentiles. That's why they support race mixing for us, but not for them. They feel they are "The Chosen" and therefore must keep their blood pure. They also believe a Gentile is a Gentle is a Gentile. It doesn't matter what colour we are. To them we're all the same, so it doesn't matter if we race mix. Besides, it's also a way of breaking down racial unity anmongst Gentiles. Without a common set of racial values, customs, and traditions, all racial cohesion in a society breaks down. It's like a brick wall without mortar. Without something to hold the bricks together, the wall will collapse. It's the same with society. That is why it is so crucial that we preserve our Aryan identity. Because so many Aryans fail to do this is one of the many reasons society is disintegrating. That is why we must stand together, preserve our culture, and traditions. If we don't, then like a brick wall with no mortar, there is nothing to hold us together.

One of the purposes of the ANP is to protect Aryans from vultures like this, and to help preserve Aryan culture and traditions. Support the ANP NOW, if you aren't already. Attend conferences, distribute literature, and generally get our message to the people. Most importantly, consider running for local office. Don't know how to start? If you don't do it, who will? Our political advisory board is here to help. Hail Victory!

Note - Four months til Christmas!

Dan 88!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Critics Question U.S. Aid to China Amid Debt Woes

By William Lajeunesse

With America still drowning in debt, critics in and outside of Congress say it’s time to reassess U.S. foreign aid -- especially to China.

"We started looking at the contracts and it was rather amazing that the No. 1 recipient of these taxpayer dollars were Chinese-state owned corporations," said Sen. Jim Webb, D-Virginia, referring to $320 million dollars worth of U.S. government contracts let to China. "I think we can take a good hard look where we're giving foreign aid."

The U.S. provided $47 million in "development aid" to China in 2010, even though the nation is already a military and economic giant and the world's only other true superpower.

The aid helped rural Chinese get on the Internet and improve public infrastructure - including metro train service in Guangzhou. Much of the aid is also channeled through the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

"Here we are sending money to a nation that we are diametrically opposed to in a time when America is broke," said Andrea Lafferty, of the Traditional Values Coalition. "People are losing their homes and jobs, so why are we giving money to China?"

The Traditional Values Coalition completed a lengthy analysis of NIH funding to China. It found U.S. taxpayers foot the bill for Chinese students to study retirement in Beijing, reproduction in Shanghai and prostitution in the Yunnan Province. The NIH also gave American university professors' millions to study in China, from why children lie to why the Chinese smoke tobacco.

"We are calling for a moratorium for all behavioral science and foreign aid grants out of NIH until some adult can oversee what is going on and monitor the craziness out of there," said Lafferty.

Webb and Sen. James Inofe also say it is time to cut China off from the taxpayer gravy train. Both the United Kingdom and Australia announced earlier this year they would no longer provide direct assistance to China.

Clayton Dube, director of the U.S.-China Institute at the University of Southern California, offers a different view.

"These grants serve the goal of bringing together American scientists and Chinese scientists and that is very useful. American education benefits. American science advances through that process," Dube said.

Dube admits some NIH grants sound unreasonable, but is not willing to say they're without value. The best example, he says, may be the Peace Corp. The U.S. spends $4.7 million annually on the Peace Corp. in China even though Chinese officials restrict them to teaching English.

"In many ways our Peace Corp. volunteers, our young people are our best ambassadors, our best representatives," Dube said. "Their warmth, energy and good humor, and curiosity come across. If you look at what ordinary people think and feel about theUnited States, it definitely has an impact".

Dube says exchange programs benefit the U.S., as everyday Chinese citizens develop opinions about America outside China's state-controlled media. Auditors complain, because of Chinese restrictions, U.S. taxpayers aren't necessarily getting their money's worth.

"Some policy analysts argue that U.S. democracy, rule of law and related programs had little effect in China due to political constraints and restrictions" imposed by the Chinese government, a Congressional Research Service analysis found in April 2011.

U.S. taxpayers spent $17 million on democracy efforts in 2010.

Read more:


Comrades, what is really insane about giving aid to China is that whatever aid we give is given with money we borrowed. And who did we borrow it from? If you said China, you go to the head of the class! That's right. We borrow money from China and give it back in the form of foreign aid, and every year, China still expects their yearly interest only payment. It's utter madness!

As the author said, China itself is a superpower. It's bad enough giving aid to some third rate country like Haiti, but China?! It just doesn't make any sense. They're almost as developed as the United States. After Hurricane Katrina, how much aid did they give us? How much did Japan give? How much did anyone give? However, I did hear that Mexico did their part. They sent us $100. lol

The point is, we are literally giving away the farm folks. We have people who are jobless, homeless, and hungry right here at home. Plus I read in my local paper the other day that if the economy and government spending practices continue as they are for the next six years, Social Security will be broke and payments will likely stop. If any of you are about sixty and are counting the months until you retire, you better keep counting, because you may be getting vouchers instead of a check. Try spending them at the grocery store, or making the last few payments on your retirement property. Tough luck folks. For a lifetime of hard work you get the shaft. Big surprise.

Even though millions of senior citizens and almost-senior-citizens are facing the prospect of being forced to work past 65 - if they still can, that is - the government still has money to throw away on aid to people 10,000 miles away.

To add to that, last evening I saw Senator Diane Feinstein (D - California) on FOX News saying the United States will give whatever aid is necessary to help Libya get back on its feet. Gotta keep that oil flowing, right? After all, without Social Security, all those wealthy oil investors will be needing those stocks to be making money so they can live a life of ease while the rest of us may end up as pathetic old derelicts and bag ladies in the gutter. Think I'm being melodramatic? Don't be too sure.

The situation grows more desperate by the day. The great collapse of society is ever nearer. When it does come, as we've predicted since Commander Rockwell's time, much of White America (or what's left of it) will look to us and say, "We thought you were crazy, but you were right all along."

This is why it is so important for National Socialists to run for attainable, local political offices. When everything falls apart, local government will be more important that the federal government. If we are a part of this, then we can help direct things the way they should be. If we do nothing, then others will direct things the way they want them. And whichever direction they go, it will be the wrong one.

"You can never plan the future by the past." - Edmund Burke.

Dan 88!