What Really grinds My Gears

You know what really grinds my gears?  It's people who talk during the movie.  
I mean I pay a fortune for that ticket and there's some jerk wad in front of me yaking on his cell phone like he's the only one in the theatre.  Sometimes I'd like to take that phone and shove it right up where mommy used to put the thermometer.
Then there are the people who have already seen the movie and are telling their friend what's going to happen next scene by scene.
"This is so cool man.  Next he goes into the building and he...." You know, stuff like that.  You're trying to follow the story and he's telling you what's going to happen just before it happens.  How annoying is that?!
Then of course there are the big mouths coming out of the theatre when you're going in and they're talking about the ending and they tell how it ended just as they pass you.  SPOILER ALERT!  Thanks a lot dude for ruining it for the rest us.  Dick brain.
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