Sad News

If you haven't already heard, actor Adam West, best known for his role as TV's Batman in the 1960's died today of leukemia.  He was 88.
I have fond memories of the show from when I was a kid.  The show was shown in two half hour segments weekly.  On Wednesdays part one ended with a cliff-hanger with Batman and Robin being slowly put to death in some ridiculously outrageous method like being literally turned into human snowcones by Mr. Freeze, and the conclusion on Thursday night.
We all knew Batman was going to think of a way to escape.  There was no doubt in our minds about that.  The fun was finding out what equally ludicrous method he would figure out.  I think they got the idea for the show MacGuyver from Batman's weekly escapes from the villainous traps.
He continued to work until the end of his life.  His most recent role was doing the voice of himself as the eccentric mayor of Quahog, Rhode Island on TV's Family Guy.

West once said he really enjoyed working on F…

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