Thursday, March 23, 2017

'Political Parties Disintegrating Before Our Very Eyes'

By Sandy Fitzgerald   |   Sunday, 12 Mar 2017 10:52 AM

The nation's political parties are "disintegrating before our very eyes," Ohio Gov. John Kasich said Sunday, but that doesn't mean he's planning to turn into a Democrat.

"I think more and more people across this country see no purpose for political parties," Kasich, a GOP presidential candidate who held on until nearly the end of the primary races, told NBC "Meet the Press" anchor Chuck Todd."You talk to people and they're more and more Independents because of the squabbling."
There is too much "consumption" about who gains what politically on issues, and Kasich said that kind of focus turns is dangerous.
"Life is short, and if all you focus on in life is what's in it for me, you're a loser," said Kasich. "You are a big-time loser. This country better be careful we're not losing the soul of our country, because we play politics and we forget people who are in need."
However, when Todd asked Kasich if he'd still be a Republican, if he was a private citizen and not an elected official, Kasich flatly refused switching parties.
"I'm not going to be a Democrat because the problem is they're top-down people," said Kasich, while Republicans work "from the bottom up."
At this point, though, Republicans are busy trying to fulfill campaign promises rather than putting people first, complained Kasich.
That applies to the American Health Care Act as well, Kasich.
"I would say in this bill you have to be in a position where you reform the system, but you don't leave people behind," said Kasich. "You just can't do it because these are people that could be in your family, live right next door to you."
Still, the governor said he's also not ready to join with independents.
"I'm a Republican because I'm a conservative," the governor said. "We have to examine our beliefs and philosophy."
I assume Kasich is referring to the Democrats and Republicans when he talks about disintegrating parties.  Sounds good to me.  They're both useless anyway - useless at least to the White Working Class.  Hell they're useless to the entire working class of all races.
It seems to me the only party that is not disintegrating is the ANP.  Except for about ten or so years in the late 80's and early 90's when we were sort of "dormant", we've been around since 1959.  In the last ten years our number of Official Supporters have been growing.  Slowly I'll admit, but it's been a steady growth.
Our leadership is sound and steady, and there is already a solid plan in place should Chairman Suhayda feel the need to retire.  In other words, we have a plan for the future and we are solid.
So let's keep moving forward.  Look to the future, and not the past.  If the Democrats and Republicans ever do break up, just imagine what that would do for us!  Our membership/Official Supporters would go through the roof!
Dan 88!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Steve Forbes to Newsmax: Border Tax 'Ridiculous;' Hits Those Who Voted for Trump

By Bill Hoffmann   |   Thursday, 09 Mar 2017 03:20 PM

The "border tax" proposed by House Speaker Paul Ryan is a "ridiculous" idea that will cause the price of gasoline and other goods to skyrocket, Steve Forbes, chairman and editor-in-chief of Forbes Media, tells Newsmax TV.

"It's ridiculous. It's a step to value added tax and value added taxes hit the very people who have elected Donald Trump president," Forbes said Thursday to Steve Malzberg on "America Talks Live."

"It's going to raise the cost of gasoline for millions of motors 30 cents a gallon, raise the cost of vehicles $2,500, raise the cost of stuff you buy at Wal-Mart and Kmart. Do you want to do that to finance a corporate tax cut? Oh, I can see the Democrat ads on this already."
As well, Forbes said, countries around the world affected by such a tax would retaliate, "so at the end of the day you'd have disrupted everything, you divide your base."
The border tax, a key component of a tax-reform package being pushed by House Republicans, would slap as much as a 20 percent U.S. tax on imports, while exports would be exempt.
The Trump administration has yet to officially weigh in on the GOP proposal, but last week Larry Kudlow, a top economic adviser to Trump's presidential campaign, said the White House leaning towards such a a levy.
Sen. Jeff Flake, an Arizona Republican, said on Wednesday it would be bad for business.
"Whether it is raw material or specialty parts, roughly 50 percent of our nation's imports consist of inputs for U.S. production and manufacturing," Flake said in a speech to the Senate.


I've been saying that for years - ever since Obama first talked about it during his first presidential campaign.  If you tax companies who outsource, they'll just raise their prices to cover it.  They're not about to take a loss in profits.  They'll make US pay for it.
Such a tax may keep some jobs in the U.S., but American made products always cost more.

The thing is, under our current system, I have no answer to this problem.  Now under a National Socialist system, we could impose a border tax and require companies NOT to raise their prices to cover it.  We could make THEM pay for it rather than us.
Dan 88!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hawaii teacher: 'I won't teach' undocumented immigrants

HONOLULU — Mar 10, 2017, 2:45 PM ET

A teacher for Hawaii's largest high school has been harshly criticized for sending an email to staff at his school saying he was refusing to teach immigrant students in the U.S. illegally.
Campbell High School teacher John Sullivan on Wednesday used his work email to reply to a group of messages about parents keeping students out of school due to fears of being deported.
"This is another attack on the President over deportation," Sullivan's email said. "Their parents need to apply for immigration like everyone else. If they are here in the U.S. illegally, I won't teach them."
Officials declined to say whether Sullivan had been disciplined by the school's principal but state Department of Education spokeswoman Donalyn Dela Cruz said Sullivan's message was "disheartening and concerning."
"We want to reiterate that the public school system, we service all students," she said. "In this case, hopefully lessons have been learned."
Sullivan later told KHON-TV that his email was worded poorly. He said he meant to say that he cannot teach students who do not come to class.
President Donald Trump last month directed his administration to more aggressively enforce immigration laws and to accelerate deportations of people in the country illegally.
Campbell Principal Jon Henry Lee emailed faculty and staff hours after Sullivan sent his email, asking them not to use the school's email system to express political opinions.
He also reminded faculty that a code of conduct prohibits teachers from discriminating against student based on their nations of origin.
"If a student is enrolled and registered in our school we will service them to the best of our ability just like all other students," Lee said.

Campbell High School is in Ewa Beach and has 3,125 students.

I wish I had the guts to say that when I was teaching - and to follow through with it.  Talk is cheap.
"If a student is enrolled and registered in our school we will service them to the best of our ability just like all other students," Lee said.  The teaching profession is notoriously liberal, so a teacher like Sullivan is definitely in the minority.
What I'd like to know is how are all these illegals getting to Hawaii in the first place?  I couldn't even afford a week's vacation there let alone moving there permanently.  The cost of living there is even higher than in California because it's an island, so how are they getting there?
Dan 88!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Trump: Healthcare Bill Is 'Coming Along Great'

By Jeffrey Rodack   |   Thursday, 09 Mar 2017 12:28 PM

President Donald Trump reassured Americans on Thursday his administration's healthcare plans are on track and "will end in a beautiful picture."

Trump's comments come after multiple reports say some on the Republican side are voicing concerns about the Obamacare repeal bill presented by the GOP.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the president is expected to personally call "resistant Republicans" in an effort to gain their support. But it noted conservatives have formed an indirect alliance with some moderate Republicans and predict Trump will abandon the legislation once he understands their concerns.


This is what I meant the other day when I said something about Trump trying to keep his promises but others blocking him and that that isn't his fault.  

If this does manage to pass, I hope they remove the part about making health insurance mandatory.  Such a provision only causes premiums to go up.

Most states have mandatory auto insurance laws, but there's a way around that:  Simply stop driving.  If you don't own a car, you don't need insurance.  Therefore, if you're looking for auto insurance and you think the premiums are too high, you can tell the insurance agent you won't pay and take your car off the road.  Realistically, not many of us would do that, but it is a legal option.

But when it comes to mandatory health insurance, you can't refuse.  There's no way around it.  The only legal way to avoid buying health insurance is to die.  I don't think I'd want to go that far.

Since there is no way out of mandatory health insurance, that encourages higher premiums because we can't refuse to buy altogether.  If we redesign the insurance exchanges, put more controls on the insurance companies, and no longer make health insurance mandatory, that would cause premiums to go down, rather than up.

I still prefer the system NS Germany used.  You bought your main insurance from the government (although you could buy supplemental insurance from private companies so you could get things the standard insurance didn't cover like elective surgery and private hospital rooms).  The premiums came out of your income taxes.  However, if you didn't go to the doctor at all or very rarely, you got a full or partial refund at the end of the fiscal year.  It was known as "pay-as-you-go".  It was not very profitable, which is why insurance companies hate the idea.

Let's face it.  There's no such thing as a free lunch.  Everyone must pay their share, but your share shouldn't be so much that it drains you dry.  That's how our system works.  Those at the bottom are drained, those at the top rake it in.

Dan 88!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

That Old Demon Rum

God once complained that the two busiest days for prayer for him are the day after New Year's and the day after St. Patrick's Day.

God said, "Year in and year out it always the same damn prayer:  Oh God just get me through this and I swear I'll never drink again!  But next year they say the same things again.  People never change."


Alcohol!  The cause - and solution - to all of life's problems! - Homer Simpson.


Red Bull and Vodka. Because you want to be wide awake for this mistake.


My girlfriend told me to go out and get something that makes her look sexy... so I got a 12 pack.


Beautiful women on TV make us guys buy beer.  Ugly women at home make us drink beer.


One cigarette shortens your life by two hours, one bottle of vodka by three hours, and a workday – eight hours.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Illegals Crossing Border Drop 40 Percent

Wednesday, 08 Mar 2017 09:49 PM

The number of illegal immigrants crossing into the United States from Mexico declined by 40 percent from January to February, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said on Wednesday.
The downturn came after President Donald Trump took office on Jan. 20 vowing to deport many of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States.
The flow of illegal border crossings as measured by apprehensions and the prevention of inadmissible persons at the southern border dropped to 18,762 persons in February from 31,578 in January, Kelly said in a statement.
He said the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency, which compiled the data, historically sees a 10 percent to 20 percent increase in apprehensions of illegal immigrants from January to February.
On Jan. 25, Trump ordered the construction of a wall along the roughly 2,000-mile (3,200-km) U.S.-Mexico border, moved to strip federal funding from "sanctuary" states and cities that harbor illegal immigrants, and expanded the force of U.S. immigration agents.
"Since the administration's implementation of Executive Orders to enforce immigration laws, apprehensions and inadmissible activity is trending toward the lowest monthly total in at least the last five years," Kelly said.

Very good.  This is actually quite unusual to see such positive results so quickly when a new president takes office.  So far, Trump is doing exactly what he promised he'd do.

This is still not an endorsement, merely an "okay, let's keep giving him a chance" kind of thing.  I'll always be at least partially suspicious of the man.  After all, he is a systemite and not one of us (National Socialist).  Maybe I'm still a little on the paranoid side, but we have precedence to be suspicious of all of our leaders.
I also suppose illegal border crossings are down because the illegals are starting to realize that the free pass days are gone and if they are caught, they'll have a record (which makes it easier to catch them if they try again in the future), and they could waste a lot of money coming up here only to be sent straight back - unlike during the Obama administration when they were more likely to be let go.
However, Trump made many campaign promises.  Let's just see how many of them he keeps - or tries to keep.  In fairness, if congress blocks him or the SCOTUS declares what he does to be unconstitutional, that's not his fault.  But again, he's done enough so far to have earned from us the "let's keep giving him a chance" attitude.
Dan 88!  

Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Dan 88!