Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I've Been Mished

May 30, 2011

by Graham Summers

I recently discovered that famed financial commentator, Mike "Mish" Shedlock published a piece in which he quoted an article I published and proceeded to tear my views (at least what he claims my views were) to pieces.

The actual article I wrote that Mish refers to is:


The first line of the piece notes that it's a continuation of several other pieces I'd written before. Mish doesn't bother referring to them anywhere. He simply starts off by quoting the following:

The similarities between the US today and Weimar pre-hyperinflation are striking. As in Weimar, US fiscal authorities are not taking any steps to rein in their loose money policies. Similarly, the US Fed, like Germany's financial elites believes that currency depreciation is a good thing.

Thus we have a rather frightening set-up for hyperinflation in the US: the largest emerging market players are moving away from using the US Dollar at the same time that US monetary authorities are engaging in disastrous policies similar to those employed by the men who brought hyperinflation to Weimar Germany.

I firmly believe the US will see serious ('70s style inflation) if not hyperinflation within the next 2-3 years. It could come sooner depending on how the Fed's policies play out.

The purpose of these paragraphs was to say that the financial elite in the US are maintaining similar views to their counterparts in Weimar Germany. I DO NOT say the US is just like Weimar (though I say I believe we will experience similar hyperinflation at some point). I DO say that the financial elites in both countries engaged in similar practices. That's a key difference.

Mish however, takes my quote to mean that Weimar and the US are identical in every way. He then lists four key differences between the two. His differences are:

1) Germany lost World War I

2) The Treaty of Versailles imposed repayment conditions on Germany that could not be met

3) To enforce the treaty, France occupied parts of Germany

4) Germany printed money so fast people burnt stacks of money for heat

On the surface these do indeed look like major differences (the US didn't lose WWI, ISN'T forced by the Treaty of Versailles to make debt payments, isn't being occupied by France, and has yet to print enough money that people burn bills for fuel).

However, these are only differences if one takes everything literally.

The US, like Weimar, is a massively indebted nation. And the US, like Weimar, is being forced to continue to issue debt and repay it (though in the US's case it's Wall Street and their lackeys in Washington pushing for this). Like Weimar, the US CANNOT repay its current debt obligations. And we're also being taken down this road against our will (this time by Congress which ignores the fact most Americans don't want us to issue more debt, similar to Weimar's financial elite who continued down their path of loose money policies).

And finally the US Federal Reserve is printing money... like Weimar. Is it the exact same amount? No. Are people burning bills for fuel? No. But did I claim that the US was doing this? NO.

Again, the primary differences Mish lists between Weimar and the US are only differences if you take everything from a literal standpoint. And I wish to reiterate that Mish didn't correctly get the primary points I was making in the sections he quotes. Of course that didn't stop him from saying it was all "nonsense."

Mish then takes issue with my suggestion that a common currency in Asia could potentially be a viable alternative to the US Dollar as the reserve currency of the world.

Mish quotes the following from my article:

Indeed, it was just revealed that ASEAN+3 countries (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan, and South Korea) are researching the prospect of a "common currency" similar to the Euro.

The significance of this development cannot be overstated.

Once again, Mish ignores other parts of the article in which I state that common currencies in general are flawed. He also ignores the fact that I never actually say a common currency from Asia is guaranteed. I DO say the following:

What I mean is that should a common currency be introduced in Asia, it would probably work for about 10-15 years. By then we're well into the 2020s if not the 2030s at which point it is quite possible China will indeed be in a place to provide a world reserve currency on its own.

I wish to stress that even if Asia doesn't implement a common currency and the US Dollar remains the world's reserve currency (I put the odds of this at 20%), we are still facing a debt default in the US which will result in the US Dollar dropping dramatically in value and ushering in serious if not hyper-inflation.

The inclusion of "should" clearly illustrates that I am NOT saying a common currency is guaranteed in Asia but instead could be a potential option IF the respective Governments pursue it. Mish misses that point. But again, it didn't stop him from calling my piece "nonsense."

The rest of Mish's piece consists of the same literal interpretation of everything I say. In the end, while trying to discredit my ideas while presenting himself as vastly more astute than me (to readers who likely didn't even bother reading my article or the ones preceding it), all he really does is indicate that:

1) He doesn't actually bother to understand what an author is saying before attacking his or her views

2) He has no issue calling others' work nonsense without bothering to speak with the author or read additional material the author has put out

Regarding the latter point, I actual have spoken to Mish several times on the phone in the last few years. The most recent call was in July 2009. At that time I called to discuss the inflation/ deflation debate with him. Our debate consisted of Mish yelling for 15 minutes straight about how inflation didn't exist and that anyone who believed it did was an idiot. I had to ask him to stop yelling several times so I could actually say something.

This is why Mish's piece wasn't totally a surprise for me. I'd already experienced his "no room for contrary views," take on economics personally. And it's not surprising that a man whose notion of a friendly discussion involves screaming over others would publish an article attacking someone else's ideas without bothering to even figure out what the person is really trying to say.

By the way, the time when Mish told me inflation didn't exist and that I had to be insane to claim it was a reality was July 2009... when Gold was at $900 per ounce, Oil was at $70 per barrel, Wheat was under $600, and Copper was under $2.50.

However, I'm not going to personally attack Mish's views or his writing because there are FOUR key differences between us:

1) I believe that writing a piece attacking someone's ideas offers little if any value to readers or investors

2) I don't actually read him much so I'm not familiar with his views... so even if I wanted to attack him, I wouldn't feel comfortable doing so

3) Before attacking the ideas of someone who I've actually spoken to over the phone (several times), I would first write him a personal email asking him to clarify his points so I had a better grasp of what he was saying

4) I don't consider views that are contrary to my own as "nonsense."

Obviously none of these hindered Mish.


Mr. Graham is not a National Socialist. He's a financial advisor. In other words, he works for the Judeo-Capitalists. If anyone doesn't believe what we National Socialists say about the imminent collapse of our economy, they should read what Graham says. He's one of THEM, and he's worried. When two opposing sides say the same thing about any issue, then you can be fairly certain there's probably something to it.

The United States IS the new Wiemar Republic. Conditions ARE almost exactly the same. The only differences are that the cause of our debts is SLIGHTLY different. The Wiemar Rupublic's debts were war reparations. Ours are from the wars themselves. They had mass immigration from Eastern Europe, while it's Third World countries in our case. But the results are still the same. Everything else is identical.

Comrades, the time for National Socialism has come again. When the worst happens, and we know it's just a matter of time, we must be ready. Let's keep getting the word out. Let's run those candidates for lower, attainable offices. I'm sure you're all aware that that is EXACTLY how the NSDAP started out in Germany in the 1920's. Getting the word out. Running for attainable offices first, then the Reichstag, then the presidency.

I'm not saying our time has come for the presidency, but it has for all the rest. But we need YOU if we are to attain these goals. We need everyone to do their part and put out some effort. I don't mean to sound like a Jew, but we also need cold, hard cash if the party is to keep operating. I ask all truly dedicated National Socialists to do their part, and donate what you can. If you don't want to work for us, then donate a little extra cash instead. If you can't afford the cash, then put out a little extra effort instead. It's all good. Hail Victory!

Dan 88!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Renters Growing In Numbers

Andrew Edwards, Staff Writer

The Great Recession and its upending of the housing market has resulted in the United States having its lowest proportion of homeowners since 1998.

The trend away from home ownership to renting appears to reflect not only the weakening of household finances, but a move away from long-held notions of home ownership.

"There's been this idea for years, a part of the American dream, that owning a home improves and strengthens communities," said John McIlwain, a senior fellow at the nonprofit Urban Land Institute. "But what we've learned over the past few years is that many people simply are not ready to own a home."

A new review of U.S. Census data conducted by Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies and the Associated Press shows 33.6 percent of American households are renters, up from the 31.6 percent of households who rented before the housing bubble burst in 2007.

That percentage increase translates to an increase in 3 million households that once numbered among the nation's homeowners becoming renters. That number is expected to at least double by 2015.

"We are getting a steady flow of foreclosure or short sale people who are joining the rental market," said Scott Condrey, managing broker and owner of Upland-based Hawes Real Estate Residential Property Management.

Condrey's company rents 25 four-plexes and 225 houses in eastern Los Angeles County and the West Valley, he said. Almost all of those properties have tenants, he said, and a house in Upland, Ca. rents for $1600 to $1800 per month. [Upland is basically considered a low rent area these days - Dan]

That amount is not much lower than $1,912, which Mortgage Lenders Plus, a lender directory, reports as California's average monthly home payment. But it's also widely reported that home loans are much harder to obtain than before the recession.

The post-recession trend portends not only changes in national and Southern California construction patterns - more apartments, fewer houses - but also a reversal of post-World War II suburbanization and near-universal aspirations toward home ownership.

"There's been a lot of talk about the so-called Millennials, the children of the Baby Boomers, they're not quite as attached to the single-family detached residence in a far suburb," said Jim Mulvihill, professor emeritus of geography at Cal State San Bernardino.

Mulvihill, who studies urban planning, remarked that young adults who grew up in places like the Inland Empire watching their parents commute to long hours to jobs in Los Angeles and Orange County would rather forgo such drives - and the high price of gasoline - by living in urban centers like downtown Los Angeles or the Gaslamp District in San Diego.

Mulvihill said roughly half of his students say they have no plans to ever have children and shrinking family sizes mean fewer people who aspire to a suburban lifestyle packed with Pop Warner Football and AYSO games.

Besides changing lifestyle patterns, Mulvihill said the past years' collapse of housing prices has jaded the widely-accepted view that home ownership is the best and safest investment an average person can make.

But in the short term at least, Condrey said most of his customers are looking for affordability.

"Right now, I would say the predominant force is dollar amount," he said.

Construction statistics show Southern California developers see more demand for apartments than houses.

The number of multi-family building permits issued during the first four months of 2011 in Greater Los Angeles is up nearly 28 percent when compared to the same period last year, according to the Construction Industry Research Board.

Los Angeles area permits for single family homes are down by about 17 percent.

Inland Empire building officials are issuing fewer permits for both types of housing, but the decline is steeper for single-family dwellings. Through April, single-family permits were down roughly 35 percent and multifamily permits were down by about 20 percent.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Read more: http://www.sbsun.com/business/ci_18132174#ixzz1NoY36Hq6


As the article said, things will only get worse.

Also, consider this. When the number of homeowners rise, so do real estate prices. When ownership decreases, prices fall. Home ownership is on the decline. Prices are indeed falling. If you can't afford to buy, then you have to rent. With more people renting, then rent prices rise.

So what we have here is an economy where home ownership is falling, and foreclosures rising. Real estate investors snap up these foreclosures at a greatly reduced rate. Since they have a lower mortgage rate than the previous owner, their monthly payments are lower. Flipping these houses is not as easy as it used to be, so rather than sell them, they rent them out. With rent prices rising, they can charge more for rent than their mortgage payments. We lose our homes and they make a killing. Indeed, there are many cases where people have lost their homes, a real estate investor buys it, and rents it back to the same family that lost it. The rent is lower than their old mortgage, but they are still renting, while some Judeo-Capitalist vulture has profited from their misfortune. And you can bet your boots that when real estate prices begin to rise again, that family had either better be able to buy their house back, or be prepared to move, because the owner will sell to make even more money.

Comrades, this kind of profiteering MUST be stopped. Until it is, the rich will always get richer by standing on the backs of the working class. Naturally, amongst the middle class workers, the majority of homeowners are White. But not for long. With the rising non-White population, combined with our declining population, eventually, more of them will be homeowners than us. Especially if you take into account the government programs that are supposedly there to help minorities become home owners. Programs that the White working class pays for through our taxes, yet we are excluded from.

This is one of the ANP's top priorities. The destruction of Judeo-Capitalism, usury, and financial slavery of all kinds. If all you want to do is play Nazi, there are a lot of groups out there you can join. But if you really want to be part of an organisation that is making real progress towards these goals, then become an ANP Supporter today. Hail Victory!

Dan 88!

Tucson Superintendent Backs Down From Plan to Change Radical Curriculum

Superintendent John Pendicote.

The Tucson Unified School District superintendent in the middle of a push to have a radical Mexican-American studies class changed to an elective, has now backed down from his position, even going as far as to issue an apology. The change follows two wild demonstrations at consecutive school board meetings, one in which students chained themselves to desks, and another in which the riot police were called in.

Superintendent John Pedicone told local station KOLD-TV that he sent a letter to UNIDOS — the radical student group opposing the change — and the Mexican American Studies Community Advisory Board saying he has now advised the TUSD governing board to “table and not consider the resolution to make Mexican American Studies an elective.” (Quote is not Pedicone’s, but rather KOLD’s.)

Also contained in at least one of the letters is a promise that he won’t recommend charges against those who were arrested during the rowdy protests.

“We simply have to kind of bring that level of anxiety down to where we can begin to talk reasonably about this program, which we, which I think the district has said from the very beginning it supports,” Pedicone told KOLD. He later added: “I can’t speak for individual board members or others, but from my perspective it’s more important to bring the tone to a level where we can have a conversation and begin to have levels of understanding for the sake of the district. That’s really my responsibility.


Well, another gutless White backs down to pressure from non-Whites and liberals.

Comrades, I can understand offering a voluntary class so Latinos can learn more about their culture and history. But to require White children to also take that class is unacceptable.

I'm not just speaking as a racially aware adult, but as a former child. Remembering what it was like to be in high school, I can think of any number of elective classes I'd have rather taken than Mexican-American Studies.

As an adult, it's outrageous for them to require my children (if I had any) to study Mexican culture. That's why I continue to urge responsible White parents to get their kids out of school now and home school them. Not only will you keep them away from the wrong sort of studies, but they'll be physically safer as well.

Thanks again to Comrade Raymond for sending this to me.

Dan 88!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Time For A Little Work, AND A Little Rest And Recreation

Comrades, as I write this, I'm just getting done with work for the Memorial Day weekend. So far, our Spring Blitz campaign has gone extremely well. However, rather than stop, we should continue - especially this weekend. Since many of us have Monday off, we have an extra night to do literature drop offs, and still have time to relax and enjoy ourselves.

To those of you who dropped off literature last night, good job! To the rest of you, you still have TWO more nights. You can go out one night, and relax on the other. So no excuses!

If you are leaving town for the weekend, how about dropping off some literature there? You don't have to hit everywhere, just leave some cards or flyers where people can see them like restrooms, restaurants, your motel lobby, and your room after you check out. That way, if there are no ANP Supporters in that area, those people will get a chance to see some of our literature.

Our opposition doesn't stop, so neither must we. We've had some successes lately. Our California and Michigan conferences went well. I of course attended the California conference, and I spoke to a party comrade over the phone while he was at the Michigan conference. I could hear a lot of what was going on in the background and it sounded like a good turnout from what I could hear.

We've run candidates for office, and have had one victory. In 2012, we hope to have more. I've personally spoken to TWO California comrades who are interested in trying for office. I myself will most likely try again. BTW, as the time for registering for office approaches, I will not say anything at all about running for office. No sense in tipping off the enemy in advance, right?

Most of you have just received your copy of the White Worker. This is the largest issue ever. Also, it contains an article written by a female supporter which gives a woman's perspective on National Socialism. I'd like to see her contribute at least one article per issue from now on.

The ANP is moving forward and gaining momentum. We are making REAL progress, unlike costume clubs like the NSM. Sure, they have events like rallies, marches, and demonstrations. The problem with those activities is they achieve no real progress. They have been on a treadmill for the last 20 years and can't seem to get off. Besides, they expose their members to unnecessary danger. Jeff Schoep himself was injured at their last rally. He could have been killed. He was just lucky.

The NSALP is just an internet fantasy club that serves no real purpose at all except to give it's members the chance to "play" Nazi. I went that route with them for about eight months, so I know from experience. It was fun for awhile, but it all crashed and burned in the end. Now they are back, but as before, are doing nothing really to advance our cause.

The ANP is the ONLY effective National Socialist organisation in America today. If you are not already a supporter, I urge you to not wait, but become one today. HAIL VICTORY!

Dan 88!

Friday, May 27, 2011


Arizona's Mandatory E-Verify Law Upheld, Opening Way For All States To Pass Their Own


Business Lobbyists Now Under Great Pressure To Support National E-Verify Law This Summer To Have Uniform Rules Countrywide

The case is Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting, 09-115.

Of all the open-border groups' court challenges against immigration enforcement across the country, this suit before the U.S. Supreme Court (that was heard last December) was/is by far the most important.


Nothing will do more to retard future illegal immigration and accelerate the departure of the current illegal population than taking away the job magnet.

Arizona and more than a dozen other states have already passed various versions of E-Verify law. All of those could have been wiped out when the Supreme Court announced its decision this morning.

But instead, our strategy of mandating E-Verify in as many states as possible to pressure Congress to do it nationwide has been approved by the highest court of the land.


You may remember that as soon as the Supreme Court began business last fall NumbersUSA filed an Amicus brief in support of the State of Arizona making sure that the Justices and their clerks were aware of a number of important legal and factual points that we weren't certain were in the main briefs. (You can read a lot of our Amicus language by looking for my blogs on the subject on our website.)

We are thankful to all of you who have voluntarily made financial contributions to NumbersUSA so that we are able to move quickly to make a difference in key situations when they arise.

I will pause just for these two paragraphs to note that just before the Supreme Court announcement Jim Robb sent you our monthly end-of-month email giving you an opportunity to help us meet our monthly budget obligations so we can always be in the middle of fights that most matter.


Lobbyists for business groups and illegal-alien advocacy groups have blocked Congress from passing a national mandatory law since 1996.

NumbersUSA and its allies have fought every year to win incremental victories. First, to create the workplace verification system as a pilot program for just a few states. Later, to expand the voluntary system nationwide. Most recently to persuade Pres. Obama to mandate its use for all federal contractors.

If the Supreme Court had knocked us down today, the business lobbies would have looked out over a whole nation without any states requring employers to electronically verify that they weren't hiring illegal foreign workers. And they would have felt little pressure to do anything other than they've always done, which is to throw all their weight in Congress toward protecting employers that prefer to hire illegal aliens over unemployed Americans.

But not now.

With more than a dozen states with different E-Verify laws and different rules for businesses -- and with the Supreme Court opening the way for all other states to adopt their own rules -- the business lobbies will get a lot of pressure from their members to back a uniform national law.

Many businesses that operate in multiple states are already complaining to their lobbyists that they don't like operating under all the different rules and would prefer a national law.

The Supreme Court today added a whole lot more oomph to that pressure on business lobbyists to join us in a national law requiring a system that the businesses already using it praise as one of the most effective and easiest programs of the federal government.


The key issue in the court case was whether Arizona could take away the business license of an employer who refuses to use E-Verify.

The NumbersUSA Amicus went into great detail in showing that such a state law is precisely what Congress has set up as a state enforcement option over the last 25 years.

The majority opinion was written by Chief Justice John Roberts who said that Arizona's E-Verify law "falls well within the confines of the authority Congress chose to leave to the states."

Justices Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor dissented. (The newest Justice, Elena Kagan, was not involved in this case because she had been part of Pres. Obama's support of the Chamber of Commerce before she was elected to the Court.)


Quite frankly comrades, this decision floored me. I was certain the bleeding hearts would find for the Illegals. Maybe there's a glimmer of hope that we can win it all, or at least most of it.

But we must not take too much time resting after this victory. Obama and his amnesty crew certainly won't. They probably are already planning their next move, if they haven't got it already planned. They won't accept this defeat lightly. We must be ready for whatever they have planned.


"The price of liberty is eternal vigilance." - Thomas Jefferson.

Dan 88!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

We've Just Breached the Debt Ceiling... Next Comes the Default

While Barack Obama is chugging Guinness and Congress is doing... well not much of anything, we've breached the US debt ceiling.

That's correct, the US now has more debt than is legally permitted. We'd crossed the "more debt than is healthy" as well as the "more debt than is sane" levels long ago. However, it wasn't until the last few weeks that we cleared the legal debt limit.

You'd think that the world's largest economy (and home of the world's reserve currency) exceeding its debt limits would be big time news. But we've yet to hear a peep about it from the mainstream financial media.

It's even stranger that we haven't heard mention of the fact that the US is in fact RAIDING pension funds to continue to fund its debt.

That's correct, Tim Geithner, who aside from being a tax dodger has managed to make US Treasuries (formerly the ONLY risk-free investment in the world) so unattractive to foreign investors that he is now using money that was promised to retirees to fund his debt orgy.

Let's think about this for a moment... US Treasuries are so unattractive that investors no longer want to buy them... so we're using money promised to those who worked... to buy them.

Simply staggering.

Aside from being morally wrong, Geithner's moves are the usual "I've got no solutions so I'm just going to come up with something on the fly" nonsense we get from the DC crowd. Even Geithner himself has admitted that his latest scheme will only buy the US about three months' time before we start defaulting on our debt.

That's not a typo... Geithner has publicly stated that barring any sudden changes in the demand for US Treasuries, the US will DEFAULT in August 2011.

In some ways this doesn't matter. The US was going to default soon anyway. The US Federal Reserve is the primary buyer of Treasuries now. And it's simply buying 50+% of all new debt issuance back from Wall Street (usually within a week or two of the debt being issued).

In other words, the entire US debt structure is now a giant Ponzi scheme.

We all know how this ends... with a debt default followed by a US Dollar collapse, followed by hyper-inflation.


This is just plain madness. We're on the verge of default, yet the spending goes on, as the band played on as the Titanic sank.

If this is true comrades, were in for some truly terrible times ahead. Yet not only isn't the government doing anything to stop it, they are actually accelerating this.

How can we be ready for this? Financially, there is no way for us. The only possible way is through the ownership of gold, and other precious metals and gems. How much of that do you own? In my case, virtually none.

It is obvious that this has been engineered. Hyper-inflation is coming. But the wealthy own a lot of gold and gems. Do you see it comrades? Everything becomes virtually worthless except gold and gems. Who owns most of that? The wealthy elite do, that's who. The working class is being set up for disaster, while the very people responsible have insured themselves against this economic disaster with gold and gems.

How long will people, especially the White Working class, stand by and let it happen? We The People are the only ones that can stop them. We must unite, and stand against these greedy, selfish pigs who are determined to turn us into economic slaves. NO MORE EXCUSES! LET'S ALL GET OFF OUR BUTTS AND FIGHT THIS!

I don't mean revolution. I mean we must continue to get the word out. Since the Spring Blitz, hits on the website have nearly doubled. GOOD WORK. Also, the 2012 elections will be here before you know it. Consider running for a realistic office like town council, school board, county clerk, water or sanitation commissioner, and similar offices. We must start small and work our way up. But we will never get to the top unless we take that first step. It will be a long hard haul, but we can do it!

"A journey of a thousands miles begins with a single step." - Chinese proverb.

Dan 88!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Whites Believe They Are Victims of Racism More Often Than Blacks, Study Suggests

ScienceDaily (May 23, 2011) — Whites believe that they have replaced blacks as the primary victims of racial discrimination in contemporary America, according to a new study from researchers at Tufts University's School of Arts and Sciences and Harvard Business School. The findings, say the authors, show that America has not achieved the "post-racial" society that some predicted in the wake of Barack Obama's election.

Both whites and blacks agree that anti-black racism has decreased over the last 60 years, according to the study. However, whites believe that anti-white racism has increased and is now a bigger problem than anti-black racism.

"It's a pretty surprising finding when you think of the wide range of disparities that still exist in society, most of which show black Americans with worse outcomes than whites in areas such as income, home ownership, health and employment," said Tufts Associate Professor of Psychology Samuel Sommers, Ph.D., co-author of "Whites See Racism as a Zero-sum Game that They Are Now Losing," which appears in the May 2011 issue of the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science.

Sommers and co-author Michael I. Norton of Harvard asked a nation-wide sample of 208 blacks and 209 whites to indicate the extent to which they felt blacks and whites were the targets of discrimination in each decade from the 1950s to the 2000s. A scale of 1 to 10 was used, with 1 being "not at all" and 10 being "very much."

White and black estimates of bias in the 1950s were similar. Both groups acknowledged little racism against whites at that time but substantial racism against blacks. Respondents also generally agreed that racism against blacks has decreased over time, although whites believed it has declined faster than blacks do.

However, whites believed that racism against whites has increased significantly as racism against blacks has decreased. On average, whites rated anti-white bias as more prevalent in the 2000s than anti-black bias by more than a full point on the 10-point scale. Moreover, some 11 percent of whites gave anti-white bias the maximum rating of 10 compared to only 2 percent of whites who rated anti-black bias a 10. Blacks, however, reported only a modest increase in their perceptions of "reverse racism."

"These data are the first to demonstrate that not only do whites think more progress has been made toward equality than do blacks, but whites also now believe that this progress is linked to a new inequality -- at their expense," note Norton and Sommers. Whites see racial equality as a zero sum game, in which gains for one group mean losses for the other.

The belief that anti-white bias is more prevalent than anti-black bias has clear implications for future public policy debates and behavioral science research, say the authors. They note that claims of so-called reverse racism, while not new, have been at the core of an increasing number of high-profile Supreme Court cases.


Some would say that White America seems to be waking up. Perhaps. But don't be too encouraged. The results of these surveys are completely confidential. That being the case, Whites feel freer to speak their minds without the fear of a non-White or White liberal labelling them as racists.

There are a surprising number of people in White America who sympathise with us,but do nothing out of fear of being called the "R" word (racist). This sort of branding of Whites who speak up for themselves in order to frighten them into silence is not new. Over 300 years ago, a different people of a different place used the same technique to silence the voices of reason. Those people were called Puritans, and the place was called Salem, Massachusetts. If you don't get my analogy, the Puritans accused anyone who spoke out against the Witch Trials of witchcraft. They said only a witch would be against the trials, so anyone who opposed them had to be a witch. As a result, most people either went along with things or remained silent. As a result, 20 people were killed and dozens more were tortured, and hundreds were imprisoned in filthy dungeon-like jails.

We must not remain silent. If more speak out, then fewer will be afraid to add their voices to ours. Remember comrades, it's easy to be a patriot when the majority are with you. The greatest patriots are those that are not afraid to stand alone.

Dan 88!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse

The following was originally posted on CDC Public Health Matters Blog on May 16th, 2011 by Ali S. Khan.

There are all kinds of emergencies out there that we can prepare for. Take a zombie apocalypse for example. That’s right, I said z-o-m-b-i-e a-p-o-c-a-l-y-p-s-e. You may laugh now, but when it happens you’ll be happy you read this, and hey, maybe you’ll even learn a thing or two about how to prepare for a real emergency.

A Brief History of Zombies

We’ve all seen at least one movie about flesh-eating zombies taking over (my personal favorite is Resident EvilExternal Web Site Icon.), but where do zombies come from and why do they love eating brains so much? The word zombie comes from Haitian and New Orleans voodoo origins. Although its meaning has changed slightly over the years, it refers to a human corpse mysteriously reanimated to serve the undead. Through ancient voodoo and folk-lore traditions, shows like the Walking Dead were born.

In movies, shows, and literature, zombies are often depicted as being created by an infectious virus, which is passed on via bites and contact with bodily fluids. Harvard psychiatrist Steven Scholzman wrote a (fictional) medical paper on the zombies presented in Night of the Living Dead and refers to the condition as Ataxic Neurodegenerative Satiety Deficiency Syndrome caused by an infectious agent. The Zombie Survival Guide identifies the cause of zombies as a virus called solanum. Other zombie origins shown in films include radiation from a destroyed NASA Venus probe (as in Night of the Living Dead), as well as mutations of existing conditions such as prions, mad-cow disease, measles and rabies.

The rise of zombies in pop culture has given credence to the idea that a zombie apocalypse could happen. In such a scenario zombies would take over entire countries, roaming city streets eating anything living that got in their way. The proliferation of this idea has led many people to wonder “How do I prepare for a zombie apocalypse?”

Well, we’re here to answer that question for you, and hopefully share a few tips about preparing for real emergencies too!

Better Safe than Sorry

So what do you need to do before zombies…or hurricanes or pandemics for example, actually happen? First of all, you should have an emergency kit in your house. This includes things like water, food, and other supplies to get you through the first couple of days before you can locate a zombie-free refugee camp (or in the event of a natural disaster, it will buy you some time until you are able to make your way to an evacuation shelter or utility lines are restored). Below are a few items you should include in your kit, for a full list visit the CDC Emergency page.

Water (1 gallon per person per day)
Food (stock up on non-perishable items that you eat regularly)
Medications (this includes prescription and non-prescription meds)
Tools and Supplies (utility knife, duct tape, battery powered radio, etc.)
Sanitation and Hygiene (household bleach, soap, towels, etc.)
Clothing and Bedding (a change of clothes for each family member and blankets)
Important documents (copies of your driver’s license, passport, and birth certificate to name a few)
First Aid supplies (although you’re a goner if a zombie bites you, you can use these supplies to treat basic cuts and lacerations that you might get during a tornado or hurricane)

Once you’ve made your emergency kit, you should sit down with your family and come up with an emergency plan. This includes where you would go and who you would call if zombies started appearing outside your door step. You can also implement this plan if there is a flood, earthquake, or other emergency.

Identify the types of emergencies that are possible in your area. Besides a zombie apocalypse, this may include floods, tornadoes, or earthquakes. If you are unsure contact your local Red Cross chapter for more information.

Pick a meeting place for your family to regroup in case zombies invade your home…or your town evacuates because of a hurricane. Pick one place right outside your home for sudden emergencies and one place outside of your neighborhood in case you are unable to return home right away.

Identify your emergency contacts. Make a list of local contacts like the police, fire department, and your local zombie response team. Also identify an out-of-state contact that you can call during an emergency to let the rest of your family know you are ok.

Plan your evacuation route. When zombies are hungry they won’t stop until they get food (i.e., brains), which means you need to get out of town fast! Plan where you would go and multiple routes you would take ahead of time so that the flesh eaters don’t have a chance! This is also helpful when natural disasters strike and you have to take shelter fast.

Never Fear – CDC is Ready

If zombies did start roaming the streets, CDC would conduct an investigation much like any other disease outbreak. CDC would provide technical assistance to cities, states, or international partners dealing with a zombie infestation. This assistance might include consultation, lab testing and analysis, patient management and care, tracking of contacts, and infection control (including isolation and quarantine). It’s likely that an investigation of this scenario would seek to accomplish several goals: determine the cause of the illness, the source of the infection/virus/toxin, learn how it is transmitted and how readily it is spread, how to break the cycle of transmission and thus prevent further cases, and how patients can best be treated. Not only would scientists be working to identify the cause and cure of the zombie outbreak, but CDC and other federal agencies would send medical teams and first responders to help those in affected areas (I will be volunteering the young nameless disease detectives for the field work).

To learn more about what CDC does to prepare for and respond to emergencies of all kinds, visit:

To learn more about how you can prepare for and stay safe during an emergency visit:


Are you buying any of this Zombie stuff? Well, even without the living dead, we should all be prepared for emergencies. If you haven't got an emergency preparedness kit ready, you'd be wise to do so ASAP. A Zombie apocalypse may be a long shot, but hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other disasters occur all too frequently.

Once again, we have Comrade Raymond Bxxxxxxx for this story.
Photos are from George A. Romero's "Dawn Of The Dead", 1978.

Monday, May 23, 2011

White Teachers File Discrimination Suit in Philadelphia

From NJ Council Of Conservative Citizens

On Tuesday May 10, 2011 four White elementary school teachers at Thomas Mifflin Elementary School in Philadelphia, PA filed federal race-bias lawsuits that accuse the former black principal of creating a hostile work environment for them and making accusations that they were unqualified to teach black students because of their race.

The lawsuit demands a relatively low amount of money, $150,000, for each of the four White teachers and states that the black principal, Charles Ray III, used his authority to create a hostile environment for the White teachers by holding them to performance standards that blacks where not held to.

According to the suit, “Charles Ray III consistently stated that he had a relationship with top school officials indicating that his conduct was part of an approved policy or was part of a pattern of practices sanctioned and supported by ‘higher authority’”.

He is also accused of harassing and intimidating the White teachers in an attempt to force them to leave the school by forcing them to read denigrating reports and articles stating “White teachers do not have the ability to teach African American students” and publicly reprimanding them in the presence of their black colleagues and the parents of the students. This is a faint echo of arguments made by the Wilkes-Barre, PA NAACP spokesman Ron Felton in his attempts to force an increase of black teachers into employment in that school district.

The suit also claims that the black principal Charles Ray III had taken retaliatory actions against the White teachers with the assistance of a black supervising teacher, Shirl A. Ishmael, at the school when they tried to file official grievances through the teachers union. The White teachers also claim that Shirl A. Ishmael was given official access to their employment records to use as a tool to further harass and intimidate them.

Shirl A. Ismael, the school district, and the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers have all been named as codefendants in the suit with Charles Ray III.

The Thomas Mifflin Elementary school is located in a predominately White and relatively wealthy section of East Falls Philadelphia that former PA Governor Ed Rendell and former US Senator Arlen Spector call home. Despite the community’s ethic make up and affluence, the students at the school are predominately black and poor because of efforts to homogenize the schools in an effort to make them ‘racially balanced’. As a result the, majority of the wealthy White population, since it has the means and common sense, send their children to private schools.

The school is no newcomer to anti-White discrimination. Four years ago, the White principal was forced out of her job due to complaints of insensitivity to the needs of the black students.

The School District is taking a cautious and prudent path in these matters by stating, “The District’s goal is to maintain an atmosphere of equality for all, and allegations of discrimination, on any basis, are taken seriously”.

Closely behind the actual alleged discrimination, the most troubling aspect of this case is the fact that is receiving almost no press coverage whatsoever. Very few mentions are made anywhere on this matter, except on a local basis. It is not showing up as a front page headline in any of the major websites or online news aggregators. Compare this to the incident a few years ago where a private Philadelphia swim club barred some black youth from their facility due to complaints about behavior; it became a national front page story for days with the media generating sympathy for the portrayed victims of White bigotry. This same scenario with a White principal and black teachers would generate outrage, demands for ludicrous compensation, and termination of jobs.

In today’s downward spiraling and increasing hostile-to-Whites society, an ever increasing number of White people in all socio-economic strata are coming to identify the reality that many of us have known for a long time: Racial discrimination against White’s is 1) Widespread, 2) Increasing, and 3) Encouraged.


Comrades, since our government and the mainstream media will not take up any issue in an honest and fair manner when it comes to racial bias and discrimination against White people, we must undertake the task to disseminate information and lead the way to effect change in hearts and minds of our communities to effectively halt and reverse the trend of promoting the betterment of non-whites at the expense of our people. This is one of the tasks of the ANP.

The liberals in the media and government are determined to see that information like this is not made known to the general public. The moderates keep their mouths shut out of fear of being labelled racists and losing their jobs.

The ANP will NEVER be silent on this issue. Comrades, I ask all of you to send this article to anyone you think may be interested. http://cofcc.org/2011/05/15706/

Once again, I would like to thank Comrade Raymond Bxxxxxxx for bringing this to my attention.

Dan 88!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lawsuits take school's swing sets away from kids

Everyone has favorite childhood memories. For many people, those memories include rolling down slides, dangling off of monkey bars and swinging on swing sets at their local neighborhood playground.

But elementary school students in Cabell County, West Virginia, may miss out on some of those childhood pleasures. That is because the county's school system has decided to remove swing sets from all school playgrounds, due to lawsuit fears.

The decision came after the school district faced two different lawsuits from the same parent over relatively minor injuries suffered by his two kids in separate incidents on a school playground. Facing a tight budget because of the current economic situation, the school system determined that it could not afford the potential costs of playground-related lawsuits and decided to remove the swing sets.

According to Cabell County Schools superintendent William Smith:

"We're disabling our swings to keep us out of the courtroom. Economically, school districts are really having to watch their budgets closely."

Smith recalls his own experience growing up in Cabell County and how much everyone enjoyed the playgrounds. Kids got the typical scrapes and bruises, but parents took care of those injuries without resorting to lawsuits.

Donna Mooney, the mother of a young girl who is a student at the school losing the swings, is disappointed that her daughter won't get to share in her own childhood experiences on the school's swing set.

"The tragedy is that the kids are losing everything that is fun about being a kid," she says. "You can't bubble wrap everything from them. They have to be allowed to play and be kids."


Comrades, hardly a tragedy, but it is a shame for the kids. Our criminal justice system isn't the only thing that needs to be reformed, but our civil justice system as well. It's obvious that the parent in question is NOT trying to make the schools pay for their negligence, but rather is trying to make a fast and easy buck. Now all the kids are being made to suffer because of this person's greed.

This kind of frivolous lawsuits must stop. Indeed, people who even file such suits should be penalised for wasting taxpayer money. I shouldn't have to pay because a kid scraped his knee in a playground. Kids get scrapes, bruises, and sprained ankles. It's part of being a kid.

It's just too bad that some people see the civil justice system as a honey pot to be licked clean. But folks, that's OUR money that's being wasted on this nonsense. The people who file these suits are every bit as much a leech as the ones who are draining our social programs dry. It's time we think of the welfare of the kids, and not our personal bank account.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Director Says He's A Nazi! (He Was Kidding)

Source: Reuters Wed May 18, 2011, 8:40 am EDT

Director Lars Von Trier poses during a news conference for the film

CANNES, France (Reuters) - Danish director Lars Von Trier's comments on Wednesday at a press conference in Cannes at which he jokingly declared himself a Nazi caused consternation at the film festival and offense among Jewish groups.

The Danish maverick is at the annual film festival with his competition film "Melancholia," a grand cinematic statement on life, death and the universe which wowed a packed audience at a press screening in the giant Grand Theater Lumiere.

But his provocative comments, apparently made in jest, threatened to overshadow the triumph many journalists and critics felt his movie to be.

The Hollywood Reporter's headline was "Lars Von Trier Admits to Being a Nazi, Understanding Hitler," adding that the 55-year-old had "pulled a Mel Gibson" in reference to the latter's anti-Semitic slurs in 2006 that harmed his reputation.

The American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants said in a statement: "Holocaust survivors condemn Von Trier's repulsive comments as an insensitive exploitation of victims' suffering for self-serving promotion and publicity.

"His bizarre comments may have been made in jest and for shock, but those subjected to the brutalities of the Nazi regime cannot find amusement in recalling the torture and deaths of those terrible times.

"We cannot give a review of his film, but as a person Von Trier is a moral failure."


Flanked at the news conference by his two leading stars Charlotte Gainsbourg and Kirsten Dunst, Von Trier made several references to making a long porn film featuring the actresses.

As the conference drew to a close, the director, who won the Palme d'Or in Cannes for best picture with "Dancer in the Dark," was asked to expand on comments he made in a recent interview regarding his interest in the Nazi aesthetic.

"I thought I was a Jew for a long time and was very happy being a Jew," said Von Trier, who, according to biographies, believed his father to be Jewish until his mother revealed to him on her death bed that his father was actually German.

"Then later on came (Jewish and Danish director) Susanne Bier and then suddenly I wasn't so happy about being a Jew. No, that was a joke, sorry.

"But it turned out I was not a Jew but even if I'd been a Jew I would be kind of a second rate Jew because there is kind of a hierarchy in the Jewish population.

"But anyway, I really wanted to be a Jew and then I found out I was really a Nazi, you know, because my family was German, Hartmann, which also gave me some pleasure."

Dunst was visibly uncomfortable as he continued his monologue, which drew laughs then gasps among reporters.

"What can I say? I understand Hitler. I think he did some wrong things, yes absolutely, but I can see him sitting in his bunker in the end.

"I think I understand the man. He's not what you would call a good guy, but I understand much about him and I sympathize with him a little bit. But come on, I'm not for the Second World War, and I'm not against Jews.

"I am of course very much for Jews. No, not too much because Israel is a pain in the ass. But still, how can I get out of this sentence?"

He expressed admiration for Nazi architect Albert Speer before ending another rambling sentence with: "OK, I'm a Nazi."

The last question he faced was about whether "Melancholia" was his answer to the Hollywood blockbuster and whether he could make a movie that was even bigger in scale.

"Yeah, that's what we Nazis ... we have a tendency to try to do things on a greater scale. Yeah, may be you could persuade me." As a passing shot, he referred to the press conference as the "final solution with journalists."

Dunst, who was not smiling by the end, could be heard saying: "Oh Lars, that was intense."


The trouble with people today is everyone has such thin skins. Come on, lighten up. We all must learn to laugh at ourselves.

I'm half Irish, half German. I remember an episode of "Family Guy" when they went to Ireland. When the jet landed at Shannon Airport, it went through a sea of empty beer bottles. The pub they visited there was called "Wifey McBeaty's". I laughed my White ass off.

When they went to Germany and took a bus tour of Munich, the tour guide stopped at 1934, and picked up again in 1946. When one of them asked, "What happened from 1934 to 1945?" The guide shouted, "Nothing happened! Nothing at all! SIEG HEIL!" Hilarious!

So if you're say of French ancestry, and you ever hear someone remark, "That jerk was so scared he ran like a Frenchman from a cap gun!", don't get pissed. Either laugh it off or ignore it. I'm not saying we should stand for abuse by any means. On the other hand, just because some ignorant idiot makes a Jew remark at us, doesn't mean we have to Jew them back. Let's all develop a thicker skin than they have. Let's show that we have more class than they have.

Dan 88!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Two More Weekends Left!

Comrades, originally I was going to post a rather humourous NS related story, but since today is Friday, I thought this a little more important because this evening is the first night of the third weekend in May. I'll post the other story tomorrow.

What do I have to say the can't, or rather, shouldn't wait? This weekend is the third of four weekends this month. For those of us who are not out-of-work, it's the second-to-last-chance for distributing literature for the May Blitz.

If you haven't yet done anything, your time is almost half over. Of course there is always June, but the more that is given out at or about the same time, the more effective it is. We need every able-bodied Supporter to get out there and get the word out. I know of at least one Ca. Supporter who is in very ill health, another who works seven days a week, and another who works nights. OK, they have an excuse, but what about the rest of you? And I'm not talking to Ca. Supporters only. I'm talking to EVERYBODY! It only takes a few hours to copy some flyers, put them in zip-lock bags with rocks, and toss them on peoples lawns and driveways - and you can fill the baggies while watching TV, so what's your excuse? I bet 90% of you have no real excuse. If you think you don't have the time, I bet you can make it if you try. Give up a little TV on a Friday or Saturday night. Skip going out to your local bar one time. There are a lot of ways to make extra time if you think about it, and are willing to give up one or two leisure activities. After all, if you won't do it, who will?

On an episode of "The Simpsons" when Homer ran for Sanitation Commissioner, his campaign slogan was, "Can't someone else do it?" Sadly, this is how the majority of people think. I sincerely hope that none of you are like that. If it's true, then nothing will ever change. Only through hard work and sacrifice will things ever improve in this burnt-out country of ours.

Now I don't want anyone to think I'm bragging. I'm just pointing out that even I am participating in this literature drive. 400 pieces given out this month. I'm going to give out as much as I can, but my personal minimum is at least a total of 500. I'm almost completely out of stickers and cards. Good thing the flyers are free! Last weekend, I leaned heavily on the stickers. We have a graffiti problem around here. So every time I go out at night and see a bunch of graffiti, I slap a few stickers over it. I'll make a bargain with the taggers, most of whom are Mestizos. I'll stop with the stickers, if they stop marring this neighbourhood, which is as much mine as theirs, with their ugly wall scrawls. (I'll just go to another neighbourhood LOL).

So stop with the excuses, and make with the literature. As a wise man once said, "Each of us is given just so many days. Waste one, and you never get it back." Who was it that said that? I did! I often quote myself! LOL

BTW, for those of you who have been wondering where your "White Worker" has gotten to, they are finished and either on their way, or will be immediately. 24 pages this time. Good work, Comrade Axl.

Dan 88!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Details in Neo-Nazi dad's slaying released

02:01 PM PDT on Wednesday, May 18, 2011
The Riverside Press-Enterprise

PDF: Declaration in support of an arrest warrant in the slaying of neo-Nazi leader Jeff Hall

The 10-year-old boy accused of slaying his neo-Nazi father told a detective after the shooting that he was "tired of his dad hitting him and his mom," according to a court document.

The declaration also describes the early morning May 1 slaying of Jeff Hall as he slept in his Riverside home. The document was redacted earlier today by a judge to remove the names of the five children involved, including the 10-year-old boy accused of the shooting.

The boy "told Detective (Roberta) Hopewell he knew his mom and dad had a gun and knew where they kept it. (The boy) said he went into his mom and dad's closet. He got the gun, a Rossi .357 revolver, from a low shelf in the closet.

"(The boy) said 'it was right there on the shelf'. (The boy) told Detective Hopewell that he went downstairs with the gun, pulled the hammer back, aimed the gun at his dad's ear while he was asleep and shot him. (The boy) said he went upstairs and hid the gun under his bed."

The court document also says the boy suspected his father of infidelity and was worried about whether he would have to choose between living with his mother or father.

The boy delayed entering his plea today during a brief hearing in juvenile court. He will make an appearance on July 22. His defense attorney was granted a request to have an expert do a psychological evaluation on the child to determine whether he can enter a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity.

The document was filed in connection with an arrest warrant for the boy's stepmother.

Krista Faye McCary, 26, was charged late Tuesday with nine felonies of child endangerment and criminal storage of a firearm in the Riverside house where Hall was shot.

McCary is charged with five counts of child endangerment -- one charge for each of the children in the home -- and four counts of criminal storage of a gun, excluding a 3-month-old baby who would not have been able to access the weapon.

Prosecutors issued a warrant for McCary's arrest Tuesday, alleging that she was responsible for leaving the gun accessible to her children on a shelf in the home, Deputy District Attorney Ambrosio Rodriguez said.

As of this morning McCary had not turned herself in, he said outside the juvenile court hearing for the boy.

The shooting occurred shortly before 5 a.m. on a Sunday morning, where Hall was found shot on the family's living room couch.

Police have said the boy admitted to killing his father, though his defense attorney said he may plead not guilty by reason of insanity. McCary was not at this morning's hearing.

If found guilty of the charges, the boy could remain in juvenile hall until he is 18 or another youth detention facility until he is 25.

Hall was the leader of the Southwest chapter of the National Socialist Movement, a neo-Nazi organization, which has held rallies in Riverside and on the U.S.-Mexico border. He ran unsuccessfully for the Western Municipal Water District last year.

Hall had sole custody, along with McCary, of his son and 9-year-old daughter from his first marriage.

Hall and McCary also had three children together who were in the home at the time of the shooting.

Reporter John Asbury contributed to this report.



The only comment I'm going to make on this is the boy's stepmother should indeed be charged with child endangerment and neglect. California has very strict laws regarding the storage of guns in houses with minor children in them. This would not have happened if the gun was kept locked up, or equipped with trigger guards as state law requires. This tragedy demonstrates that this law is extremely necessary.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Surging middle classes eclipsing global poverty

Touting tigers, the Taj Mahal, and the towering Himalayas, India opened the 21st century with its "Incredible India" campaign to attract tourists from around the world. But the unexpected happened. A surprising new face showed up on the Indian tourism scene to fill hotel rooms and tour bus seats: Indians themselves.

They were people like Ash Narian Roy, who grew up in a rural hut but today has a PhD and works in Delhi. They are the new Indian middle class, who have begun exploring new horizons of education, culture, and leisure.

"Ten years ago," muses Dr. Roy, whose increasing ability to travel parallels the past decade's explosive growth of the middle class, "we may have gone near Shimla in our own car." But now he hires a driver to take his family into the heart of that cool summer resort in the Himalayas. And he even jets off to the beaches of Goa in the south.

The curious and free-spending domestic traveler like Roy, says Amitabh Kant, an Indian development official who wrote the book "Branding India: An Incredible Story," is an "economic savior" for India. And, to boot, Mr. Kant says, middle-class Indians are a powerful market abroad, now outspending Americans in London, for example, by 10 percent.

The "Incredible India" surprise is part of a surge of prosperity that is rapidly expanding the world's middle classes. By 2030, the global middle class is widely projected to at least double in size to as many as 5 billion – a surge unseen since the Industrial Revolution. This boom, however, is more global, more rapid, and is likely to have a far different – and perhaps far greater – impact in terms of global power, economics, and environment, say economists and sociologists.

"This dwarfs even the 19th-century middle class explosion in its global scale," noted economists Dominic Wilson and Raluca Dragusanu in a 2009 Goldman Sachs report. And they predicted, "the pace of expansion ... is likely to pick up."

The world will, for the first time in history, move from being mostly poor to mostly middle-class by 2022, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development projects. Asians, by some predictions, could constitute as much as two-thirds of the global middle class, shifting the balance of economic power from West to East. Already, some analyses of International Monetary Fund data suggest that the size of the Chinese economy could eclipse that of the United States in just five years.

In just one example of the rising clout of this new global middle class, in a mere seven years China has gone from buying 1 General Motors car for every 10 sold in the US to becoming the American automaker's biggest customer – not to mention becoming a big competitor at the gas pumps.

But today's middle-class boom is unlike the Industrial Revolution, in which rising prosperity became a catalyst for increased individual and political freedom. Those in the emerging global middle classes – from an Indian acquiring a flush toilet at home to a Brazilian who can now afford private school to a Chinese lawyer with a new car in the driveway – are likely to redefine their traditional roles, and in doing so, redefine the world itself.

"I would expect that as the global middle class gets transformed by the entrance of hundreds of millions of Indian, Brazilian, and Chinese families, the concept of what we see as the middle-class values may change," says Sonalde Desai, a sociologist with the National Council of Applied Economic Research in Delhi (NCAER). "Historically, sociologists have defined 'middle class' as those with salaries…. I think 'middle class' is very much a state of mind."

Who are they?

From Aristotle to Alexis de Tocqueville, Western thinkers have championed the middle class as essential for prosperous, enlightened societies. They held it up as the engine for economic growth, the guardian of social values, and an impelling and protecting force for democracy.

The new members of the middle class have been praised for their work ethic, like the shopkeepers, tradesmen, and professionals who spurred the Industrial Revolution.

But they also differ in fundamental ways. They come from communal societies that rein in the individualism prized in 1800s America. Their exposure to the pitfalls of the West's extravagant consumerism often makes them more frugal and environmentally conscious. And they are hesitant – for now, at least – to risk prosperity for political freedom.

"China's rapid growth has been a kind of anesthetic that keeps political discontent manageable," says Brink Lindsey, whose book "The Age of Abundance" links America's post-World War II prosperity and its mind-opening educational opportunities to the social and political upheaval of the 1960s and '70s. "But already [in China] things are dramatically different. People have much more freedom in their lives."

That's a sneak preview, he says, of what lies ahead for developing countries – particularly the awakening giants of the middle class: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, the so-called BRICS economies.

Mall-ified consumers

Far from Rio de Janeiro's beaches and boutiques, Shopping Jardim Guadalupe is emblematic of the global economic boom fueled by Brazil, India, and China. "I want your store in my mall," reads a recent ad for the megacomplex due to open in November. It will be a hub of middle-class aspiration with not just a food court, eight anchor stores, six "megastores," and 250 smaller shops, but also a university, private high school, gym, medical center, movie theaters, and a bowling alley. More than 84 percent of the property has been sold.

Millions have long lived in Rio's poor suburbs, but only recently have they had enough money to attract a mall developer. From 2003 to 2008, 24 million people left poverty in Brazil, where the middle class now accounts for more than half of its roughly 191 million citizens. At home, they enjoy color TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, and vacuum cleaners. Half have a computer; more than a third have Internet access.

Estimates of just how big China's middle class is range widely from a low of 157 million (which would be second only to the US) to more than 800 million. With such a large middle class driving consumption, China has seen an average 15 percent growth in retail sales in recent years and is already the world's largest market for cellphones and cars (in 2009 passenger car sales increased 53 percent). India's middle class is projected by the NCAER to grow by 67 percent in the next five years, to 267 million people, or nearly a quarter of its population.

What's driving this bulge? State policies such as Brazil's increased minimum wage and India's reduced tax rates have boosted incomes. Foreign investment is giving more people salaried jobs, and those in turn are driving demand for everything from mechanics to more fashionable clothes, says economist Homi Kharas of the Brookings Institution in Washington. And more are getting better education.

That presents opportunities both for local entrepreneurs and multinationals – and could change the products available to the West.

Last year, Levi's specifically targeted Asians with its launch of dENiZEN, a new line for the "global citizen" complete with pink T-shirts that say "Chase Your Dream." In a reversal of the usual currents of global markets, dENiZEN will come to the US this summer, where Target will carry a line adapted for Americans.

There are other pioneers on this East-West route, particularly in consumer electronics, auto parts, and construction equipment, says Elizabeth Stephenson of the global consulting firm McKinsey & Company. In 2007, Finland's Nokia introduced seven low-cost cellphones in India; at least three of them are now marketed in the US. Last year, General Electric developed a low-cost electrocardiograph machine for rural India, and within weeks 500 units were en route to Germany.

"As companies have begun to sell into emerging markets, they've had to innovate – both multinationals and local companies. They've learned to do things at a much better value-to-price ratio," says Ms. Stephenson, coauthor of a 2010 McKinsey report on emerging-market growth. "Now, what you're starting to see is a lot of that innovation flow back. These new low-cost innovations are beginning to disrupt Western markets. The emerging market story is really a global story."


What this actually means comrades is that Third World Countries are beginning to experience affluence, while the United States is turning into a true Third World Country. India, China, Brazil, and other such nations are growing richer, and we're growing poorer.

Who do we have to thank for this? Greedy Judeo-Capitalists and their government lackies, that's who, and it's called "outsourcing". American citizens are going straight down the toilet thanks to their unbridled greed. Here's a perfect example. I have a credit card where I owe about $150. I can't pay it off all at once because I need the cash for Laurens. Anyway, I called in a $50 payment by phone. I asked the customer service representative where she was located. It was the Philippines. Filipinos get these jobs, and Americans get to pay the bills. Gee, that sounds real fair, doesn't it?

What's the answer? You all know what it is. National Socialism through the ANP.

If we can achieve a National Socialist state, the first thing we must do is remove ourselves from the global economy. NO MORE IMPORTS, except maybe for curios, collectibles, things like that. For the most part, if we can't make it ourselves, then we don't need it.

Next thing is to shut down the Federal Reserve System. Technically, the Fed is an illegal corporation and should not exist at all.

Thirdly, we must close down Wall Street. Incorporating your business privately for organisational and tax purposes is one thing, but public corporations and open stock trading is nothing but gross capitalism, and it must end. Free enterprise: YES! Capitalism: NO!

Working hard, starting a business and making a go of it is free enterprise. That's what built this country and made it strong. Stock trading, wheeling and dealing, and making money without working for it is capitalism and it is destroying this country.

National Socialism has worked before. It took a massive force of arms to stop it. In just a few years, National Socialism brought Germany back from the edge of the abyss, and made it the strongest nation on Earth. Only through an alliance of several nations was it able to be destroyed.

Comrades, the parallels between the United States today, and the Wiemar Republic of Pre-Nazi Germany are nearly identical. Back then there was a terrible shortage of jobs. The mark was constantly being devalued. Corrupt leaders. Germany was being invaded by immigrants from Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania (Gypsies), Jews, and other Eastern European Countries.

We're facing the same things today. Shortages of jobs. Devaluation of the dollar. Corrupt leaders. Invasions from Third World Countries such as Mexico, the Middle East, Africa. The only difference between now and the Wiemar Republic is the country of origin of the invading immigrants.

The time has never been better for the return of National Socialism. But it won't happen unless we're all willing to do our part. That means making sacrifices and putting out an effort. If you're not already an Official Supporter, then become one today. If you're a Lone Wolf, what can you possibly accomplish alone? If you're already a Supporter, but you don't do anything except send in your pledges, then get more active. Start giving out literature. May Blitz is still going on. I've given out 400 pieces of literature this month alone, and I'm not finished yet. My personal goal is 500 in all for the Blitz. 100 to go. How about you? Talk to people. Start recruiting. Make plans to attend at least one conference a year. And anything else you can think of that I haven't mentioned.

Finally, all you good people who are still with bad organisations need to get away from career criminals like Jeff Schoep and the NSM and Mo Gullet of Aryan Nations. Join a real National Socialist Party. Become an Official ANP Supporter today! If you're a true National Socialist, we need you. If you just like "playing" Nazi, or you just want to "stomp some Niggers", then stay where you are. HAIL VICTORY!

Dan 88!